A FASHIONISTAS GUIDE – Wardrobe Rule No. 5


Wardrobe Rule No. 5 – Find you fashion icon

You have to find your fashion icon. I personally prefer to have a designer like an fashion icon than a celebrity but the choice is yours. Just remember fashion designers live to design clothes! Try to find a fashion icon that fits in with your personality. I find that a trick is to find someone who resembles you, they way look and is in the same age range and you can almost be sure that, that persons style will be perfect for you.

Women as fashion icons will help you find your style something I find a lot of women are not very good at, especially when they get a little older and they let go of themselves a little. This is a no no. I find that most of these women come from colder countries such as Sweden or Canada because when I go to Spain or Italy on my yearly trips I am always surrounded by very well-dressed women. The thing that fascinates me the most about these spanish and italian women is that no matter what age they are they always make sure to take care of their looks, they way they are dressed just the overall composition of themselves. A lot of the fashion ladies I am a fan of tend to be on the more mature side and they look great. So ladies, aging might not be such a bad thing after all if you have this to look forward to.

Once, I was at a fashion cocktail party just chit chatting with a few guests when a gorgeous women walks into the room. A lot of the guest greated her and said:

-Wow, you look gorgeous tonight. Beautiful!

The women answers:

-Thank you, I know I look great today!

My jaw dropped, not because I thought it was a bad response, on the other hand I was impressed. I wanted to be like her. I think that more women should wake up in the morning and say:

I look amazing today and then start their day feeling good about themselves, you must agree with me on this one.

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