Day 22 – This Upsets Me


OMG! So many things upset me. Not sure where I should begin or how this post will end. I can get upset a few times a day but when I get upset it goes away very fast and most likely no one will even notice that I am or was upset.

I get upset with long line-ups or a lot of traffic. I find it to be so irritating and such as waste of time to be stuck waiting for something. Sometimes I might be standing in line-up at the grocery store and I will just drop everything I am holding and walk out of the store. I know it’s no ones fault but I don’t have the patience to wait. Normal? Not sure but that’s the way I am.

Traffic, that really upsets me as well. When there is traffic you should let other cars in, change lanes or just try to help the situation by not blocking another driver when two lanes are merging and at the end of the day someone will have to let that poor car pass in front of them because there is nowhere else to go. Oh, it upsets me so much when people are being selfish in traffic. I feel like yelling at them but I don’t I turn the music up and try to look at the bright side of things. Does traffic have one though? I always wonder…

Other things that upset me are things that upset most of people, so I would think anyways.It upsets me when people are treated poorly or unfairly, abuse, rape, children who tease each other and adults for that matter too. People who hurt other people on purpose, men who don’t respect women, women who don’t respect their men, people who fight and beat each other up and the list goes on and on…

Is there anything specific that upsets you?

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