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Have you ever wondered why most camera bags are so boring (You can seriously fall asleep look in at one)? C’mon, as a community aren’t photographers suppose to be a very creative bunch? Don’t they love visual beauty? Yet, all the camera bags on the market are generic, very uninspiring and unfashionable clones of each other. Just saying…

OK, so most of you know I have been on the hunt for a nice, stylish and fashionable camera bag for a really long time now, almost a year (man, time flies). When I finally found one (after spending hours and hours online) I loved it but it was out of stock, in all the colors. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t buy it but the quest continued for a fashionable camera bag.

I mean there’s no shame in wanting to tote a stylish camera bag when you’re out and about, right? I want to look stylish when I go to all my events, hell yeah! I want a camera bag that is not only fashionable but functional. Yes, I want it to store my camera and a equipment but look good while doing so.

However, the bag I fell in LOVE with is called THEIT camera bag and it’s back in stock. I received an email this morning that it’s available for purchase but yet again the quantities are limited. That is why I wanted to share this with all of you in case you are one of those fashionable girls in need of a stylish camera bag.

This bag is for the fashion forward photographer / blogger or anyone really that loves a gorgeous handbag. This double handled, chain link cross-body strap, perfectly detailed antique brass hardware bag and tassels is THEIT bag.

THEIT – A little bit of history

THEIT (the-it bag) was born from the Canadian designer and former flight attendant, Nicole Farjardo. While working as an international flight attendant and developing her passion for photography through her travels, Nicole also yearned for a fashionable camera bag to protect her gear. Yet her search did not a bear the fashion forward camera bag that captured her heart. Thus, her dream was sparked and the vision of THEIT became a reality in 2010.

About THEIT – Bossi Bag

One of my favorite quotes is from Coco Chanel (yes, I am talking about Chanel again), “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” With the Bossi bag on my arm i’ll be both those things.

The Bossi is a perfectly sized bag that makes great use of the space with plenty of interior and exterior pockets. I can easily see myself slipping in my wallet, iphone, lipgloss and keys along side my camera and atleast two of my lenses. From what I can see the the Bossi bag looks like it’s made with great quality materials. It look very soft on the inside and nicely padded so I am sure my beloved camera would be safe in this bag and that is highly important. Another very, very exciting thing about this bag is that you can actually remove the padded camera compartment and use it as a regular handbag. How cool and amazing is that?! For the exterior of the bag this medium size satchel measures 14L x 9H x 6D. It comes in black, fawn and ivory which are great colors because they will pretty much match any outfit without being to loud. Another great feature of this bag is that it is waterproof which is a absolute must. It is made of faux leather (which makes it waterproof like I said) but it does not look very faux to me which is great.

My reason for NEEDING (there is no want in this context) this bag was I don’t own a pocket camera, just my big SLR with a few lenses. So when I wanted to “discreetly” take it on social gatherings without looking like I arrived to do a photo session with all my gear this Bossi looks like it fits the bill perfectly. No one will ever guess that it is more than just a fabulous bag I am carrying so like I mentioned earlier this bag is not only perfect for a girls who loves her photography and fashion but a great bag for the everyday girls who wants to strut down the streets of Montreal or any-where-else in the world looking tres chic!

I so badly NEED one of these bags but I am kind of over budget on spending money this month (already) but hopefully I will figure something out since this is the camera bag of my dreams!!!!

And me too I want to be strutting down the streets of Montreal with my gear in style!

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