Today I had an appointment to cut my hair at Orbite on Laurier with Patrick who always cuts my hair. I usual go to cut the end every two months and my bangs every three weeks. Today it was time for a full haircut. I love going to cut my hair with Patrick since the end result is always gorgeous. In the pic above it’s me on my way to my appointment.

Having my usual green tea while Pat is styling my hair after the cut.

In my car after my hair was done. Love it! I’m going to take a better picture later so that you can all see how nice it actually looks.

Tonight I am going out with a few friends. We are going to Nuit Blanche. Since everything is open late tonight it should be a blast. We are starting of at a museum that has an exhibition on old Chinese statues and then we can choose from more than a hundred of different activities anything from art, to eating, to dancing and lots of other fun stuff.

I’ll keep you posted with pics through out the night but now I have to go and get ready!

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