LOOK OF THE DAY – Classy Sunday


This past Sunday I was invited for a lovely dinner and some very lucky gambling at the Montreal Casino. Although, most “Montrealers” tend to not dress up when visiting the Casino I was most definitely going to wear something that portrayed “dress for success”. After all I want to come home as a winner, maybe with enough to buy a new bag or a pair of Louboutins..he he…

I decided to go for a sort of classy-dressed-up look. I wore a Filippa K dress which is a Swedish designer but I have actually seen a few stores around Montreal carry this designer. Since, it had been raining all day I felt that my mini Burberry trench coat would be perfect to wear as well as it may the outfit a little more casual. Since I am a “Ray-Ban-oholic” I wore my aviators. As for shoes I wore my Baila wedges which I bought at a little cute boutique in Old Montreal and then to top of my outfit I wore my Chanel flap bag.

I wore my evil eye necklace for good luck and let me tell you it really brought me and my date some good luck at the Casino!

I totally believe in the evil eye..

So this is was my outfit for my lovely Sunday Casino visit!

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