Montreal FESTIMANIA Launch Party


Last night I was invited to the Montreal FESTIMANIA Launch Party held at the SAT on St-Laurent. I was not quite sure what to expect but it was a great launch party for many great causes. I will tell you all about it but let me start by telling you what FESTIMANIA actually is.


The Collectif de Festivals Montréalais is launching the first edition of Montréal Festimania. It will start in mid-July to mid-August, the city will offer us four weeks of festivals.

Montreal is know all over the world as being one of the most exciting cities to visit in the summer because of it’s “joie de vivre” and it’s cultural mix. For us who live in the city and for those who have visited Montreal during the festivals know that it is one of the most magical urban experiences there is.

Montreal FESTIMANIA is the establishment behind all these festivites. This year the program will offer 11 festivals anything from outdoor concerts, electronic music, fashion, comedy, stage arts, world music, cinema basically shows of all descriptions. No matter what your fancy, there’s something to satisfy your appetite. And this is without mentioning the brand new Quartier des spectacles, the effervescent site of unrivalled creativity where artistic performances blend into urban life.

In other words thanks to The Collectif de Festivals Montrealais and the first edition of Montreal FESTIMANIA we are looking at a summer filled with great shows and a city that never sleeps.

Now that you know what FESTIMANIA is all about let me share with you last nights launch party. All the guests got to experience a little sneak peak of the 11 different festivals that will take place this summer.

You Tube Sensation Merton

Merton, the American singer/piano player, whose videos on YouTube have garnered over 20 million views, has found a way to parlay his fame into a paying gig with a series of piano improv performances at several U.K. airports and other public venues and his was part of the FESTIMANIA launch party last night. You can watch his videos here.

FESTIMANIA also had their own DJ and Hip Hip artist performing at last nights event representing for the MEG (Montreal Electronique Groove) Festival.

MEG is a festival of emerging and urban music whose mission is to discover artists from the world of electronic, rock, pop, hip hop etc.

There will also be a MEG boat this year which is an evening cruise to dance on deck while floating along the St Lawrence river.

Nuits D’Afrique International Festival brings Montreal some of the biggest names in the world like Youssou N’Dour, Alpha Blondy, Amadou and many more. This festival runs for a whole two weeks and is filled with rich African music.

These are just to mention a few of all the 11 festivals that will be taking place. Have a look at the FESTIMANIA website here for the complete schedule and all the details on these amazing festivals coming to town this summer.

Start planning you festival season early because there is a lot to see and some many great events that it will be hard to choose which ones to go see. I hope to see you all at the festivals.

In conclusion I would like to say GREAT JOB to the city of Montreal, you have just made Montreal soooo much more fun and I can’t wait for the season to start!!

All photos taken by  ViktoriaLove’s official photographer Dikran Poladian

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