Day 20 – This Month


Where do I start?

I entered the new year of 2011 and the month of January with my family on Strandvägen in Stockholm it was snowing and we were popping champagne bottles and watching fireworks. Welcoming the New Year.

A few days later I was on travelling foot, Stockholm to Amsterdam and then to Montreal. I had a few days to get back to Montreal time and Montreal life since I was gone for a couple of weeks travelling around Europe. On the 11th of January I started my new job at Aldo Group, yes as in Aldo shoes in the PR department. It was a stressful first week because I caught I really bad cold but I didn’t want to be away from work so I had to tough it out. Trooper style!!!  The second week was much better. I was feeling better and got the hang of everything that has to be done at work. As well as there is so many nice people that are so helpful that going to work is even more fun.

I received news this month that I am invited to MFW (Montreal Fashion Week) in February so I am super EXCITED. It will be so much fun since I love fashion. I also get to experience more Quebec fashion which is quite new to me. I was also invited to the Rain Spa in Old Montreal to have MINX nails done. All this was courtesy of MINX Canada and Rain Spa but I will tell you all about it in a separate article but I can tell you it is so COOL!

I have also celebrated a few birthdays and soon I will be celebrating mine, woohoo! Can’t wait it will be so much fun. However, the month is not over yet so I am sure that I will do many more fun things before the end of the month. I do have to say that it has been a very intense month for being the first month of the year. Intense!!!

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