Day 16 – My First Kiss


I remember the first time I was in Love.

He fell in Love first and I didn’t understand anything.

We started talking on the phone and I didn’t even like talking on the phone back then, we talked for hours, days.

My hand started hurting because I was pressing the home-phone so hard against my ear. I changed to the cordless phone when I had to go brush my teeth. I apologize to my dad when the phone bill came and I had been calling a mobile phone for like 300 hundred hours, and the boy was onlt 15 minutes away from me house.

When he finally kissed me and our┬áteeth hit each others I thought I had lost all my teeth, he ran of a second later so that he wouldn’t miss his bus, turned around and waved. Who needs teeth anyways.

I still remember how my teeth hurt a little bit but I didn’t care since I had just received a kiss from the boy I had the biggest crush on. What do you do when you get a kiss for the first time? Not much, it’s just mostly super exciting and gives you a great feeling.

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