ViktoriaLove at Montreal Fashion Week No 20

Good News!!!

I will be attending the Montreal Fashion Week starting next week on Monday and it goes on till Thursday.

I am super excited!

I will be attending events such as Denis Gagnon, Une Mise En Abime de Post Vernissage with Ying Gao and Karl Latraverse, a cocktail by Mulcair, cocktail by Cokluch and many, many others.

Stay tuned to see exclusive photos and interviews with Montreal fashionistas and fashion designers.

Are you excited to see the inside scoop of Montreal’s fashion week right here on ViktoriaLove?

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A very worried me this morning. I am looking out the window and all I see is white with different colors here and there in the street. Snowstorm is another word for it. You can barely see anything and I should have left for for work like five minutes ago. I am a little worried on how my car is going to handle all the snow is I drive a little mini Mini. I have never driven it in so much snow since I have had the luxury to stay home on days like this before but not today. Time to be a trooper and head to work. To all you Montrealers and some Americanos south of the border drive safe and take your time, I know I will.

Talk to all of you later from work!

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Fashion News

The News

1— Ann Taylor Goes Ivy League, Partners With Columbia. [Fashionista]

2— J.Crew’s Shareholders No Longer Happy With Their Settlement. [The Cut]

3— Rumour: Lady Gaga Working On An McQueen Collection? [Sassybella]

4— Barcelona Fashion Week, Part I. [Hint]

5— Nicholas Kirkwood Gets Ladylike. [Elle]

6— Behind the scenes, Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” [Otowilches]

7— Vera Wang Adds Diamond Rings to Her Bridal Empire. [Fashionista]

8— Loeffler Randall Spring ’11 Collection & Campaign. [Fashion Lover]

9— Camilla Morton’s Fairy Tale Memoirs. [T Magazine]

10— Helmut Lang’s Got a Brand New Bag. [T Magazine]

11— A Mind-Bending, Emotionally Enhancing, Sitting Experience. [JC Report]

12— World of Nadja Swarovski. [Telegraph]

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W Magazine Responds to Kim Kardashian

“In keeping in line with the theme of W Magazine’s November Art Issue, Kim Kardashian’s cover was conceived as an artistic collaboration with well-known artist Barbara Kruger, and was a meditation on the influence that reality TV has on contemporary culture. The inside portfolio documented the career and power of Kim Kardashian as a work of art, using the language of artists like Jeff Koons (see Rabbit) and Gilbert & George (see The Singing Sculpture).”

Maybe we should take a look at the terms.

This was in response to Kim’s anger a few days ago…

“Oh My God, I’m more naked than I was in Playboy. I’m so mad right now. The magazine promised I would be covered with artwork. You can see the nipples! The whole concept was sold to me that nothing would be seen. I feel so taken advantage of… I’ve definitely learned my lesson. I’m never taking my clothes off again, even if it’s for Vogue.”

I agree with her. Painting someone silver is not Art or is it? What do you think?

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Model News

Since next week is Montreal Fashion Week I got a little inspired to check out what the world’s models are up to…

1— Why Is Naomi Campbell Interviewing Vladimir Putin? [Styleite]

2— Watch Nimue Smit In an Interview. [Vogue.It]

3— Gemma Ward Delivers a Video Address. [frockwriter]

4— Arlenis Sosa for Lancome. [Models1]

5— Constance Jablonski: La España. [Marilyn]

6— Tumblr Snags Another Model Blogger. [Modelinia]

7— F.W 11 Show Package | Women.

8— F.W 11 Show Package | Next.

9— F.W 11 Show Package | Supreme.

10— New Faces F/W 2011: Madelene. [Marilyn]

11— Angela Martini in Turkish Esquire. [Factor]

12— Single Image | Michelle By Khalid. [SPSMM]

13— New Face | Lindsay Lullman. [tFS]

14— New Face | Dana Taylor. []

15— New Face | AJ Strutman. [tFS]

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Hey YOU!

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Did I mention I LOVE leopard?

How cool!

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Manolo Blahnik Military Ankle Cuff Sandals

Spotted these on a blog and had to share. Clearly Manolo Blahnik has pumped up the volume. While brass or gold tone chains would have been  in our opinion perfection, this is the definition of  hot in a sandal. Available at Neiman Marcus .

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High Heel Nike Dunks?

While I highly doubts that Nike actually put these out on the market i have to give kudos to the excution of the above high heel nike dunks which clearly look better than the high heel Jordans we’ve seen out and about. A precursor to what’ Louboutin X Nike or Jimmy Cho0 X Nike  could look like ?

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Day 31 – One Last Remarkable Moment

I don’t have one remarkable moment I have many and here are some I want to share with you, enjoy!

Hope you have enjoyed getting to know me in 30 days ( actually 31 ). I hope you feel that you know a little more about me and about the kind of person I am as well as you enjoyed reading something about me and my life everyday.

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