Hey there Boys!

It’s time for ALL ABOUT THEM BOYS AGAIN but this one will be a little different. It will be divided into two shorter parts instead of one longer one.

So her comes the first part!

Nike Air Force 1 – Low Premium Denim

Holy smokes! Nike has presented this model of the Air Force 1 for Summer 2011!

It comes in a denim material, with some really hot metallic bronze features and details! The Air Force 1 will always have the classic look that it got in 82′, but this one has some different details on the tongues and stuff!

I love it, and if I find them I got to buy them for my special someone!

Carhartt Portable BBQ

Damn, the perfect little touch to your flannel shirt, cargo pants & hiker-boot outfit!

A portable BBQ from no one else than Carhartt! Just that it’s from them makes it cool, but the looks of is killer! What do you guys think? Available here.

Japan Solidarity Case By Incase

Japan still needs help, and there’s still some really cool products you can buy to give them a hand!

This is an iPhone 4 case from superious Incase, with the motive of the Japanese flag.

Available here.

“Although the initial shock has passed, the displaced victims of the Japan earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster still need our help. To support continuing relief efforts, Incase is committed to raise $10,000 for the Artists Help Japan Movement through the Mercy Corps charity organization.”

Nike ACG Air Moc LT  ”Team Orange”

Wow wow wow!

This is a new model from Nike, a stunning model!

It feels a bit inspired by a loafer, but with a more sporty look!

Should be available at Nike retailers right now, so go check it out and ask for them!

2012 Volkswagen Beetle

If the world doesn’t go under in 2012, we will see this new shape of the classic Beetle from Volkswagen!

It still has the same lines as the last one, but with a more speedy look if you ask me, like a Porsche Beetle or something along those lines.

The Beetle will come in three engine types, 1.2-liter gasoline engine, a 2.0-liter turbocharged model and a 1.6-liter turbo diesel version.

If you want to see this cool thing, you should visit Shanghai Motor Show and the New York Auto Show this week!

James Jarvis x Coca Cola 125 Anniversary Cans

Yet another cool collaboration together with our almighty Coca Cola..This time it ain’t no Lagerfeld and diet coke, now it’s about the fact that Coca Cola turned 125 years old this year, and the artist behind these limited edition cans is the British artist James Jarvis!

Right now I can’t say where and when to get them, but enjoy some beautiful pictures of the cans mean while!

Bape Wallet

It think that most of you who read this weekly post know that I like Bape stuff quite a bit so no surprise that I would introduce you to this wallet.

From its Summer 2011 Collection Bape has released a solid looking denim wallet. The exterior comes in raw denim, while the interior is constructed of premium leather.

Medicom x Silas “Union Jack” Bearbrick

OMG, I love anything and everything with the Union Jack so when I saw these I was SUPER excited!!!

Medicom Toy got together with Silas to produce two 100% Bearbricks for Summer 2011. As the brand, which was originally founded in the UK, then purchased by a Japanese company, leaving the UK, moved back into the UK market with their clothing this past season, the Union Jack branding makes sense.

The Bearbrick comes in two colorways and will be released April 2011, so go t get yours now.

Mighty Healthy Spring 2011 T- Shirts

Who dosn’t need a few new t-shirts for Spring and Summer? And I really like these ones!

Surprisingly, beyond blanks, good t-shirts are hard to find these days.

Mighty Healthy, however, keeps things fresh this spring with their usual assortment of 90s-skate-style, NY-centric imagery.. and a “Listen to U.G.K.” shirt. Chill god, a little bit of hate is good for you.

Nike SB Red Box

This is really only for the sneaker heads but a new era has begun with the official roll-out of the new red SB box.

I am just waiting for the ooohs and aaahs.

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