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Hey Lovelies!

I have more gifts for all of you, woohoo!

This time around I will actually tell you what you can win instead of keeping a secret how does that sound?

You all know the LOVE I have for fashion and the LOVE I have for art and design. I have managed to find something that has both of them in one. When I saw this collaboration I was amazed and I felt like now everything will become complete in my world of fashion and art.

Meet the most amazing artist…

…this is Emma Kristina Hultkrantz

She is a Swedish girl who was born and brought up in USA but about three years ago she decided to move back to her roots, that being in Stockholm Sweden. Sporadically, she bought a one-way ticket to start her new life and adventures in a country she is from but has never lived in. Exciting!

Kristina has a BFA and is an amazing artist. It has been a long time that I have been looking for new art pieces for my house since I re-decorated but I have not found anything that I just loved and had to have. I saw a few paintings or prints that were nice but nothing I went woah over till I saw Kristina’s work.

Right I away I wrote her an email saying that we had to meet up because I have to buy some of her work and so we did. I met with lovely Kristina yesterday to pick up the pieces I had ordered and do a mini interview with her so that all of you could learn about this amazing new artist. Let me start with posting the interview with Kristina.

My questions to Kristina…

How did you start drawing / painting?

I have always drawn so I can’t really pin-point when I started… I suppose as soon as I could hold a crayon. Art was always something I wanted to do, study and become… my parents have never swayed me otherwise thankfully as well. In school I took as many art classes as permitted, studying everything from charcoal to oil painting. After testing out everything I have found that my favorite medium is classic paper and ink… I also adore the juxtaposition of digital technologies mixed with traditional drawing methods to make works which are really modern and new.

How did you come up the LOVELY idea of painting high fashion such as Hermes, Chanel and many others?

After years of struggling to find my inspiration/muse/subject matter in art school, I looked to my stacks of collected Vogue and Elle magazines. On my bedroom walls I had framed many gorgeous fashion photographs from these magazines and was obsessed with their simplicity and feminity. I decided to recreate these looks in my own way… using a sublte color palette, simple lines, and elegant compositions.

What do you find the most inspiring or fun in the fashion industry right now?

I adore how fashion has taken a turn away from trends and has moved towards personality. Everyone is trying to find their own look and style by searching through vintage and second hand racks for one-of-a-kind items. I of course also adore that many of these looks have a classic twist which I am rather partial to.

Which of all the paintings you have painted is your favorite one or shall I say the one you are the most proud of?

Chanel N5 will always be my favorite. It is not only classic, iconic, and simply gorgeous it was actually also the first emmakisstina drawing I created… so it started it all and I am truly thankful for that. I love creating art that I enjoy making which others appreciate and love as well.

Now that you all know a little bit about my new favorite artist let me show you which paintings I bought from her that way you can truly see how amazing of an artist she is and how creative the paintings are  for both art and fashion lovers.

Scarlett MAC Lipstick

Louis Vuitton bag
Rolando Black shoe
Hermes Birkin Red bag
Rococo Red chair

Jimmy Choo shoes
Chanel shoes
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Miss Dior Perfume

If you LOVE these paintings just as much as I do you can buy these and many more HERE !

How to WIN one of these emmakisstina prints!

So, to all my lovely readers the lovely Kristina Hultkrantz gave me three of these prints to give out as a xmas gifts to YOU. How amazing is that?
Three lucky readers will get one of these prints and all you have to do is become a fan on the ViktoriaLove facebook page by clicking HERE and follow ViktoriaLove on Twitter by clicking HERE.
Remember the more friends you invite to do the same the bigger chance you have to win one of these prints. Oh, I forgot to mention that all the prints are signed by the artist, what a bonus!!!
Last thing if you want to secure your win even more leave a comment on this post telling me which print you love the most and why.

Now I would like to say a BIG thank you to the lovely Kristina Hultkrantz for being a sponsor of the ViktoriaLove Christmas Giveaway 2010 and for taking the time for an interview.
I can’t wait to frame and hang my paintings in my apartment, so exciting and I know they will fit in perfetly!!!

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