Day 27 – My Favorite Place


This is an easy one…

My favorite place is in Marbella, Spain. My second home since I was a baby. When I am in Marbella I feel so free and it feels like I have no worries in the world. No one can hurt me and nothing bad can ever happen there. I can even escape here with my backup boyfriend and go to Ibiza with him. We can hang in the pool, go shopping, go clubbing…all while my real BF stays home and take care of my boxer (we miss you Tyson) and cute chihuahua.

I love being there because I get to spend time with my family, my family friends, my secret lovers, and spend my days tanning and swimming in my pool. Which person does not love to spend their summers like that?

Another reason why Marbella is so close to my heart is because I have spent half my life growing up there. Besides the summers, Easters and sometimes even the Christmas holidays spent there I also lived there for a few years. I went to high school in Marbella at Aloha College and the to uni at Les Roches Marbella. These were some of my best years spent there but also some of my hardest years in my life. There was so much to learn and the fact that I was on my own while my parents were in Sweden was not easy. However, like I always say I don’t regret anything in my life because it has shaped me into who I am today.

Marbella has it’s charm. It is hard to describe what kind of town it is. Yes, a lot of tourist come here but at the same time it’s tourist that have been coming to Marbella for years and they have kind of become “Spainafied” in a way. In Marbella you can experience anything from the beach, to local tapas to the most expensive cars and yacths parked in the port called Puerto Banus. It is something you have to see for yourself. The streets in the port are only filled with high end fashion boutiques, nice restaurants, bars and clubs. AMAZING!

Here are a few photos from my summers spent in Marbella, enjoy!

What is your favorite place?

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