A FASHIONISTAS GUIDE – Fun Facts About Casual and Sports Wear


1. The tennisplayer Rene Lacoste got the nickname the crocodile during a tennis competition in 1972 when a bet was made and the winner would receive a bag made out of crocodile skin.

2. In the 1800′s the tweed suit was used as a leisure outfit and that is how the golf-pant came about.

3. The bomber-jacket was first used by the bomb-pilots from RAF (Royal Air Force) and the USAF (United States Air Force). The military green model MI 1 (Military Item #1) came about in 1942.

4. The classic oil-jacket in green and brown colors that was used and still is used for hunting and riding was invented by John Barbour in the 1890′s.

5. Roald Amundsen was the first personto ever reach and visit the South-pole in 1914 and he was dressed in Burberry from head to toe.

6.The first sneaker ever made was by Keds in 1868 and was used as a sport/casual shoe when playing tennis or cricket.

7. The first fashion-sneaker debut was in 1994 designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

8. A pair of rubber flip flops from the Brasilian brand Havaianas are a vital summer item. Havaianas began their production in 1962.

9. In the 50′s it became very popular to go away for a weekend trip. That is when the weekend bag made it’s first debut. The most popular weekend bag was the Kepall from Louis Vuitton in the monogram canvas and it still is today. Brigitte Bardot used to travel with one of those.

10. In pictures taken of Jackie Kennedy (maiden name Bouvier) she was often wearing riding clothes. Riding inspired clothing is a very popular theme and inspiration when it comes to designers.

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