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The MICALLA collection is inspired by the beauty of nature.Using some of the rarest and most beautiful gemstones, each piece is unique, resulting in beautiful, wearable works of art that are as individual as you are.

This was the first time I experienced jewellery fashion show. I did not know what to expect so I was really excited to see what Micalla had to show at the the Montreal Fashion week.

Here are some photos from the fashion show that took place day 2 Tuesday February 8th.

Micalla uses precious and semi precious stones that are found in artisanal mines. One think that I really like about Micalla is that the only use responsible, sustainable practises and with that they produce a concise supply chain. They are also co-branded with Swarovski so you are sure to get the real Swarovski stones and no imitations.

Micalla jewellery has had celebrities wear their designs to events such as the Golden Globes, TIFF and the Gemini awards and they have been features in many magazines and photo shoots.

The piece in the photo above was one of my favorite ones from the fashion show. I love it because it is mostly made out of pearls which portray a very sophisticated look. However it is not your classic pearl necklace in this case. It is “rebellious” and a has an edge to it and that is exactly what I love about it.

Another aspect that I really like about the Micalla designs is that you can wear a simple black dress and add some Micalla jewellery, right away your outfit is more dressed up. Have a look at the rest of the photos and you will know what I mean with my above statement.

Photos by Jimmy Hamelin MFW No 20
Another reason why I really like Micalla is that the designer Camilla Jorgensen is originally from Denmark and since most of you know by now that I am from Sweden, we Scandinavians like to support each other.
However, Jorgensen’s home base is now Montreal after she married a Montreal, Canadian pilot so she is really best of both worlds in my eyes anyways.
Micalla, great show and beautiful pieces of art, I loved it!

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