A FASHIONISTAS GUIDE – Wardrobe Rule No. 2


Wardrobe Rule No.2 – Learn the history of fashion

You have the learn fashion history to be able to create your own, personal style. Top be able to find new inspiration, mix and match to your own personal style it is vital to know the fashion history to know how the style/styles looked from the beginning, before they got updated by others. This is where fashion history plays a big role.

So, for example when you walk around and feel all bohemian-chic in your newly purchased tunic this summer it’s good to know that the tunic has been in fashion since the stone age, almost anyways. If there is a garment that has been around for that long you know it is here to stay forever. You can also put your shopping conscious in peace by knowing that a tunic is a great summer buy.

To find out about your own fashion history is also pretty important. Which epoch idoes your clothing style derive from?

Sometimes I think that I became fashion crazy because I have been surrounded by fashion ever since I was a small girl. Every Time my mom bought a new piece of clothing it was a remarkable moment for me.

As soon as I started earning my own money I spent it all on clothing. All tough I couldn’t afford everything the 80′s had to offer and perhaps it was not suitable for a teenage girl like me, I could not stop dreaming about double shoulder pads, wide belts and lots of glitter. The 80′s were filled with over-the-top fashion. Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, Christian Lacroix and Jean-Paul Gaultier were designer kings in Paris at that time.

Someone who really got to experience the 80′s was the super model Emma Wiklund. Emma was the house model of Thierry Mugler during this period (lucky girl) and she got to be in George Michaels video Too Funky in 1992 where she wore the metal corset by Thierry Mugler.

Some other designer which became my idols quickly were Helmut Lang, Calvin Klein, Jil Sander and Miuccia Prada. I dreamed of one of those nylon Prada bags with the metal triangle logo attached at the front of the bag and I was dancing on clouds when my mom decided to give me hers as a hand-me-down. It was said that anyone who wanted to be anything in fashion had to have one of these nylon Prada bags at that time, so imagine how happy I was to have mine.

Prada has kept her reputation as one of the most influential designer in the 80′s and 90′s . She is also one of the biggest innovators and do I need to say that Prada is well established in my wardrobe?

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