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Hello Lovelies!

How are you? How has your week been? My week has been crazy busy both at work and after work…intense!

So everyday this week I would wake up at 6.00 am and leave my house by 8.00 am and only get home by 8.00 pm and I still had work to do at home. Pretty crazy but really fun and it didn’t give me time to get bored, not even for five minutes.

Since I have been working so hard I decided that I deserve and a little something for all my hard work but little did I know that my plan to buy myself one small reward ended up being like a million rewards by the time I was done shopping. I don’t even want to calculate how much I spent the other day on shopping but what I do want to do is to share with you what I bought.


So first I went into Zara.

I really like shopping at Zara because I always end up finding really nice things and who does not like that?

I got this blue top that looks amazing on both with pants or a skirt.

Then I found this top which is very similar to the blue one but it is leopard and you all know my weakness for animal prints at this point so there was no way around it but by buying this top too.

Then I saw this natural, little, cute cardigan which is perfect for spring for example under a leather jacket or on a cooler summer evening over a dress. It will go with a lot of my clothes since like I said it is very natural and basic but still very cute.

I love this shirt.

It is hard to see how this shirt actually looks in this picture. However, when you put it on you can tie it in the waits and what I love the most about this shirt is that it has super wide sleeves. I feel like I have wings when  I wear it, he he…ok that was a little corny but this shirt looks great on.

So, I got all of this already. Did I stop shopping? No way, there is more….

A skirt from Zara. Cute and basic always good to have. How could I have said no to this one….?

Hello Yellow!

I passed by H&M and I have a small weakness for denim jackets so I just had to get this one. Besides I really like wearing yellow in the summer. I find it looks so good when you are tanned and to me yellow is a very  ”summery” color.

However, since spring comes before summer I had to get a jacket for spring as well. Yes, I also have a weakness for leather jackets.

I love them in all different colors so I got this beige one at H&M as well since I was already there.

It’s a bit a la motorcycle style this jacket when you look at the shoulder design and it’s 100% real leather which is a must for a leather jacket otherwise what’s the point of buying a leather jacket.

Love it!

Aaahhh… the feeling I get when I walk into a Hermes store is indescribable.

I love everything that Hermes has to offer and I think any fashionista has to have something by Hermes.

Any Hermes garment or accessory is timeless and works with pretty much any outfit in your closet.

J’adore Hermes!

So, I have already spent a small little fortune shopping when my girlfriend asks me if I wanna take a day trip to Plattsburgh and when she tells me there is a Victoria’s Secret there I am totally down and ready to go.

I always find nice stuff to buy at VS and most of the time I go a little overboard but I can’t help myself. I only realize that I probably bought way to much once I am at the cash and the cashier tells me the total of my bill…opsie…!

Here is some of the things I bought at VS.

Body sprays, mints, some make-up, creams, body scrubs, a hoodie, a t-shirt etc…

I also bought some other things that are not in the pics but that I have to keep a secret and it will remain as a fantasy, sorry!

:) All I can tell you is that it was VERY pretty!

Oh yeah!

I almost forgot…. Remember the other day when it was really nice, sunny and warm out ?

Well, I decided that I wanted to buy a pair of nice wedge sandals and these are the once I ended up buying.

They are from Stuart Weitzman and I absolutely LOVE them!!!

Last but not least I got this ring from BCBG when I sporadically decided to walk in and have a look around and then ended up  walking out with a ring I don’t really need but at the same time I MUST have because it looked so good on and the sales person was really good at her job.

This was my little shopping spree… it began as a little reward for working hard but ended up being…eh I don’t even know what to call it.

Going over board? Or loving shopping? You decide, either way I am very happy with my purchases and now all I need is the weather to get warmer so that I can wear everything I bought.

If there is something you like that I bought I have provided all the links for you in this post.

Now I have to go and have some breakfast although it’s almost time for lunch.

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