A FASHIONISTAS GUIDE – Casual and Sports Wear Part 3


Casual and sports wear influences for high fashion have always been transmitted through street fashion. Today there is almost no distinction between the two. Designers who have sport/casual influenced “second” lines of clothing is very common. An example is Versace and Versace jeans.

If we take a look at sports shoes or sneakers it is even more noticeable. These shoes were made and aimed towards athletes but have slowly and surely now made it into the high fashion world and to the beautiful Avenue Montaigne and Fifth Avenue. From the streets to the catwalks.

I have a friend who is a sneaker fanatic so I asked him which sneakers one should really know about and this is what I found out. First of all it is the Adidas Stan Smith shoe, Adidas Superstars (with shell toe) and the Nike Air Force One’s (a basketball shoes with velcro ). When it comes to leisure shoes my friend thinks you should know about Converse All Star, Keds (the original leisure shoe with a rubber sole) and Vans (skateboard shoes). If you don’t know these shoes and models then it’s time to memorize them if you want to be a true fashionista. They are the basics in fashion and you should also have at least one pair of these shoes in your wardrobe. Although all these shoes started out on the “streets” they have all made collaborations with high fashion designers. To give you an example of the latest collaboration, Converse and John Varvatos have made a gorgeous shoe together. Click here to view the collaboration and then scroll down the page.

Hoodies are another good example  where sport/street wear and high-end fashion meet. A hoodie can be designed by JC, Dolce Gabbana, Puma, Juicy Couture, or be made of 100% cashmere designed by the french Lucien Pellat-Finet and this one will set you back about 1500 CAD.

When it comes to winter sports, my esthetics become a little bit of a “retro-trip”. When I look for inspiration I tend to turn to St Moritz in Switzerland. St Moritz which is located in the beautiful Engadin valley is a fantastic winter sport destination with lots of elegance and class which has been there for centuries.

The family Badrutt began establishing their luxurious hotel there in the middle of the 1800′s and since then their family name is associated with five stare luxury hotels. There is so much to read about the family Badrutt’s accomplishments in St Moritz and in one of the books I was reading I found a picture that was taken in 1898. This picture was of the first women alpine skier, Elizabeth Main. She is standing at the highest point of the ski hill, completely white in the face from the cold and the wind hitting her. She is wearing a black jacket with puffed sleeves, a big wool skirt over something that looks like a pair of men’s dress pants and a pair of tall white knitted knee-highs. On her head she is wearing a Meliatta hat with a scarf wrapped around it a few times. This picture from 1898 is something we would see in today’s fashion, amazing isn’t it?

The 1950′s ski fashion was so nice as well. It became trendy fast when the legendary skier (back then) Emilio Pucci came rushing down the hills in his ski-outfits in psychedelic colors designed by himself. He soon became discovered by the legendary fashion director Diana Vreeland and he then began his career as a fashion designer.

It was also very exciting when the 70′s and 80′s came around and the jet-setters such as Gunther Sachs, Ivana Trump and Elizabeth Taylor went to Gstaad is glamorous ski-suits, big fur hats and moon boots in crazy colors.

To pack a bag for a weekend trip up north or to the country side is more like an art these days. Or shall I say to pick the right outfit for your leisure trip make fashion-girls spend quite a bit of time picking out the right outfit and packing their bags.

For fall and spring the English country style is quite suitable. A quilted jacket, chinos, a v-neck sweater, a classic blazer, a sadel bag, a pair of loafers, a trench-coat, a rugby-shirt, wellington/rain boots such as Hunters, plaid shirt and a long cozy scarf and of course everything is neatly packed in a bag from the English brand Mulberry.

When it comes to summer fashion I tend to look for inspiration form the American West-coast. I like to mix the styles of “American beauty” with “Caribbean heat”. Good style icons for this kind of fashion are the designers Pam Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash Taylor behind the brand Juicy Couture. They have made themselves both millions and famous by selling velour clothing. G&P like they call themselves on their blog, is a lifestyle. Laid-back Hollywood-glamour, based on  terry-cloth dresses, mini shorts, pearl and glitter embroidered flip flops, layers of tank-tops, t-shirts with large prints, tri-angle bikinis, basket-bags, tunics and big, big jewelry. This weekend closet gets packed in a large Louis Vuitton bag . The most famous and popular Louis Vuitton weekend bag is called Kepall. A Kepall in the LV monogram patterns is a real classic and totally worth investing in.

I also believe that a big part of the American summer fashion style is Oscar de la Renta. Oscar de la Renta was born in the Dominican Republic and it is from there that he gets his inspiration for the tropical patterns and the vibrant colors. The vibrant heat that comes through his summer collections has made him a highly raked summer designer.

When I sit and write the post for A FASHIONISTAS GUIDE I always make sure to still look fashionable. For today’s post the wardrobe choice was a pair of Filippa K fashion track-suit pants, a white James Perse t-shirt and a nice big grey cashmere sweater from Line of Oslo. I put on some body lotion from Philosophy called Amazing Grace and lit up my candle from Diptyque.  I am pretty sure I could have written this post wearing pretty much anything but it makes me feel better if I have picked out a “writers outfit”. The right outfit for the right occasion, don’t you agree?

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