Cheap Monday Sunglasses

Cheap Monday’s S/S 11 Clairvoyant collection is now in the shop.

14 unisex styles of heavenly eye wear.

The new collection is CM’s best so far. Lots of different shapes and styles to compliment your spring looks! Remember these sunglasses DO NOT HANG around long. Every season they sell out in a very short amount of time so act fast.

Cheap Monday Mars / The NEW Night Watch Sunglasses $35.00

If you missed out on last seasons Night Watch Sunglasses now isyour chance with this new updated version. The Mars comes in 3 different colors, Turtle, Grey and Black.

Cheap Monday Kryokinesis Sunglasses $35.00

A slight cat eye frame available in 3 colors, grey, black and yellow.

Cheap Monday Automatism Sunglasses $35.00

A stronger looking frame available in Black or Grey

Cheap Monday Scrying Sunglasses $35.00

A round framed sunglass available in 3 colors, black, yellow and grey

Cheap Monday Psychometry Sunglasses $35.00

Matte black, Yellow and Turtle.  A classic frame in great colors.

Love them all and since the prices are so great I think I am going to get a few pairs this season.

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Dive Into The Season’s Sexiest Swimwear From Express

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express. All opinions are 100% mine.


It’s that time of the year again. Winter is about to end and all you can think of is that summer is just around the corner. It is time to take off the  layers and layers of clothing you have been wearing and show of your body in some nice swimsuits and bikinis.

If you are not sure where to buy a SUPER nice bikini the I have the answer for you. One of my favorite places to buy swimsuits at is Express .
They have so many gorgeous swimsuits and the best part about the swimsuits from Express is that they hug your body in all the right places leaving you looking FABULOUS!
The bikini styles you can find at Express are anything from the popular monokini, sexiest string bikini and the must have strapless and halter bikini styles. Once you decided on the style you like you can choose between a huge range of colors such a bright solids, graphic prints, reversible styles, nautical/inspired striped and sleek metallic styles.
You can also find lots of gorgeous accessories at Express such as sandals, tote bags, sunglasses and hats. You can even have your man looking stylish with swim shorts from Express.
This is my favorite bikini from Express. What is your favorite?
Have a look at all the swim wear here
Hope you like all the swimsuits from Express just as much as I do and lets keep our fingers crossed that summer will be here soon.
Click here to see all the swim wear from Express!
Right now you can also enter a contest  to win one of the ten 200 dollar Express gift cards.
Click here to see how to enter and don’t forget to sign up to get an additional 15% off here.

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It’s that time of the week again where my post is dedicated you all you boy’s and men out there. I hope enjoy reading this on today on your relaxing day off.

iPad2 Crystalz

As soon as Apple releases another smashing product, about 6 million accessories are released as well. Nah, but you know what I mean! This is a Swarovski studded case for the iPad 2 from CrystalRoc, and if you’d like to have it, place an order here.

Bounty Hunter x DC Comics x Airwalk Collab.

That’s one big sort of weird collaboration I’d say, but out came something good!

Two pairs of comic hero inspired sneakers, a cooler alternative to the converse sneakers. Cool stuff!

Funny Coasters

Just came across these fun coasters. I like the idea a lot, and it doesn’t feel to stiff and serious.

Available here.

Sam Baron x Casamania

Speaking of clean and simple design, this a new sofa and armchair from Sam Barons collection for Italian furniture manufacturer Casamania.

It was supposed to been shown at Salone Furniture Fair in a month but they leaked a few sneak peak pics, but until then you can still check out more products from Casamania here

Japan Living

I am a huge fan of Japanese Architecture, mostly because it is so clean and simple with a ton of functions and thought behind it. House D is located in a suburb of Osaka, Japan and was designed by the Japanese Architect Takeshi Hamada.

Like I said, simple but with a ton of thought behind it, I love the industrial feeling about it and it fits in perfect in the environment. You can read more about the project here

Bentley D-Lux

This is my next purchase boys even though I am a girly girl.

Bentley presents a new limited release of theirs, it’s the Continental Supersports Convertible ISR. Only 100 of this model will get produced in 3 colors. And now a quote from Bentley themselves.

“This exclusive car celebrates the achievements of four-time world rally champion Juha Kankkunen and his bio-fuelled Continental Supersports Convertible, who together set a new world ice speed record on 10th February above the frozen waters of the Bay of Bothnia, Finland.

The all-wheel drive Supersports Convertible achieved a speed of 205.48mph (330.695 km/h) on a specially created 16.5km long track on the frozen Baltic Sea. This feat shattered Juha’s own record of 199.83 mph (321.6 km/h) set in 2007 in the Continental GT.”


Thierry Larsy x Thomas Lelu x Liquid Architecture

Daily sunglasses , I guess that’s my new thing, one pair of sunglasses per post? Maybe not! But I had to post this fresh collab between sunglasses designer Thierry Lasry, the artist Thomas Lelu and the band Liquid Architecture,this is the second release from them.

I love that the frames are fatter than most sunglasses, if you dig them as much as I do you should get yourself yourself a pair here

Robinson Crusoe

This house is so cool!

It is located on a lonely island, all by it self.. Imagine having this house? It didn’t look that big to me on the pictures, but it does have 23 rooms! And 10 of those are bed rooms.

I want this house so bad!!! For those who are interested, it’s called the ‘Clingstone House’.

Comme des Garcons x The Beatles

Famous Comme des Garcons have gone together with the most famous ones, I am talking of  The Beatles. Together they turned the classic G1 sneaker from Spring Court into a Beatles inspired piece!

A very nice shoe for the summer, a Converse killer.

Available here.

Factus Design

Japanese company FACTUS DESIGN has come up with the most radical iPhone case ever.

For protection, it’s surrounded with aluminium material, and there’s also an opportunity to mount a camera lens on it! Go here for more info!

Studded Bow Tie

Long time no bow ties!

This is a pimped out STUDDED bow tie from uniform experience from their Spring/Summer 2011 collection! Comes in white, red & blue.

Hood – From Us With Love

A new lamp called Hood from Swedish designer trio “From us with love”, it was designed for lamp manufacturer Ateljé Lyktan .

The lamp is made with felt material and is powered with LED lights. Beautiful lamp, and you should check out the designers website because they are very talented and have more sick products!

Check it out here .

AF1 Adventure Mode

The Air Force 1 is a classic, and for the sneaker freaker that maybe wants to go out in the woods one day, this may be the ultimate solution. Nike has come up with a limited edition release of the AF1 called, ‘Air Force One Duck Boot’. A more tough version of our very own classic little favorite, comes in brown and black! Could be bought at Caliroots! Personally I love this sneaker and think it’s super HOT so boys please get it for me!!

Landmark & Lion Cases

Landmark & Lion has brought us a phone case suited for different smart phones such as the iPhone, HTC & LG models.

Except for only the case there’s pockets for stuff such as credit cards etc. It’s hand made out of lambskin leather. Available at their site.

Frame Your Cell Phone

Yes this is a little weird and definitely nothing that you need, but it is still a cool idea.

A mobile frame holder to show and charge your iPhone in. Personally I would get one since I always charge my phone on my desk. I think it would look pretty cool actually.

It is designed by J-me and can be bought here

Lichtkiste – Clemens Tissi

A really cool light box/night table, designed by Swiss born and Berlin based designer and architect Clemens Tissi.

It is a really simple design with only two elements, a light source and a adjustable reflector that works as a table top at the same time. A very minimalistic product that has a simple function, with the reflector you can adjust how much light you want and where you want the light!

Check out Clemens website here .

Tsubo Wexler

Cool pair of sneakers made by the Tsubo.

Works like a suede shoe but it’s still very casual to wear everyday like any other sneaker. There is also a featured interesting detail map of the different layers of this shoe.

Visit Tsubo here!

This brings us to the end of this post but stay tuned for next weeks IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM BOY’S with more cool things for all of you!

Have a lovely Sunday and a great week!

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Gossip Girl Outfit

Do you LOVE Gossip Girl as much as I do? Do you love the outfits worn in the show?

I know I do so here is one of my favorite outfits that Blair is wearing. Below you can see the details and how you can get Blair’s look.

What She’s Wearing
Milly Chiffon Daisy Tee $340
Bensoni Brocade Skirt $145
Roger Vivier Marechale Pumps

Similar Items
Free People Beige chiffon Crochet Trim Blouse $62
Red Valentino Brocade Skirt $295
Anthropologie Cobblestone Jacquard Skirt $258
Martinez Valero Jeweled Pump $159

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