A FASHIONISTAS GUIDE – Wardrobe Rule No. 6


Wardrobe Rule No. 6 – Critical Proportions

You have to be critical and conscience about proportions. A good style is all about know your proportions. You have to find the silhouette that is right for your body, everyone is not the same which means we can’t all wear the same things. I am a size 40 so not small but not huge, I guess kind of average but I have curves, which I love a lot. I am average height I guess 168cm but I for example don’t look good in very long dresses or skirts. They make me look short and more compact than I in fact am. I also tend to stay away from cropped pants/tops as well as very complicated garments, it’s a personal choice. I also shy away from leggings, hot pants, white tights and wearing knee-highs with skirts and I don’t care how trendy it is or how good it looks on someone else.

What I want to say in rule no.6 is: Wear what you look good in and not what someone else looks good in.

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