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Hey there Lovelies!

Off the island of Montreal, next to the famous fun-park “La Ronde,” Piknic Electronik is located in a miniature island-paradise getaway. Piknic Electronik is one of those few summer-long events that puts Montreal on the map. It is like a dream come true, a club atmosphere in the afternoon, with the sun baking on your bare-back and fruity alcoholic beverages in everyone’s hands dancing to great DJ’s.

My friend Minji and Me on the way to Piknic Sunday and very excited!!!

When I arrived on its opening day on Sunday, May 24th, I was astonished by how many people were already there! I walked around to the main entrance of Piknic to meet a few friends and an army of party-dressed, pierced and tattooed “Piknicers” stampede towards me and their long-awaited Sunday home for the next few weeks where they were welcomed with open arms, electro music and beautiful people into a Sunday filled of fun.

You might ask who came up with this amazing idea?  There are four people that founded this amazing weekly event and one of the founders of Piknic Electronik, Nicholas Cournoyer says,  “Piknic Electronik was created to bring Montrealers’ together on a hot summer day. We wanted to have a place where people could bring food and drinks, enjoy nature and dance to electronic music.” Cournoyer’s goal is to popularize the world of electronic music by having an outdoor showroom for artists to share their talent with the Piknicers and this year Piknic is expanding to Gatineau and Barcelona!!!

The whole event was out-of-this-universe, this opening Sunday had such a large amount of happy people dancing and sweating away on a lazy-Sunday afternoon. I know the numbers were absolutely record breaking this Sunday with a number of 6895 people!!

Congratulations Piknic!!!!

However, people were sprawled out and sitting on towels, on grass and on benches laughing, eating and sharing love among themselves- creating memories that will linger forever in their mind. Not to forget that the atmosphere is so welcoming, making this place such a hot-spot to make new friends, meet people of the opposite sex (and hook up on the dance-floor or in the bushes ha ha) or simply just to have a personalized spiritual experience by enjoying nature and dancing until the point of where you can’t feel your feet anymore.

This time around I was invited to Piknic as media and here I am with the SUPER nice and friendly Press & Media representatives Fracois (left) and Morgan (right). Extremely friendly, helpful and welcoming guys and I was honoured to meet them at this years Piknic. So a big thank you to both of you for having me and my photographer on the opening Piknic Sunday!

While walking through the crowd of dancing people I spotted DJ Marc Picard and of course I had to take a pic of him or shall I say a few. Check out Marc Picards amazing music on his website HERE!

From the left we have Natalie founder and owner of NFBody (pilates and body rolling) check out her website HERE. In the picture with Natalie is also amazing Paul. In the picture to the right we have a super sweet party girl by the name of Erin.

This is Richard owner and founder of Nude Salon in Montreal. If you need a haircut or color this is the man to go see. You can find his info on Facebook here or on his website here.

Two lovely girls with awesome tatoos having fun a Piknic.

Since this time around I was invited to Piknic as media I got to meet and take some amazing photos of Dubfire while he was spinning to a massive crowd of “Piknicers”. So here it comes, DUBFIRE in  pics!

The partying was intense. People were vibing, shaking to the electro beats, smiling and dancing.

The crowd was loving it and so was I!!!

Piknic is a  place rain or shine the party goes on (it rained a little but NO-ONE left) and no matter who you are, how you look, or where you come from, you can unite as one spiritual, musical, partying, relaxing being that is just looking to enjoy the world and share it with others and Piknic is just the perfect place for that every Sunday.

If you need a break from the people, the music, the partying all you have to do is walk down to water, sit down and enjoy the beautiful view of Montreal. When you have re-charged your energy you can just head back up to the PARTY! Amazing, here you get best of both worlds.

So if you LOVE Piknic and plan on being there pretty much every Sunday keep your eyes for me, my photographer and the “Spotted by ViktoriaLove” sign if you want to be featured on ViktoriaLove.com and everyone is welcome! So see you all next Sunday, same time, same place and same AMAZING party!

Piknic Videos

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