Day 21 – Another Remarkable Moment


This one is a funny…one sort of….

I think most of you know that I went travelling in Europe during December and January. This also means that I did a lot of shopping and everything I bought was on Tax Free since I live Montreal, Canada right now. When I said I did a lot of shopping I really mean it, A LOT!

My Canadian visa had expired before my trip to Europe so as soon as I got to Stockholm I applied for a new one but the Canadian visa office told me that I can submit my papers now (December) but they will only start processing my application on the 4th of January. What? I was leaving Stockholm on the 5th of January… It wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t have my visa at the Canadian border when I arrived in Montreal but I thought to myself “…all my tax free money just went down the drain…”

Lets fast forward to the 4th of January at 16.45. I get home from my last day of shopping in Stockholm, I sit down to check my emails and guess what I see in my inbox? My Canadian visa! I was so happy you can’t imagine. I got it so last minute that I was sure that it was not going to arrive before my departure but it did so now I can go shopping even more ha ha.

So, yeah a little funny story about yet another remarkable moment in my life…

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