From Brits To Swedes


Hey Lovelies!

It feels like FOREVER! I’m sorry I have been M.I.A but I went for a little trip to London for a few days. Of course I brought my laptop but I forgot to bring the extra conector to plug into the Internet and the hotel did not have any spare ones. Everyday I said to my self today I am going to go buy one but then I got distracted by all the gorgeous shops on Bond Street, Sloane Street, Harrods and many other places I went. Once I remember I was back at the hotel exhausted from all the shopping and sightseeing that I just collapsed on the the bed, ordered room service and a movie.

So, I want to appologize again for not being able to update the blog for the last couple of days but I will post the winner of the Lollipops Paris gift shortly as well as lots of pictures from London and the new gifts that you can win before 2011 arrives. Sounds good?

OK,  time for me to  have a quick shower and a bite to eat and I will be back to give you the scoop on everything.

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