Wardrobe Rule No. 7 – Elimination

Elimination. Well, how many garments do you need?  I believe there are two rules when it comes to  old clothes: Save or sell. I am a “saver”. My relation to clothes is much to strong for me to be able to sell them. Besides I am too obsessed with fashion history so collection clothing is very important to me.

Clothes for me, are more than just clothes. Often you will be able to catch me in old pieces of clothing but I’ll be sure to update my outfit with something new and hip of the season. I think everyone dreams of a “quick fix”  and that is why the “make-over” shows are so popular but I don’t believe in that, no “quick fixes”. I look at it as a fast weight-loss, you will gain as much back as you lost during your weight-loss. My wardrobe is a part of my lifestyle and that is why I think that if I ever had to change my wardrobe it would be a long process and not a “quick fix”.

Have you ever seen those women who make a radical hair style change, different color and cut and four new products and a new different blow dry? Well, it usually does not last very long from my experience. Have patience instead and remember that finding your unique style can take years and a lot of work. As I am such a fashion freak and clothing lover I constantly build my wardrobe, it’s an ongoing process in my life.

I hope that these seven rules will help you understand how I think and how some other fashionistas think. I also hope that following these rules will help you find your unique fashion style and help you build your own gorgeous collection of clothing.

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