Day 30 – The first…


…time I took a flight on my own. I was moving to Spain. Starting a new high school in a different language (English and not Swedish). I would be living in Marbella for the next two years while the rest of my family was going to be in Stockholm. It was my choice. I had wanted this.

Once I got on that plane reality hit me. I felt sick, felt like something was stuck in my throat. The tears starting pushing from behind my eyes and I felt like any second all the tears would just come rushing down my cheeks. I looked out the window and although I knew at can come home at any point and that my parents are going to come visit me often I was still scared.

I have this feeling till today. Every time I get on an airplane, even if I’m with my mom for example I still get a hint of that “I am worried” type feeling. The only time in recent years I did not feel anything but happiness was when me and my whole entire family flew to London during the Christmas Holidays.I was smiling the entire flight. It felt so good to be flying together with everyone because it had been such a long time since we all flew together. It is weird how little things in life can make one so happy.

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