MFW – RUD by Rudsak Fall/Winter 2011


Rudsak is a local brand known for its sophisticated leather outerwear collection along with leather accessories. Last night I got to watch the fashion show from it’s sister collection, RUD by Rudsak.

I was not sure what to expect from the collection but in fact I was positively surprised as soon as the show started. It seems that RUD is competing with Mackage and being European I could not help but being reminded of the Moncler collections.

The collection entaled form fitting, bubbly down coats and jackets. As well as wool coats in the typical Rudsak colors such as chocolate brown and occasional khaki and camel.

Not only did RUD have gorgeous outerwear for women but there was an equally appealing line of coats for men that will have them looking very stylish and give them a nice everyday look.

While the original Rudsak coats are generally tailored for an slightly older audience with more sleek and sophisticated lines, RUD is geared more towards the twenty-something age group who need to be comfortable but stylish and of course lets not forget warm during the cold winters here in Montreal.

I love the look of a winter jacket or coat that follows the lines of your body and does not just end up like a big marshmallow puff or a big baggy coat. With RUD we can stay warm and stylish this winter.

It was a short but sweet presentation by RUD but in conclusion I would like to say that I think it was a really nice collection and I would definitely consider buying a jacket or two from RUD.

Good Job!

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