A FASHIONISTAS GUIDE – Wardrobe Rule No. 4


Wardrobe Rule No.4 – Color coordination

As a fashionista you have to learn how to color coordinate you clothes. I get asked, quite often during get togethers or by my girlfriends which colors are in right now? A lot of people have interest in colors but don’t dare to wear them. One evening I was going to a party at a friends house and the friend I was going there with asked me:

How will I recognize the host of the party?

I’m sure she will be dressed in black, answered another friend.

However, to their surprise the host was dressed in aqua blue from head toe. In any case my two friends could have been right because I find that a lot of people will dress in black if they know that they are going to be the center of attention. If I open my wardrobe I must admit that black is the dominating color, with breaks of white, different tones of beige or grey. From behind all the dull colors I see a nice purple peaking through, it’s my Dianve von Frustenberg wrap-around-dress who looks totally lost. However, on the other hand the wrap-around-dress from DVF is a signature garment. This is a garment you call investment and not just a piece of clothing.

I love colors, a lot. I tend to look at a lot of colors through my day at work so I shy away a little from wearing bold colors but I also think that part of it is just because it is easier and more convenient to wear something black. I also believe that white, black, grey and dark blue are base colors of my wardrobe and should be of everyone else’s to. Everything else in color or a different pattern is what I call a “spice” you can add to your base. If you want to succeed wearing colors you better make sure you have a strong personality to go with it. Imagine a early morning in January wearing, a flowery coat, with a fuchsia pink bag, bright blue shoes, striped socks and a ┬áleopard dress, now this takes a women with guts don’t you think?

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