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“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Morning Lovelies!

How are you this lovely, rainy morning? Well, I am great!

So yesterday I told u I had almost my whole day planned out but when you are me you get sidetracked very easily and a Chanel bag is the result of getting off tracking yesterday. Happy? Very! Did I end up doing everything I had to do on my list? Nope, didn’t happen.But who can say no if Chanel is calling your name when you are driving past Holt Renfrew? Clearly I couldn’t!!!

In my world every girl, lady or women should have at least one Chanel bag in their handbag collection. An iconic Chanel bag will never go out of style, fashion or get old. It’s a bag that will help you “build your wardrobe”. What I mean by that is that just like a pair of Louboutins or a Hermes scarf you will always be able to wear it and look classy for the rest of your life.

Since it’s Spring/Summer right now I decided to get a Chanel flap bag made out of “jersey” material. Yes, I love the lambskin and caviar ones but I didn’t have a Chanel bag in a material version. I also think that it’s a little more “sporty” and I can wear it with most of my summer outfits. With that being said I don’t mean that you can’t wear a leather Chanel bag in the summer. Not at all, it just happened that this bag specifically had my name on it and I won’t argue with that.

When you hear the two words, “Chanel bag” – which is likely more often than we even notice the flirtatious interlocked-Cs come to mind, the quilted leathers and tactile chains. For those who own a Chanel know how great it feels to carry the bag, how it makes any outfit look more classy and powerful and lets not forget it’s a great investment almost like a Rolex watch.

I the photo this bag looks kind of small but I picked the medium size because it fits my needs the best. I don’t carry my life in my bag but I always have my essentials such as wallet, mobile, lip-gloss, perfume, hand sanitizer, keys and maybe a few more things so I had to make sure all this fit in the bag without it bulging like a stuffed turkey of sorts.

I am extremely happy with my un-planned purchase that distracted me from my daily plans!


I believe that a stylish Chanel bag with your outfit, whether you are going to work or you are going to attend a formal or informal occasion, your handbag will help you grab attention of people and portray class. The style, design, quality and fabric of Chanel bags is what made me fall in love with Chanel bags.

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

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5 comments to NEWS IN THE CLOSET – Chanel Flap Bag

  • MariaPaola

    Hi!I love your chanel bag and I think like you that a Chanel bag is a classic that can make every outfit just perfect.I already have a Chanel 2.55 leather bag and now I’d like to buy a Chanel in a different material,the one you’ve choosen looks amazing, which material is it and how much did you pay it? Does a smaller size exist? Thank you so much,
    Maria Paola.

    • Hello Maria!

      Thank you for reading ViktoriaLove and for your nice comment.
      My Chanel bag is in like a jersey material, a little shiny but not too much. I’m not sure if they make it in a smaller size but I think the best thing would be to go to a Chanel store and see the different options they have since it all the depends on the season and demand.


  • jessy

    it’s soooooooo beautiful! I can ‘t find the price anywere, please how much did you pay! so I’ll begin to save for it. Thank you very much

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