How To Walk In Heels!


Two questions I often get is “How do you walk in heels ?!” and “Do you have any tips for wearing heels?

I’ve been writing back individually but thought since it was such a common question that I’d just write a post for it!  These tips aren’t ground breaking or anything new but here’s just some tips of how I manage to walk in heels expect for the fact the I LOVE shoes and heels.

Practice makes perfect
I’ve been wearing heels since I was a teenager so my feet have been trained to be in heels, yes you can train your and any part of your body as a matter of fact.  My feet are now used to being in heels that when I wear flats, I am clumsier and tend to fall over my feet or hurt myself.  I also get foot cramps when I wear flats. I think it’s because my feet have gotten so use to the “angle” of heels. Odd but it’s the truth!

However, if you are just starting out to wear heels, PLEASE don’t immediately go for the stiletto’s although they might be the most attractive ones for us women.  Instead I suggest that you get some heels between 2-3 inches and preferably with a bit of a thicker heel and wear them around the house or work where you can change your shoes if your feet start to hurt.

A good tip is wear them when you are cooking, wear them when you are doing your makeup, when you are vacuuming, walk up and down the stairs, etc in order to get your feet used to heels.  You don’t even need to get dressed up, just walk around and wear them in your sweats, nobody will see you but if you wear them during normal activities without leaving the house, you will get a lot more used to them and not feel foolish because nobody will see you practicing.  I do this when I’m breaking my shoes in. I’ll be home cleaning in my heels and my boyfriend will walk in and look at me and say: “You got a new pair of shoes, huh ?” My answer will be: “Don’t you love them? I’m breaking them in right now…”

Does the heel fit?
I find that nothing, absolutely nothing, looks worse than a girl who’s wearing shoes that are too big or too small and you can see her struggling to walk in them. Oh, jeez what a ugly sight even if the shoes are gorgeous it just ruins it!

I personally wear different sizes of shoes depending on which brand the shoe is and even within the same designer I can go up or down a half size. So, girls please make sure that you are wearing the size that fits your foot and not just the size that you “usually” wear. It’s almost the same principal as buying the right size bra.

If the shoes you want to buy don’t come in half sizes you can always use an insole or half an insole to help with the sizing. My favorite insoles are the  Dr. Scholl’s For Her Open Shoe Insoles or if you don’t want the whole insole I also recommend the Foot Petals Tip Toes.  

I buy these in bulk and put them in so many of my shoes.  They make my foot stay in place and not slip to the front like so many super high heels can make your foot do and that hurts ones toes SO much, not very comfortable.  It also makes the front pad of the shoe much cushier and comfortable to walk in as oppose to a hard surface like some shoes can have.  If you are not sure which insole you want or might need you can always buy the variety pack .

Another important thing to remember when you are buying shoes is to walk around the shoe department in them and make sure that your heel doesn’t pop out or that the shoes are not squeezing your toes or the sides of your feet.  All of that will stay the same once you buy them and take them home.  So think carefully before you make your next purchase gals!

Don’t think that shoes will stretch because most of the time they won’t stretch enough and they’ll still be too tight to wear.  Nobody likes to wear too tight shoes right?  Well, I sure don’t!  If the shoes you are trying are a bit  to loose and the half size down is a bit too small, ask the sales associate if you can see how it fits with an insole or a foot pad.  Often the store will have temporary foot pads that you can put in your shoe to see if it fits better.

Baby Step, not quite BUT Walk slowly and take small steps

When I wear super high 5 inch heels like my Tory Burch, I have to walk pretty slowly.  I always warn my friends or my bf that I will be especially slow on the days that I wear them to avoid any expectations or “headaches”.  There’s just no getting around it with these babies.

Walking slowly is much better than trying to keep your normal pace and then falling flat on your face in-front of a bunch of people.  Don’t feel silly for walking slow or taking small steps.  I mean don’t walk abnormally slow (if you do, you may need more practice) but look around you, there’s always a ton of people walking slow and you probably don’t stare at them weird or anything do you?  So ignore your own self conscious feeling of “people are probably staring at me because I’m walking so slow” and just take your time walking and avoid accidents.

OK, if you have to go up or down stairs, make sure to ALWAYS hold on to the handrail or your significant other to keep steady.  It sounds a little bit silly but I’ve seen people take some pretty bad falls because they didn’t have anything to hold onto.  Also remember  if you are wearing heels, you have a much higher chance of slipping or getting your footing wrong when going up or down the stairs.  I’ve taken a few missteps and tripped a few times myself BUT the handrail was there to rescue me from making a small misstep into a big embarrassing situation!

Important: Always carry flats with you
When I know I’ll be walking a lot, I always carry a bigger handbag and put a pair of flats in there.  I have a ton of shoe bags from all my shoes so I just put a pair of flats in a shoe bag to keep my handbag clean.  So then, a couple of hours later when my feet start to ache a little (I’m no Super Woman) and I need to give them a little bit of a rest, I’ll just put on my flats, put my heels in the shoe bag and  tadaa, my feet are back to being comfy!

One great thing I found is the Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats. These are foldable flats and they are really compact so they barely take up any space in your handbag. Genius!

Blisters? What’s that?

People always wonder if I get blisters from walking in heels all day long but I never do.  I strongly believe that ever since I started investing in high end shoes I have not had any blisters. Please, don’t confuse this with aching feet, two completely different things.

I think that the way high-end shoes are made and the materials inside the shoe prevents and helps against blisters. Cheaper shoes, may use synthetic materials inside the shoe, so when your foot has been rubbing against that for a few hours may start to develop blisters. Whereas for designer shoes, the entire insole as well as the inner lining is made from genuine leather which is much softer and it molds better to your feet than the synthetic materials.  If you are getting blisters from the inside of your shoes, put your shoes on and note where you think they might start rubbing and stick little band-aids there or you can also get some moleskin padding which is absolutely AMAZING I must say.

That’s it for my tips on heels and shoes!

Last but not least I just want to make sure that you understand that practice really makes perfect so keep on practicing and before you know it you’ll be a Super Star High-heel walker.

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