Fashion and style are two completely different things. Fashion is a trend that comes and then leaves but style is something you learn. I have not built my wardrobe over one night. Clothes are both work and hobby for me personally. Most of the things I have bought I have thought about a lot before buying them. I have garments that are more than ten years old which I still wear and use.

I don’t have a dressing-room but that is high on the “I want, I get” list. My clothes are divided into about eight different wardrobes and closets around the house. I also can’t forget the “bag shelves” however on the other hand I do save a lot of my things and I almost never sell in second hand stores since I find it’s not worth it I rather have a Bloauction or give it away to friends.

I think that you should try all kinds of different styles when you are younger. Even buy clothes cheap at first because most likely you will grow out of liking it for a while anyways. A little later start to make quality and garmets that never go out of style and stay fashionable forever. If you are then just as passionate as I am about fashion then you can start making some serious investments into your clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories.

My wardrobe is based on seven different wardrobe rules, where investment is the first one. After that in the right order is fashion awareness, understanding craftsmanship, color coordination, role model, proportions and last but not least elimination.

I hope this has spiked your interest a litt more about my “A Fashionistas Guide” and that you will read the seven Wardrobe Rules to come.

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