Day 15 – My Dreams


Dreams, dreams, dreams…

Yes, I have dreams and I dream of things.

At night however, If I dream at all I  mostly have nightmares and I can wake up in cold sweats with tears running down my face. I don’t know why my nightmares are so intense when I have them. Whenever I have had a really bad or vivid nightmare I also make sure to find out what it means. Sometimes I feel a little scared to find out the meaning of my dreams but I force myself because if I don’t know what they mean I end up walking around and wondering what they could mean, it becomes like a vicious cycle.

I do also have nice dreams but not as often or maybe I don’t remember them and that is why I think that  I don’t dream nice dreams, who knows. When I was really young this old man told me that if you wake up from a dream and you want to remember it you should avoid looking at any light such as at a window. Not sure if it actually works but I still always cover my eyes when I wake so that I can remember what I dreamt about.

I also have dreams in real life. I dream of working with something I love like am doing right now. I dream of always having my family close to me. I dream of having someone love me from now to the rest of my life even when I become all wrinkly just like a Sharpei. I dream that a lot of things and each day my list grows but I’m also starting to notice that some of my dreams are coming true and what a great feeling that is.

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