Day 1 – From Marbella With Love


Today, I did a lot of things such as tan, swim, tan, eat, drink lots of water, quick trip to El Corte Ingles (equivalent to Holt Renfrew or Saks Fifth Avenue) and then a nice relaxing sushi dinner.

Here is my day in photos.

This is Milou The (cutest) Monster. He guards Villa Viktoria day and night!

One of the views from my villa.

A pretty flower I found in my garden.

I love the contrast of the pink flowers against the bright green leaves.

Another view from my villa. Palm trees are great “shade-givers” when you need a break from the Marbellan sun.

Marbella and the famous Puerto Banus!

The back of the department store El Corte Ingles.

A sort of jet-lagged but happy me.

Ending the evening with some Japanese food.

This Japanese resto next to my house is most def one of my favorite ones and a great way to end a first evening in Marbella.

Hasta Manana y Buenas Noches!

(See you tomorrow and good night!)

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