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Hello Lovelies!

Today I went to Salon YOU Stockholm to get my hair cut and styled by the amazing Steve Terry. I have been waiting eagerly to go get my haircut since I felt like my ends were dry, my bangs were crooked and I just needed a whole new look.

Steve Terry is the owner of YOU Stockholm and he is such an amazing hairdresser or shall I say artist. He just knows how to create are with your hair and he simply makes YOU look even more beautiful. When I got to the salon today I was a mess! My hair looked lifeless and just all in all blah with a capital B.

I was taken care of right away by one of the lovely girls at YOU. She took care of my jacket served me a fresh cup of Nespresso coffee and let me sit and relax for a few minutes at the YOU bar reading the latest Elle magazine. Right away I felt relaxed and I knew I was in good hands and that this was not just going to be a haircut but a whole experience at YOU!

A few minutes later Steve came and we took a look at my hair together and he gave me suggestions on how to give my hair it’s life back. I said that I trusted him and he could do whatever he thinks would make me look pretty. We left it at that and I was invited to the sink to get my hair washed. BUT have a look at the picture above at the absolutely GORGEOUS sink with the super comfy snake-skin chair. I mean WOW! The design and comfort of the salon is out of this world, I have never seen a salon this pimped out and I have been to many hairdressing salons while searching for the perfect one. By the way YOU Stockholm is THE PERFECT salon for anyone who loves the hair as much as I do.

So after about an hour and a half of washing, massaging, cutting and styling by Steve I was finally ready and I just LOVED my hair. Simply gorgeous and it felt great, what a difference from this morning lol. Here is a picture of how it looked after Steve’s magic!

You like? I LOVE!

Steve Terry owner and founder of YOU Stockholm. So if you need your hair done, you now know where the best salon in Stockholm is. Click HERE for all the details.

Here is another picture of my new hair style…

and from the side… I love the soft and sexy movement of the hair. Much, much, much nicer than super straight hair like I use to have.

I think that the soft movement of the hair is more feminine and more inviting than the ridgit square and pin straight look I had before. What to you think?

A BIG thanks to Steve and everyone at YOU Stockholm, I had a fantastic first time experince at YOU!

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