Day 23 – This makes me feel good


When I have had a bad or boring day. Like a grey and gloomy Wednesday I like to buy something I really crave to eat and bring it home with me. When I come home I change into my most comfortable clothes, check what is on TV that evening and I cuddle up in the sofa eating my favorite food or snacks. Just me, all by myself. I also like to light a lot of candles, read a little, flip through magazines and write a blog post or two when the commercials are on. I rarely have a relaxed evening, watching TV at home alone so when I get the chance to do that I really enjoy it. I even turn my iPhone of mute and I hang out with myself. I feel so balanced and full of harmony at the point.

If I am having love problems then there are two things that make me feel better. Laughing and crying, so I tend to split in 50/50. I can spend a while looking out my window in my living room and just let my emotions do there thing. The rest of the time I spend doing something really fun. Spend time with people who make me laugh. Live life.

When my life goes through a grey patch, spending time or talking to my family just brightens up my day.

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