How To Take Care Of Your Designer Shoes


Have you recently invested in your first pair of designer shoes? Or are you about to the take the plunge? Then this post if for you!

I think by now most of you know that I am all about investing in nice shoes, even if you don’t have a whole wardrobe filled with designer shoes, having just one or two pairs to mix into your everyday wardrobe is totally worth it. Quite a few people wonder if I only buy designer shoes for name or if I actually buy them because they are much more comfortable. Let’s not exaggerate, walking in any type of heels it’s not like walking on soft fluffy clouds of comfortness. I mean most of my heels are 4 inches or higher so of course it’s going to hurt a little. HOWEVER, the difference between inexpensive 4 inch heels and designer or expensive 4 inch heels is huge.

I am not quite sure how to explain it but after your have worn designer heels for quite some time you can really feel the difference and one of the most distinct feeling is the fit of the shoe. There is a significant difference between the fit of a designer shoe and a non designer shoe. Personally I find that my designer heels mold to my feet whereas my more inexpensive heels make my feet mold to the shoes. This is what gives you blister and creates the rubbing when wearing cheap heels. You see the problem here?

Another thing that bothers me about cheaper heels is that the inside of the shoes is mostly made of synthetic materials so those materials tend to always be a bit stiffer and way more uncomfortable to wear. This does not mean that all non designer shoes are uncomfortable and all designer shoes are comfortable. One of the most comfortable and less expensive shoes to me are ALDO shoes just as an FYI.

I know it might sound a little “snobby” but let’s be real there just IS a difference in the quality and comfort of a designer shoes vs and non designer shoe! I have some very expensive shoes and they hurt like hell but that is not because they are rubbing but because they are so high and because of the angle of the shoe. However, when I have worn cheap shoes some of them have also hurt SO much because I was basically walking on plastic that rubbed against my skin and created nasty blisters.

At the end of the day, who knows, maybe my feet are a little picker than most feet. Maybe they can really feel the difference between designer and non designer shoes. I am not sure and I don’t have a definitive answer for you. All I know is that there is a difference to me  and that is my I don’t mind investing in nice shoes. However, investing in nice shoes also means you have to take care of them since shoes are the first thing in out closets to get beat up the most. As well as if you are spending THAT much n shoes you also want them to last for quite a while am I right?

I’ve literally worn some heels down so that the heel tap has disintegrated and I was walking on the nail in the heel so I know about wearing down your shoes.  Ever since I discovered ways to take care of my shoes, I’ve never had that problem again.

Whether you own one pair or 150 (seriously), like any great relationship, you are going to make the one with your shoes last by giving them lots of care.

First, examine your new beauties. Look at the materials used, are they suede, leather or fabric? Match the type of material to the recommended protective spray. Be sure to hold the can at least six inches away from the shoe and spray lightly moving steadily over the entire shoe. Leather shoes should be polished before wearing them and afterward on a regular basis.

Sole mates, the secret to everlasting shoes is the care and nurturing of their soles. Do you own a sleek, thin leather soled European number by the likes of Manolo Blahnik or Prada? Then you must visit your most trusted shoe repair person immediately. Remember this person will be very important in your life so choose the right shoe repair store. A good place for a referral to this magical person is the shoe department at a high end department store (maybe the one where you purchased your shoes).

Their first recommendation to lengthen the life of your shoes is to add a thin layer of rubber to the sole. Not only will it prevent you from slipping but it will prevent your original sole from getting worn out. The rubber soles can be changed over and over again and this means that your shoes can last forever. If you wear heels don’t forget that the little rubber dot on the heel can also be changed because it does get worn out. Make sure to change it once in a while so that you don’t end up wearing out your actual heel of the shoes which you can’t change. This is very important.

First of all try not to wear your shoes back to back since with leather shoes they need the time to breathe and mold back to their original shape. If you wear them too often or for too long, they can loose their shape and end up getting stretched out.

Don’t forget to clean your shoes regularly. Not only does it make you feel and look good when you put on a pair of nice and clean shoes but it prolongs the shoes life a lot. The cleaning procedure varies with the type of shoe material though. Do not do anything if you’re unsure of what to do or better yet, do some research first.

Here are a couple of tips for you. If it’s leather, it’s suggested that you use leather lotion to make it smooth and shiny. If it’s suede, you are urged to brush it although you would have to use a special kind of brush for this which you can buy in most shoe stores. If the shoes are made of fabric, keep them from getting stains by applying stain-preventing formulas. There are certain kinds of leather or material that need extra care or attention. This will definitely lengthen the life of your shoes by half a decade.

These are the products that I use for my shoes, Apple Brand leather care.

I hope that in this post I gave you some good tips and tricks on how to keep your shoes nice for longer. If you have any other questions please feel free to leave a comment and I will try to have an answer for you.

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