Me & Montreal Fashion Week No. 20


Hello Lovelies!

Here are lots of non fashion show photos from Montreal Fashion Week No.20. Some are of me and my friends and some of just the ambiance or of other people. I hope you enjoy them.

On the opening day and night of Montreal Fashion Week they were giving out gift bag, that is always fun!

All the things that were in the gift bag. However, MFW handed out more gift bags during the weeks with more things in them.

My media pass and the program for MFW.

Mondor girls handing out tights. They were doing this all week a couple of times a day.

Taking a break at the Yoplait bar …

My friend Nat and me.

Mingel, mingel…

See anyone you know?

Mondor girls again.

My two lovely friends Camille and Natalie

Camille and me.

A slightly better picture of me and Cam after the Denis Gagnon fashion show.

I met the singer G’nee at Montreal Fashion Week. Don’t you just LOVE her hair?

Listen to her musicĀ HERE!

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