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Here is a more recent updated price list for Chanel bags. Please note it’s not as extensive as the one below but it has all the most after sought models and prices of Chanel bags. It was updated and posted on December 23rd 2012

Prices have been updated today February 19th 2012 but if you have more prices or details please feel free to share it is always appreciated!

This is one interesting post that I’ve looked forward writing. It has taken me quite a bit of time to research it and put it together but I think it has “most def” been worth the wait.

After all, we share the love of bags and share the LOVE of Chanel. Since we all know that they don’t post the prices of their bags, I’m sure this post will be useful to those who have been wanting to have a Chanel bag. Some of you are probably curious as how much to save for the bag but don’t have the time to go to the boutique just yet. Others are simply doing their research as to where to buy a Chanel bag for the best price. Am I right?

Well, well, don’t worry I got you covered. Below are the most popular Chanel bags and their current prices in different parts of the world! Please note that these prices are as of December 2010. Shall we have a look?

Chanel Classic Flap Bags: Sizes, Dimensions and Prices

Most Chanel bags come in mainly two types of materials: there’s the lambskin and then there’s the caviar. The Lambskin material is like a soft buttery leather that’s smooth in texture. The Caviar material is a hard textured leather – something like that of the nose of a dog. Hehe, I know it’s kind of a weird description but it’s really nice and I actually prefer Caviar because it’s not as high-maintenance as the Lambskin. Then there are some types of materials that come every now and then. Those are called seasonal styles or limited editions. Also, note that these bags come in different colors and in gold and silver hardware. Previously, lambskin was more expensive. Now, it’s the same price as the Caviar. So here are the Chanel Classic Flap bags along with their prices.

*All prices were updated on August 2011*

Chanel Mini Flap Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World Chanel Mini Flap – Discontinued

Style Code: A35200
Dimensions: 6.5″ x 5″ x 2.5″
US – $2,200 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy - €1,450 EUR
UK – £1,375 GBP
Singapore – S$3,550 SGD
Canada – C$2,400 CAD
Australia – A$3,250 AUD

Prices updated August 22nd 2011

Chanel EW Flap Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World Chanel E/W (East West) Flap – Discontinued

Style Code: A35731
Dimensions: 10″ x 5.5″ x 2″
US – $2,300 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy – €1,550 EUR
UK – £1,460GBP
Singapore – S$3,780 SGD
Australia – A$?

Prices updated August 22nd 2011

Chanel Small Flap Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World Chanel Small Flap

Style Code: A0113
Dimensions: 9″ x 5.5″ x 2″
US – $3,200 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy – €2,300 EUR
UK – £1,995 GBP
Malaysia – MYR$10,620 MYR
Canada – C$3,300 CAD
Australia – A$3,670 AUD

Prices updated August 22nd 2011

Chanel Medium Flap aka Medium/Large

Style Code: A0112Chanel Medium Flap Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World
Dimensions: 10″ x 6″ x 2.5″

US – $4,400 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy – €3,100 EUR
UK – £2,670 GBP
Heathrow Airport – £,2083 GBP – NOT UPDATED
Singapore – S$6,510 SGD
Hong Kong – HK$40,200 HKD
Malaysia – MYR$15,150 MYR
Thailand – 168,100 THB
Canada – C$ 4,450 CAD
UAE – 16,0160 AED

Prices updated Feb 19th 2012

Chanel Jumbo Flap Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World Chanel Jumbo Flap

Style Code: A28600
Dimensions: 12″ x 8″ x 3″
US – $4,300 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy – €3,110 EUR
UK – £2,750 GBP
Singapore – S$5,350 SGD
Hong Kong – HK$29,800 HKD
Malaysia – MYR$12,780 MYR
Bangkok – 138,300 THB
Canada – C$4,550 CAD
Australia – A$5,080 AUD
UAE – 12,900 AED

Prices updated August 22nd 2011

Chanel Maxi Flap (New Maxi Jumbo, just 0,5″ bigger in height)

Style Code: A47600
Dimensions: 13″ x 9″ x 4″
Prices:Chanel Maxi Flap Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World
US – $4,700 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy – €3,400 EUR
UK – £2,330 GBP
Switzerland – 3,800 CHF
Singapore – S$7,230 SGD
Hong Kong – HK$31,800 HKD
Shanghai – RMB 33,500 CNY
Bangkok – 150,800 THB
Malaysia – MYR$14,770 MYR
Canada – C$4975 CAD
Australia – A$5,100 AUD
UAE – 13,660 AED

Prices updated August 22nd 2011

Chanel Reissue 2.55 Bags: Sizes, Dimensions and Prices

So there’s another classic Chanel flap bag called the Reissue. But you’re probably wondering why is it called the Reissue and what is the difference from the Chanel Classic Flap bags. It was in February 1955 (2.55) when the Chanel Flap was first released by Mademoiselle Coco Chanel. Over the years, the Classic Flap bag has changed until it became the bag that we know today. So in February 2005, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 2.55 flap bag, Papa Karl (head Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld) re-made the original 2.55 exactly as how Coco Chanel made it in 1955. Below is how the Chanel 2.55 Reissue Bag looks like. This one in particular is size 226. There’s a smaller one which is size 225. Then a bigger version is the 227. Sizes 224 and 228 were discontinued.

Chanel Reissue Bag Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World

Below are the 3 sizes of the Chanel 2.55 Reissue Bags, their dimensions and the current prices around the world.

Chanel 2.55 Reissue Size 225

Style Code: A37586
Dimensions: 10″ x 6″ x 2.5″
US – $4,400 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy – €3,100 EUR
UK – £2,670 GBP
Heathrow – £1,915 GBP – NOT UPDATED
Switzerland – 4,400 CHF
Singapore – S$6,510 SGD
Thailand – 168,100 THB
Canada – C$4,450 CAD
Australia – A$5,290 AUD

UAE – 16,060 AED

Prices updated February 19th 2012

Chanel 2.55 Reissue Size 226

Style Code: A37587
Dimensions: 11″ x 8″ x 3.5″

US – $4,900 USD

*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy – €3,450 EUR

UK – £2,975 GBP
Heathrow – £1,915 GBP – NOT UPDATED
Switzerland – 4,400 CHF
Singapore – S$7,250 SGD
Thailand – 181,000 THB
Canada – C$4,950 CAD
Australia – A$5,890 AUD

UAE – 18,630 AED

Prices updated February 19th 2012

Chanel 2.55 Reissue Size 227

Style Code: A37590
Dimensions: 12″ x 7.5″ x 3 3/4″

Canada – $5,300
US – $5,300 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy – €3,750 EUR
UK – £3,230 GBP
Singapore – S$7,870 SGD
Hong Kong HK$48,600 HKD
UAE – 20,250 AED
Thailand – 203,000THB
Australia – A$6,400 AUD

Prices updated February 19th 2012

Other Chanel Classic Bags: Sizes, Dimensions and Prices

Below are the other classic Chanel bags like the Timeless Clutch, Shopping totes, Cerf Tote, including the popular WOC or Wallet on Chain.

Chanel Timeless Clutch Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World Chanel Timeless Clutch in Caviar

Style Code: A32342
Dimensions: 10″ x 4″ x 2.5″
US – $1,900 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy – €1,300 EUR
Australia – A$2,230 AUD

Prices updated February 19th 2012

*Please note that prices may vary. If you know the price in your area, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section.

Chanel PST Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World Chanel Petite Shopping Tote or PST in Caviar

Style Code: A20994
Dimensions: 10″ x 9.5″ x 3.5″
US – $2,000 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy – €1,150 EUR
UK – £1,120 GBP
Singapore – S$2,530 SGD
Hong Kong – HK$15,200 HKD
Canada – C$1,700 CAD
Australia – A$2,180 AUD
Malaysia – MYR$5,780 MYR
Thailand – 62,800 THB

Prices updated February 19th 2012

Chanel PTT Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World Chanel Petite Timeless Tote or PTT in Caviar

Style Code: A18004
Dimensions: 10″ x 7″ x 4.5″
US – $2,750USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy – €1,660 EUR
UK – £1,535 GBP
Canada – C$2,525 CAD
Australia – A$3,210 AUD
Malaysia – MYR$8,290 MYR

Prices updated February 19th 2012

Chanel GST Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World Chanel Grand Shopping Tote or GST in Caviar

Style Code: A20995
Dimensions: 13″ x 10″ x 5.25″
US – $2,900 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy – €1,750 EUR
UK – £1,545 GBP
Singapore – S$3,900 SGD
Hong Kong – HK$21,300 HKD
Thailand – 96,700 THB
Canada – C$2,650 CAD
Australia – A$3,360 AUD
Malaysia – MYR$8,920 MYR

Prices updated February 19th 2012

Chanel Medallion Tote Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World Chanel Medallion Tote

Style Code: A01804
Dimensions: 11.5″ x 10″ x 5.5″
US – $2,125 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy – €1,560 EUR
UK – £1,400 GBP
Singapore – S$3,760 SGD
Thailand – 81,800 THB
Australia – A$3,300 AUD

Prices updated February 19th 2012

Chanel Cerf Tote Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World Chanel Cerf Tote

Style Code: A15206
Dimensions: 14″ x 10″ x 6″
US – $3,000 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy – €1,610 EUR
Singapore – S$3,910 SGD
Canada – C$2,750 CAD

Prices updated February 19th 2012

Chanel Wallet on Chain or WOC

There are many variations on the WOC such as Caviar, Cracked Patent, Aged Calf, Half Moon, Sevruga, embossed Chanel Jacket, and Cosmos among others. The Classic style is of course the caviar shown below. The rest are usually limited styles so I’m only sharing with you the prices for the classic caviar type of WOC.

Chanel WOC Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World Style Code: A15206
Dimensions: 7.75″ x 5″ x 1.5″
US – $1,575 USD
*France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy – €1,080 EUR
UK – £945 GBP
Singapore – S$2,530 SGD
Bangkok – 55,200 THB
Australia – A$2,200 AUD

Chanel Cambon Tote

Another popular classic Chanel tote is the Cambon. It is currently priced at €1,770 in Europe but since it’s almost impossible to find it here in the US and in other countries, I’m just showing you the bag. It’s probably one of the most copied bags back in 2007-2009. It comes in two sizes – the smaller is similar to the size of the PST and this one to the size of GST.

Chanel Cambon Tote Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World

Well, that’s it. Of course there are many other Chanel bags out there but these are the most important and classic Chanel bags you should know. I hope this proves to be useful to everyone who LOVES Chanel as much as me.

Now before I go, I have sad news to share. Chanel will be increased their prices in February 2011 again I am think in May 2011 as well. So the classic bags’ prices will be going up by $200 to $700. :( So, sad but maybe it’s a sign get yours now before the prices go up even more.

***Please note that prices may vary. If you know the price in your area, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section. I am always trying to update the prices as I find out the new price of a Chanel bag so keep sending me your info ladies.***

For more information on Chanel bags and VINTAGE Chanel bags click here to read another post that can help you in buying your dream Chanel bag!!!

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  • Fong Shirley

    May be some info of the Chanel purse

  • cecille borromeo

    i bought chanel gst 2 weekd ago from germany. currect price is euro1770.00

    • Thank you Cecille for reading my blog and for the updates price.
      : ) I really appreciate it and enjoy you Chanel!


      • Wii

        Hi Viktoria,

        Thanks for sharing the prices! I am thinking of buying Chanel bag.

        I just want ask about the Chanel Medium Flap aka Medium/Large price.

        You wrote two different prices for Canada dollars, one is “Canada – C$ 4125 CAD” and “Canada – C$ 3515 CAD”.

        You meant is for medium size is C$ 3515 CAD and large size is C$ 4125 CAD ???

        Thank you! :)

  • fran

    hi there! was google-ing for chanel prices and here I found ur page!
    ur post is REALLY helpful coz I’ve got almost all info that I want, thanks! =)

    anyway, just curious. why is the chanel cambon tote is impossible to find in US? was it limited? or what other reasons? mind to share?

    again, thanks for your awesome post and u helped me alot! heh!

    • Hello Fran!

      First of all thaks for reading ViktoriaLove! : )
      I am glad that my post helped you find the info that you were looking for.
      For the Chanel cambon I think the production was slightly more limited then for the other bags however, I am not 100% sure. I will try yo find out and let you know so stop by the blog from time to time. : )

      Have a lovely day!

  • Rafaela

    Hi! You’re a life saver! even though I know the prices may be a little different right now, it’s good to at least have some notion…
    Thank you so much :)

    • Hello Rafaela!

      Thanks for reading my blog first of all. : )

      Yes, the prices might have gone up a little bit and it also all depends on exchange rates… But I am glad you found it helpful

      Have a lovely weekend!


  • Lily

    Just the information I was looking for. Not so easy to find the current pricing on Chanel items online. Thank u so much for sharing this!

    p.s. there’s going to be another 20% increase on classic chanel line starting may 1st.

  • Jul

    Hey V, i think there is another price increase to the classic flaps n 2.55 today! Would u have updated prices of it in france n singapore? Thanks! Xoxo

  • Sami

    Hello Jul,
    I really appreciate for the whole price list. I know that you are working on it but can you please update the increased price for the states first??
    Thank you so much

  • maya w

    I bought Maxi flap with new Caviar skin on Desember 2010 in Amsterdam, it was € 2950.

  • amy

    can i know, is there really any price increase on 1st May 2011? I don’t think so, It’s just a rumour.

    Thank you

  • EBabe

    Hi may I know with tax refund, which country is the cheapest for Chanel bag? Are prices same in Italy and France?

    • Hello Eve,
      Thanks for reading the ViktoriaLove Blog! : )

      I would say if you live in Europe your cheapest option would probably be buying the bag in USA or Canada. However if you live in North America I would say that you should buy the bag in Paris or France. The reason for this is just like Louis Vuitton and other French brands. The lowest pricing the world should be at for example Chanel is Paris or LV in Paris. However, even if you buy your bag in a different European country the price difference won’t be very large.

      I hope this answer helped you a little….


  • Ella

    I just went to the Chanel store (Amsterdam) yesterday. The current price for the Classic Flap Small is €2850. The SA told me that the price of this bag increased by €400 as of may 1st…. The price increase only affects the Classic Flap models, but the SA told me that with next seasonal pricing (I guess somewhere around november) all other items will also be affected… Guess Chanel wants to become even more exclusive….

  • Barbie

    Thanks for the price list,is really useful. Is the price still maintain the same for now?

  • richmond

    I just bought Chanel A0113. It is true that the price gone up…
    the price that i hv bought today is £2350.

  • Gal

    Hi Viktoria,

    I’ve visited the chanel shop in Rome today. The price for the chanel jumbo flap is currently 3120 euro :) and the maxi jumbo is about 300 euro more.

    I guess it’s time to update your information ;)

  • Mimi

    Thank-you for posting the price lists! Do you have the price for the timeless clutch in lambskin? I just purchased my timeless clutch in caviar in beige clair for $1440 Canadian and I had called a store in the United States for a quote and they had said it is $1395 USD for the caviar or lambskin…but that doesn’t make sense to me because I thought lambskin is usually about $200 more than caviar? Please clarify if you can, thanks!

    • Hello Mimi,

      I think that the sales associate that you spoke to in the US was not informed properly. I visited my local store and indeed the lambskin once is slightly more expensive like it always is. However, thanks for posting the price of the Timeless clutch it is very much appreciated.


  • yin any one can tell me how much for chanel maxi after increase this may in UK? and how much tax refund can we get in UK? thank u…

    • Hello Yin,

      I am not sure what the current price is in the UK but for sure you can get a tax refund of 20% in the UK, it used to be 17,5% but was increased in January 2011.
      Sorry for not having the exact price of the bag but I will do my best to find out what it is and let you know!


  • Loli

    Hi vlove, wonderful post, really helpful especially finding out the East West flap has been discontinued :-(
    The E/W flap bag looks quite similar to the classic flap and 2.55 but was much cheaper even before the price increases. I was wondering if Chanel has designed another version of this type of E/W flap bag with a similar price?


    • Hey,

      Thanks for reading! : ) And I am glad you liked the post!
      So far I have not heard anything of a new or similar E/W flap bag. Right now the hype is all about the the new Boy bag that will be on sale in August. If you have not heard of it has an article about here is the link —
      I hope this answer helps you although it’s a little vague.


  • Emma


    I just bought a Chanel GST Caviar with gold hardware in Holland on May 2011. The price i bought was Euro 1,610. I love it much.

  • Tohdiana

    Some prices update from Chanel, Barcelona on Jun 17, 2011

    Large Cambon €1370
    WOC €1050
    Large 2.55 €3400

    If your purchases is above €5000, you get back 13% tax refund

  • YY

    Hi! I am planning to get a Chanel to myself. Your blog is helpful and fabulous! Thank you so much!

  • Delphie


    I’ll be dropping by London next month and am planning to get a classic Chanel flap bag (medium). do you know wats the new price and rate of VAT refund for tourist?


  • Min

    Can anyone let me know how much the Maxi Caviar Flap A47600
    is in Paris and New York please? :) Can’t decide if I should get it in Paris or NY.

    It’s just under AUD$5,600 in Melbourne, Australia.


    • Hey,

      I am not sure of the exact price but I think you are better off getting it in NYC because of the exchange rates plus Paris is always more expensive. Will you get a tax refund if you buy it in NYC? If yes then that’s what I would do. Hope this helps a little….


  • Alicia

    hi do you know the price of chanel wallet? both classic and seasonal one. thanks in advanced

  • Marina

    what is the price on small tote bag 12808694 today

  • Marina

    Sorry !Can you tell me price on small tote bag C0286 today?
    Thank you!

  • Kanchan

    the Chanel medium flap aka medium /large is 154,000THB in Bangkok centre. Does anyone know whether it’s cheaper to buy this bag in Thailand or the U.S? As far as I know there is approx 200% duty tax in Thailand.

  • Dwindf

    These are prices in Jakarta Indonesia per today:

    Jumbo flap Rp 49.000.000
    Maxi flap Rp 54.000.000
    GST caviar black Rp 29.150.000
    Cambon tote large Rp 25.000.000

    1USD is around Rp 8.550 at the just divide the above price by 8.550 to get USD prices..

    Can somebody help with the prices of these bags in singapore? Would like to compare. Thank you.

  • jenn

    Hey, do you know how much is a reissue 2.55 size 224 (the baby) and size 225(the mini) cost in Singapore and London? I can’t seem to find a picture online, thanks!

  • Ed

    is it true that chanel pst discontinued already? my friend visited one of the shop in New York, and the shop assistant told her that its discontinued and replaced by PTT? please let me know ASAP, cause I wanted to get PST…


  • mari

    love your blog Victoria! very helpful indeed! but also looking forward to your latest update on the pricelist… xoxo

    • Hey Mari,

      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove! : ) I am working on updated pricing but it’s not easy to get since Chanel likes to keep their prices on the low side. As well as since all the prices of the Chanel bags are not exactly the same in all the countries it is hard for me to get them right away. That is why I truly appreciate when readers leave their feedback on this post. It’s a very big help to me and all other Chanel loving ladies out there. So let’s keep it going!
      However, I will try my best to come up with some new price points very soon. : )


  • Susanna

    Hi everyone,
    I get a PST last week in Florence at EUR 1080,00 – while this morning I phoned both to Florence and to Milan asking for a small 2.55. Updated price is EUR 2650,00.
    I deem there was a price increase last June in italy.

  • shireen

    Hi all,
    my sister was in paris a month ago and says the timeless classic in jumbo size caviar is now EURO3010!..*faints*

    • Hello Shireen!
      Thank you so much for the updated price of this bag in euros and from Paris. I really appreciate it and thanks for reading


  • Poppy

    Hi Viktoria,
    Loved your web site. Thanks for all the price information.
    I am trying to find prices on the following wallets in AUD, Euro & US dollars:
    Camellie-embossed patent calfskin with Chanel signature
    Long zipped wallet
    A50085 Y07095 94305

    Flap Wallet
    Quilted lambskin wallet
    A68608 Y04902 C2054

    Would luv any feedback if possible.

    • Hey Poppy!

      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove! : )
      I am currently on vacation but I will do my best to try to get you the prices for these items. There is no Chanel store where I am right now but as soon as I get home to Montreal I will pass by my Chanel store to find out the prices for you.


  • lourdes bugas

    hi id like to know if i can shop online with this brand chanel in what website im going to open for shopping online chanel bags thanks for the information

  • dealaddict

    I am thinking to get the classic small flap, it is about $3500 ish in Canada, the medium flap is $4500 ish.
    From the price above, it is $3200 (small) in US, is this the latest? I just don’t want to buy something with huge difference just across the border.

    Also, the medium flap is about the same price as the small, but it is almost $1000 more in Canada, am I missing something?


  • chris

    I just got a small caviar classic flap in Heathrow airport (London) yesterday. The sales says it’s a special size (it’s a special edition size – small but not that small). It was 933 pounds… which is 1570 USD. Is that a deal? seems so? how much is this bag in the US/Canada? and what do they call it?

  • Lena

    Hi Viktoria! Thanks so much for posting this, so helpful. I was wondering if you know the current price for the Jumbo Caviar 2.55? I’d be able to purchase either in southern California or NYC. Or would you recommend going to Boston to potentially avoid sales tax? Or are there any good used sites you’d recommend? Thank you so so much!

  • Shelley

    Hi, Viktoria,thank you so much for posting these information.
    Love your blog.

    By the way, I wanna get a Chanel E/W (East West) Flap(code:A35731). But it’s all sold out in Sydney and US. I just wondering whether it’s still available in France or other Europe country?

    • Hey Shelley,

      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove and for your nice comments.

      Yes, it’s still available in Europe otherwise you can check Yogis closet online for vintage ones.


  • Lena

    Actually I went to Neiman’s today and checked prices. 2.55 Jumbo is currently $4300 (went up $700 effective June…kill me), and I thinkkk the Maxi is $4700. Salesperson told me they’re probably going to keep hiking, but the maxi won’t go past $5000, so we’re pretty much at the peak already. But the GST which is $2000 something is going to go up really soon, probably by September.

  • First Timer

    Hi all :)

    just got my Jumbo Classic in Lambskin today in Singapore for 6620. Maxi is going for 7200+. was told that Caviar and Lambskin cost the same now.

  • chanelLover

    hi dear, i am traveling to paris and london by oct. mind i know where would be cheaper for me to buy chanel bag. looking forward to hear from u sis. xoxo :)

    • Hey!

      In Paris it’s 3110 euros and in the UK it’s 2750 Pounds for the Maxi Flap bag to give you an idea. I think the prices are pretty much the same depending on your exchange rate.


  • Wai Fun

    Hi, m planning to get a jumbo flap. Black lamb skin. Gold chain. Malaysia’s price Rm14770. Any idea what’s d price I France and Switzerland? Tq..

  • RosiGB

    Hello all, I just got myself a Medium Flap Classic earlier today. Just to share the price in Malaysia is RM13370. Have a good day. Thanks :)

  • Hello Ladies!

    Thank you for reading and for leaving all the lovely and helpful comments on this post. It is very much appreciated.

    I just wanted to let you know that all the prices in this post were updated today, August 22nd 2011. If you have any other prices that you would like to add or you know have changed please feel free to leave a comment.

    Lots of love to you all!


  • chanelLover

    thank you so much for ur info, vlove! your site realy helps a lot.


  • Nana

    very useful information!!! <3
    but, wow, why is the price in the UK and heathrow airport has such big different? o_O
    does any one knows the VAT refund rate???

  • xoxo

    classic medium flap at Heathrow updated price should be 2083.33 pounds now

  • maryann maley

    how do i find out information about the chanel purse that i just bought?

  • MJ

    Hi anyone know the current price of Chanel 2.55 Reissue Size 227 and size 226 in us ? Does anyone know hou much tax refund I can get in LA ?

  • Joe chew

    Hi, can i know how much selling in hong kong for Chanel Timeless Clutch in Caviar?

  • Beatrice


    Chanel Medium Flap aka Medium/Large A01112 is now AED15,200 in the UAE.

  • Jan

    I was just looking at the maxi and wonder if it’s really Gbp 2330 as the jumbo is already gbp2750?

  • Carrie

    Wanna check wat is the difference between chanel 2.55 and jumbo size?

  • Carrie

    Hi, wanna check wat is the tax refund in HK?

  • Doris Chan

    Hi Viktoria, Loved your web site and your price info are so helpful!
    I am looking for prices on A50995 Y01588 94305 Size: 9.4 x 13×5.1
    in Singapore Dollars.

  • anushree

    hey the GST in paris is for 1610 euros , I checked day before

  • Aliza


    I am from Canada and I am wondering how the VAT refund works in Paris? Are the prices you quoted from France include the tax? Do I get the VAT refund on the stop when I purchase the purse? If you could clear this up that would be wonderful!

    • Hello!

      Yes, the prices are including the VAT. You won’t get the tax refund at the store. You might be able to get it at the airport in Paris or they will credit your credit card a few weeks later.
      Hope this helps!


  • Febe

    Hi – the cost of Chanel medium classic flap in lambskin today at Chanel in Paris was €2850. Price at Harrods in London is £2600 as of last week.

  • WinC

    Hi there…
    I am interested to get the Cavier Maxi from Italy..any idea if the Euro 3400 is inc of the VAT?…any idea how much is the VAT in Italy? Thanks!

  • CatS

    Hi there…
    Is there anyone know how much is the Chanel Cambon Tote small size price in GBP? Thanks!

  • Ning

    GST price in Chanel boutiques (NY areas) is now 2,900 USD

    Classic medium/large flap price is 3,900 USD
    Classic jumbo flap price is 4,300 USD
    Classic maxi flap price is 4,700 USD

    @WinC – The VAT is already included in the price for Chanel bags in Europe. Typically you will get refund about 12%.

  • Tina S

    Hi! Prices of Gst and jumbo flap as of Sept 2011 in honkong (Chanel store along Canton road) GST 19,700; jumbo 39,600. The jumbo had a 10,000 hk dollar increase!!!

    • Carrie

      Hi Tina,
      As you mentioned, the price for jumbo in hong kong was HKD39600, for tourist do they have tax refund? wat is the gst of 19700 that you mention?

  • Rosie

    Hi Viktoria!

    Love the blog!

    Can you please tell me the price of a reissue 2.55 in black in both the 226 and 227 size in London at the current moment.

    Many thanks,


  • Olivia

    Hi there can you please tell me how much is the chanel A58601 Y01588 C3906 is

    thank you

  • Emily

    All of this information is so useful. Thanks so much for taking the time out to do this! Just curious, I see that you have the information listed on here for the Small Chanel 2.55 Flap. I’ve been looking for one in this size however the reps at Chanel tell me they have not carried the Flap in a small for a couple of years. Do you know if Chanel is currently selling this handbag in the US? Thanks!

  • Newbie

    The GST is now 2900 usd. The quilted caviar woc is 1650 usd. The lamb skin camellia woc is 1455 usd.
    These prices are from NM in Houston.

  • Gee

    Do you have to pay more for gold hardwear? and also what is the difference between chanel maxi flap, and chanel jumbo flap? The maxi flap seems bigger, but is cheaper! Thanks :)

  • claudie

    i have a picture of the yellow/gold colour chanel bag but i dont even know whats the item number n the price. can u help me? pls

  • claudie

    do u know the latest Chanel Cambon Tote’s price in florence italy

  • Emily

    Do you know if Chanel makes the caviar leather wallet on chain 2011 in gold hardware? So far, I’ve only seen the WOC 2011 in silver hardware.

  • Louise

    Hi There

    This page is awesome.

    I went to the Chanel boutique in Collins St Melbourne Australia and while I can’t remember the exact price the maxi flap was at least $5,500.

    Just wanted to update prices in Australia.


    Just wanted to update the Australia prices.



  • WOW! I cannot believe I haven’t read your blog before! It’s amazing, and I love how we seem to have a very similar taste, you definitely just got yourself another follower.

    Also, are the prices listed above the current ones? I’m most likely getting the maxi flap for my birthday next week and I’m trying to do some research on the prices!

    • Hey Milja,

      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove! : ) And I am glad you like it!

      Yes, they are the ones from this season. I hope you get the chanel you want for your birthday. Happy Birthday and I hope you have an amazing one. Once you get your CC let me know maybe you can do a guest post?


      • Absolutely and thank you so much for the bday wish! It might take a month or so for me to get the maxi because it’s a little bit cheaper to get it as a tax free buy from a euro country (I live in Switzerland) but I will definitely be contacting you later about it!

        Again, thank you for an amazing blog! xx

  • CClover

    just want to update the prices for a few chanel bags ive checked in bangkok.

    the smallest reissue is currently 158000B and i got that onee (YAYYYY!! <3)
    the wallet on chain is at 53000B.
    the medium classic flap is around 140000B.

    by the way, i am in love with your blog <3

  • Queenie_Hokyi

    Hi Viktoria,

    Thanks for the great information, I like your site very much! I just bought a classic flap bag jumbo size.

  • WinC

    Thanks Ning for the info.
    Anyone has the lastest price for the Maxi Flap from London? Pls advise. Thanks!

  • ShadowComet

    I’m living in Seattle, Washington and I just purchased my first Chanel Maxi bag in black and lambskin leather in Oregon last week and it’s $4,700 without tax :)I love my new bag and I’m gonna get another one in beige color next month. Again, thanks for useful information. Love your blog!!!

  • Soffia

    Just want to update that I bought Chanel timeless petite tote in caviar for €1610 at Paris last week. Can’t find the gst in Paris! Quite agitated! Hee

    Seems Like the price increase….

  • Hi,

    Any idea if the classic flap in black gold hardware medium caviar is available in Switzerland, Zurich?


  • Cherie


    I have bought a GST in silver Chain in London last week and they are £1470. :)

  • sharon

    medium flap is S$5990. Just checked the price today.

  • Ann N

    Hello Victoria,
    Do you know the current price of the Chanel grand shopping tote in euros?

  • Teresa T

    Hello Victoria, are the prices listed the retail price which includes VAT?

  • Teresa T

    Hello everyone,

    was wondering if any knows the price for a 255 black caviar flap bag in silver hardware in France, UK and HK?

  • May

    Hi, I was at Chanel KLCC Malaysia this morning, the price for Chanel Jumbo caviar is RM14770, whereas the Chanel maxi flap costs RM16150 .Please update the price accordingly. Thanks

  • Your information on the maxi seems to be wrong? The maxi can not be cheaper than the jumbo or isit?.

    <3 your blog, it's my new daily newspaper

  • cdee

    Hi just wanted to update
    Chanel Small Flap Style Code: A0113 is 4410 AUD and the M/L flap is 4610AUD.
    I’m wondering where the cheapest place to get it is?

  • carrieishappy

    Just bought the Chanel Cerf Tote Style Code: A15206 yesterday.
    The Price has rose up to 1660 Euro :)

  • Hs

    Was informed by the bond st store in London the chanel gst is now £1535 (GBP) as of today! Does anyone know the price of the large classic flap now in GBP?

  • Marley

    Love your blog Viktoria! Info is so helpful.

    Btw, I bought the Chanel Timeless Clutch in lambskin today. It is $1940 AUD. The caviar was rougly $200 cheaper.

  • Sharon

    Just purchased the Grand Shopping Tote yesterday for $2900.

  • Channie

    Hi Victoria
    I have bought a used chanel and I know it is a classic flapbag in lambskin (and I think it is a small)but it doesn’t look exactly like the one in your pricelist. The flap goes all the way to the buttom of the bag. That is the only difference.
    It is one of this years models in the classics I was told…
    How or where do I find the right price…?
    Hope you can help me :-)


  • Irene

    This blog is really help me.
    Big thank you!!!


  • ivy

    Chanel Timeless Clutch in Caviar Singapore is selling at SGD 1990

  • Lucille

    Hi Victoria, I am living in Indonesia and off to Spain in 2 months time. Would love to buy A50995 large shopping bag and A34210, do you have any ideas how much are they in Euros and how to get the tax refund? Any recommendation to buy Chanel in Barcelona..or…? Thanking you in advance

  • Tia

    Hi everyone!

    Would anyone happen to know how much the medium flap in lambskin cost in Canada?

  • Wenlei

    Hi, just want to update the price for Chanel Grand Shopping Tote in Canada, it’s $2,625 now before sales tax.

  • James Wong

    I just purchased a Chanel Classic Jumbo lambskin in black for my wife in Oct 2011 in Paris and the price is Euro 3,110. With 13% VAT refund, it ends up to be Euro 2,705.70. Approximately RM 11,841.95. The VAT refund is faster than expected. Credited into my charge card in two weeks after my departure from Paris. The price of this item at KLCC Chanel store is RM 14,770. Therefore, I saved RM2,928.05.

  • Muimui

    Classic Timeless Clutch $1550 cad
    Petit Shopping Tote $1700 cad. / $2000 usd

  • Really appreciate your post! Very helpful to us indeed.. Thank you!

  • SuperBB


    I would like to know the price (CAD) of Chanel MEDIUM SHOPPING BAG A50994 Y01864 94305; should i get prada (product code BN2274_NZV_F0770 ) or chanel? What do you think?

  • S

    This is a great site for info. I was just shopping aroudn today but ended up purchasing the classic jumbo flap in black leather today for $4,700 (before tax), they had a red patent leather classic jumbo flap which i also loved but opted for the classic black. the sales agent told me there will be a waiting list once the current stock is out as Chanel is going down the route of being exclusive. Also, once the current stock is out, the prices are expected to increase (usually 25%). She said the wait for certain Chanel bags can be between 2 – 4 months.

  • Pearlisa

    Latest price for Timeless clutch caviar € 900

  • Kaijun

    The updated prices for re-issue 226 and 227 in singapore:-

    226 – S$6620
    227 – S$7230

  • yiing

    heyy, was wondering where did you get those price info from?

  • Shan

    I just called up Chanel in Hong Kong

    GST $19,700
    JUMBO $39,600
    MAXI $43200

  • bjeso

    Does any one know the classic maxi flap, chanel jumbo flap and the chanel cambon tote large latest price in paris cos i am going to paris end of november .TQ

  • bjeso

    it’s difficult to make a decision cos i loves all 3 bags! can anyone guide me for this ????

  • Sarah

    Hi everyone, i want to get the medium classic flap, or timeless clutch. I live in Australia, i think it’s cost more in Aus, i will be in the US for Christmas, and i was wondering if chanel bags are cheaper in there. Please help me :) Australian dollar is stronger against the US at the moment. Timeless clutch is above shows $1,395 US, is this after tax or before? If it’s before how much tax should i pay? Thank you in advance :)

  • Sarah

    I will be in NYC, LA and Vegas, where would be the best place to buy? Please help

  • Di

    Hi Victoria,
    Would you know if buying classic flap small in LA cheaper than France, since USD very poor atm?
    Also would you know if the gold hardware would last?


    You have the best blog! Thanks

  • Miss J.

    Does anyone happen to know the price of the mademoiselle bags in pounds?
    Thanks! :)

  • Mariana

    Hey victoria!
    Fisrt of all, id like to congrat you cuz your site is absolutely AMAZING!
    Than, ive read all the comments… So theres a little doubt: is the tax refound in Europe about 13% or 20%??
    and is it true that CC and LV (french brands) are usually 5% cheaper in France???

    Sorry about asking it again, i just want to be sure because i’m from Brazil so when i do the exchange even a little difference is huuuuge!!! 1 Euro is almost 3 brazilian bucks!!!!

    Thankssss for every thing!! Im traveling around europe in december, be sure ill come back with updates and news about my new chanel. Im betwin the maxi or jumbo classics!!

    Xoxo mary!

    • Hey Mary!

      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove and I am glad you liked it.

      YES, you will receive a tax refund between 13 to 20% depending on which country you shop in and the country you are going too. I believe that you will have to compare the prices in Brazil to the prices in Europe for CC and LV. I am not sure what the prices are for these brands in Brazil.

      Maybe I’ll see you on a plane in Europe since I am traveling around that time too.


  • SC

    Medium flap – SGD5990, Jumbo – SGD6620, Maxi – SGD7230

  • SC

    Wallet on Chain – SGD2250

  • Manuela

    Hi Victoria! I will go to Paris in December and I want to buy a PST.
    Do you know if the price still the same (1080 euros)?

  • Cindy C

    Hi, is Chanel GST bag will change design every year?

  • Caoline

    Hey, vlove!! your site is awesome, THE BEST!!!!it has every information about what i was wondering.
    Btw, i would like to ask, why Chanel Jumbo Flap is more expensive than Channel Maxi Flap in British Pounds? but in MYR, its cheaper.. and is it still the same price for december? Thanks, vlove~~

    i’m desperately waiting for your reply
    Thank you!!

  • Caroline

    Hi, Victoria.. I’m going to London this December, do you know the price for Chanel Jumbo A 58600 in London?? Please help.. Thank you so much

  • Betsygoesglam

    Have had my name on a waiting list for the Gold Wallet On A Chain with gold hardware at the Chanel store in Palm Beach, FL. Just got the call it was in and have authorized the purchase. The price for the bag is $1750.00 plus $25 shipping.
    Can’t wait for it to get here but will have to put it under the Christmas tree as it is a gift from my husband. It will be worth the wait!

  • Jessie

    Can uhelp me to A50041L Lamb red

  • Magdeline

    Hi Vik, loves your site to the max !!! Wonder will the Wallet on Chain in Seattle cheaper than in Vancouver? Would appreciate if you could provide the latest pricing too…:) Thanks a zillion !!!

    • Hey Magdeline,

      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove : )
      I think that Canada and US have pretty much the same pricing. I this point I think it will come down to the exchange rate. Hope this helps…


      • Magdeline

        Thanks Vik for your speedy reply…. :) Btw, will there be a post Christmas sale cos’ do not want to end up buying something which will be on discount soon….:(

  • Happy

    I was told that the Chanel bag prices will increase by 15% w.e.f 1st Dec 2011.. is it true?

  • May

    The SA from KLCC, Malaysia has confirmed with me that Chanel Jumbo has increased price from RM14770 to RM16860 and Medium Flap is priced at RM15150 effective on Dec 1st. Damn…

  • Mary

    Hey vik! This os mary again!!!

    Do You know if chanel is really chapear in france than in the rest of europe??? I was told 5% but as long as Paris is my final destination… I just want to be sure that wait is gonna worth!

    Id love to meet You than!! Where are u going to???

  • SG

    Hi! This is great!

    FYI I just bought a WOC, Crackled Patent for 1150 Euros in Paris. This was end of November.


  • KT

    Hi Viktoria,

    Thanks for your informative website. it has helped me a lot in making my decision on which bag to buy for my gf. I ultimately bought her the GST in Hong Kong and the price was just increased again earlier this month (Dec 2011) to HKD 21,300. Just thought I’d share that information to you since your website has been very helpful to me.

    Happy holidays,


  • CC

    Hi All,

    Just got a caviar medium from Milan @ €3110, they offer 14% refund which is the most generous shop among the known brand. The net $$ after tax and conversion is about US $3610. That was Dec 1st.

  • Jen

    umm in australia the small flap bag went in today is now 4100
    medium is about 4800 large is 5400 and jumbo is 5800 :((((

  • Jen

    umm in australia the small flap bag went in today is now 4100
    medium is about 4800 large is 5400 and jumbo is 5800 :((((,jfktdktdkutc

  • bao


    juz went mbs singapore chanel juz nw.. maxi rise frm $7230 to $7870.. abt 10% increase.. jumbo is now $7200~

    any idea will europe increase price too immediately?

  • Mary

    Vik, sorry about asking again, but my question is if is it cheaper to buy in Paris than Barcelona or vence for instance!!
    Thanks in advance And congratulations for All the feedback You give here!! Thats why your is the best!!!

  • ellen

    Hi Viktoria,

    Your website is awesome, I love how the Chanel handbag prices are so accurate internationally! The Chanel associate (I recently purchased my caviar jumbo classic flap bag here in New York City for $4300) told me the prices were supposed to go up Dec 1 2011, however since they haven’t yet – will most likely go up the beginning of 2012. Do you have any info as to when they will go up here in the states or in Europe so I can prepare myself to purchase the medallion tote for my mother? Any info would be helpful. Thanks and happy holidays!


    • Hey Ellen,

      Thank you for reading ViktoriaLove and I am glad you like it! : )
      You should buy your bag the sooner the better since the prices will go up. I was also tole they would go up in December but like you mentioned they have not yet. Don’t wait to long because they will go up for sure.


  • Irene

    Hi, the chanel GST price is euro $1660.

  • Grace

    I called the chanel store in London and I was told that chanel GST is £1550 and the maxi flap is £2990. Hope it helps.

  • heather

    I called Chanel in October and was told the chanel gst was £1535.00. Knowing that I was going to New York in November (I got back a few days ago) I decided that I would maybe buy it there. When I asked for the price in New York I was told that it was 3040.00 usd. The exchange rate meant it would have been over £2000.00! I think the prices in the UK have gone up, as they are now £1550.00!

  • nan

    hi. my hubby just bought chanel jumbo and medium at london . jumbo is 2750. medium is 2500.
    and chanel shop in thailand just increase the price medium is168100, jumbo is 187000, maxi is 203000.
    but i wanna know abt the price in milan < is that still the same price. and when they ll increase the price in milan: do u have any idea: thank you so much

  • Sofia


    Is it really true that Chanel is not selling the mini 2.55 anymore? Thanks for your help!

  • Sabine

    Yesterday I purchased the Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo for €3,110 in the Netherlands (where I live). Just thought I’d let you know the price here is still the same as your August update!

    That said, thank you for this page, it gave me a good idea of what to expect when getting that bag, haha!

  • daphne

    hi, can someone please clarify for me – i went in to the collins st store in melb the other day and asked for the smallest, i was told it is called “medium” and the next size up is the “large”? after reading this post, im really confused. planning to get it from london, do i ask for a small or a medium?

  • erica

    bought classic flap caviar leather maxi in gold chain in heathrow airport yesterday, it was 2492!

    • Hey Erica,

      How are you?
      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove! : ) and for your comment!
      I was wondering which London airport did you buy the bag on? Was it at a Chanel store or Harrods? Let me and all the readers know because I get a lot of questions about this!


  • erica

    hi vlove,
    i bought that in the chanel store in heathrow airport terminal 3. they have quite a lot of stocks, so amazing!

  • First Timer

    Love your informative Blog Viktoria! Keep up the good work :)

    Just got myself another bag– Maxi Jumbo from HK. HK$48600.

    The price increase is just crazy.

  • Emily

    hi ladies, anyone has the update price of Chanel Classic Medium size now Dec 2011??

    Singapore’s price now is $6.5K

  • SH

    Love your blog very very much ViktoriaLove… planning to buy a Chanel Classic Medium for X’mas today!!! I know it’s silly to buy in Msia now considering that I am living in Zurich… but it’s also for my 21st Wedding Anni. I am back for hols! xoxo

    keep up the good job :)

  • Mike

    Goodness gracious, you people have no business owning a chanel bag! If youre so concerned about the price, guess what, YOU CANT AFFORD IT! go get yourself a burberry or marc jacobs bag and leave the chanel bags for those of us that arent concerned with $700 price hikes or sales taxes.

    • ruru

      your comment has me amused, since chanel has, given the prices on here and current exchange rates, priced their bags according to the given market. If they wanted to cut out the bourgeois, why not price them at something unattainable? because, at the end of the day, in order to survive all luxury manufacturers have realised they cannot simply rely on those with ample cash- they must entice the masses. so maybe you should take your smug attitude (and i can guarantee you cannot “afford” a chanel handbag yourself) and shove it.

    • margarita

      so buy us chanel bags if your so concerned. most girls i know are 16 and carrying the chanels around

  • CMY

    I just bought a Jumbo Classic Caviar with Silver Chain in Germany. Wrong size, hence decided to sell off at SGD5,300. Anyone keen? Just email me at

  • Manuela

    Hi Viktoria! I bought a PST in Paris yesterday and the price was 1150 euros.
    So hard to find, but I got it!

  • SYG

    Hi Viktoria… what a wonderful blog….I Bought a Classic small Caviar with Silver Chain on 22/12 in Paris at Euro 2820, thoug of getting the medium size but was out of stock.

  • ysy

    jz check with chanel in Malaysia, the small classic flap is RM14,500 and the Med is Rm15,150…. price has increase since 1st Dec 2011.

  • shannon

    jus checked channel price in singapore.. (price as at 17 dec 2011)

    Chanel Medium Flap aka Medium/Large

    Style Code: A0112Chanel Medium Flap Latest Chanel Bag Prices Around the World
    Dimensions: 10″ x 6″ x 2.5″

    Singapore – S$6,510 SGD

  • KH

    Hi Viktoria, I’m new here & I find your blog extremely informative & helpful!!! Thanks!

    Actually, I’m travelling to the UK this spring & wonder if there’s much price difference to purchase in London boutiques vs. Heathrow? Thanks for the help!

  • LT

    Bought a Chanel GST in UK at price GBP 1,535

  • Gi

    Hi. Chanel Timeless Clutch in Caviar is GBP895 in UK.

  • pzh

    would anybody be able to help me with the price of the lambskin trimmed messenger bag with interlaced chain in USA or EU (,1,11,34)?? thanks

  • Nadia Sayed

    Thank you sooo much for the info!
    Really appreciate the effort u put in.

  • Sabrina

    Hi Viktoria!

    Your blog is really useful! Thank you for the information! <3

  • Tanty

    Hi Viktoria, glad found your blog!

    Pls update asap if the price already increase, coz i’m gong to Paris 4 holiday in April. thx for ur help

  • margarita

    chanel went up by 17% in new york.

  • rose

    dear viktoria,

    ur blog is the best ever…now i have better insight :)
    will be in paris/rome/london in ur opinion where can i get the best deal for chanel handbags? is it cheaper in paris or london or at heathrow? what about the selection in it limited?

    looking forward to ur reply…


    • Hello Rose,

      Thanks for reading my blog and I’m glad you like it!

      The prices for the bags are pretty much the same in Europe. It is a little cheaper on the airports however, they have less stock so I would recommend calling the stores before to make sure they have what you are looking for. London and Paris have quite a few Chanel stores in the city so you should be able to find what you are looking for.

      I hope this helps…


  • May

    Hi, viktoria.. Love the post! So glad I found it cos I’m currently researching for chanel maxi flap..
    Wonders what’s the latest price for Chanel maxi flap black caviar in Paris & Hongkong?
    Answers will be much appreciated!! Thanks… :)

  • Cat

    I bought a small classic caviar(black) in silver chain in Paris on 17th Dec. price was 2820 euro. I’m waiting to get tax(12% about 338 euro) back to my credit card. I thought
    I bought a medium size till I see other girl’s comment here. I didn’t see any smaller size than large classic, I guess a medium classic was out of stock.

  • First Timer

    Rumours of another price increase soon. May be as soon as 1 Feb.
    I grabbed another Maxi this month even though I just got another in Dec 11.

    Dear Mike. News of Price Increase simply drives us to buy our Chanels …EARLIER.

    • Rosy

      It’s true! And before 1st Feb

      Now the medium size costs almost the same as jumbo last year! 3100 euros for medium lamb/caviar gold hardware

  • SiSi

    Dear Viktoria,

    Finally I’ve found yr very fantastic and useful blog about Chanel prices :D I really wonder to know about the prices in Euro for Chanel Caviar 8″ and 9″ – that I have to admit that I don’t really know what it is because I’ve got no knowledge about these mentioned stuff. I do hope you can help me ^^

    Thanks a lot in advance for your reply. I’ll wait and maybe better to tell my girlie friend to make the decision to buy so soon before the prices are raised!!


  • Bec

    Hi – I have the same question as Sarah (couldn’t find the response)- since AUD & USD are roughly equivalent & the prices on your last update are clearly cheaper in US, is if safe to say that I should buy when travelling in US? Or will their taxes drastically increase price?
    Thanks for your thoughts :)

  • August

    14-Jan-12, classic jumbo flap, AED17,700. Approx. USD4,800. Dubai.

  • ron


    I understand that the Baby/Mini flap has discontinued. Is there anywhere in the world anyone knows if they still have stock? I’m flying to London/Paris in 2 weeks time.

    Appreciate anyone’s reply.

  • chanty

    Hi Rom
    I have been last week in London,Chanel store and they had in stock baby chanell 2.55 bag. chanel store from Old bond street.but i dont remeber the price,sorry

  • kris

    when we can see the new update for prices here??im going in march to Frankfurt and i would like to know the price for chanel 2.55 medium ,can someone help me?tnx guys

  • Cherry c

    Really useful blog victoria, bravo. Can anyone help get a preowned black jumbo in good condition ,especially that there a lot of fakes

  • Toni

    I got a bag from a resale shop, How do I find out if it is a Chanel Bag inside it got a black leather patch that says Chanel Made in France. If anyone can help that would be great.

  • [...] where I buy my vintage bags and how do I know they are authentic. One other very popular post is the Latest Prices for Chanel bags and since this post has been extremely popular I have decided to write this [...]

  • Here is a new post on VINTAGE Chanel bags, authenticity and how to go about buying one. Have a look and enjoy!!


  • Cherry c

    Thank u Victoria for ur attention , will check them out

  • Mimi

    Hi :) I’m heading for Paris in a couple of days, can anyone tell me the current Chanel GST price? Thanks in advance :)

  • Rosy

    Hey everyone!!!

    I’ve been today in Brussels Chanel Boutique!

    The price already increased!!! Yeah, unfortunately it’s true! Now, the price for a flap bag, medium size, gold hardware in lambskin/caviar is 3100 euros!!!

    Before Christmas was 2820 euros! So it seems that it was before 1st Feb

    I’m waiting for one in lambskin, because they didn’t have it with gold hardware. Neither in caviar! So I hope that if it comes after 1st Fev the price remains the same!

    So girls, if you want a Chanel bag, hurry up! They will not stop to increase the price of the bags!

  • Lea

    may i know the price for GST n PST in Paris? and the shopping bag chanel latest collection price as well? thankss

  • sunny

    hello guys
    i purchased chanel jumbo flip (cavier) for 2479.17 pounds at heathtrow airport (terminal 3) 2 days ago. i guess i was very lucky to get one for myself there. i phoned them several times before i went to the shop and the lady there said that they can’t reserve the bag for customers. they asked me to phone them up on a day i go to the shop. so i did and they got one for me luckily but first comes first serves policy. so i didn’t expect too much about it but they still had one.
    i think the price before discount will be 2975 pounds in shops in london now.
    you may have to think about where will be best to get one for cheap price either paris or london depending on currency.
    the shopkeepers in chanel are very arrogant and not nice.
    they are the worst among other luxurious shops i guess.
    by the way good luck guys!

  • G

    I was told that GST is sold out in Paris.

    Classic Medium Flap: 3,100 Euros
    Classic Jumbo Flap: 3,450 Euros

  • kris

    thank you Rosy! sunny, in london, selfridge store ur bag is it 2750 pounds!in airport are cheaper ,but u are lucky bcs had ur airplane on terminal 3!

  • Hey great info….

    Im going to NY in May 2012, do you know if Chanel have or are putting prices up? And also is the Classic Flap (Med) still USD$3,900?

  • kany

    hi viktoria, chanel bag price in australia increase from today, 1st feb 2012
    jumbo from AUD 5080 increase to $5880
    M/L from AUD 4650 increase to AUD 5450
    SA told me the price increase affecting all classic bag include GST.
    the smallest one I think it’s call WOT(WALLET WITH CHAIN STRAP) remain the same AUD 1900
    I rush myself to chanel boutique in sydney bondi westfield to buy the last piece of black jumbo caviar GHW in sydney, so happy ^^..

  • Guys just a quick update, don’t know if anyone cares about prices in Australia, but I went into Pitt St Westfields store today and yes, OMG yes they have put the prices up again !! I’m interested in getting a medium classic flap was $4650 and now $5030 far out, I’m still waiting till I got to NY to buy mine, what the hell right, if I’m gonna spend my entire monthly wage I might as well buy it in style lol….. Hard to justify the prices though!

  • Deborah


    I’m going to Paris next week and I would like to know the current price for the medium/large flag bag black, caviar. Thanks!

  • Jl

    Hi,wat is the price of Chanel gat caviar in hong kong now? Is it cheaper to buy in Singapore? And does frankfurt easily get Chanel?

  • Stylx

    Just been to Chanel in Melbourne. Jumbo is Aud5800 and maxi is Aud6400 now.

  • Stylx

    I just bought a jumbo in Paris last month for euro3110, medium is euro 2800. Currently Australia is selling $5800 for jumbo $6400 for maxi. Far out!!

  • JH

    Anyone knows the current price for medium flap bag in Hong Kong? Thanks.

  • LG

    Hong Kong selling HKD $41000 for Medium flap and HKD $46000 for Jumbo

  • Anita Ruiz

    i have chanel carry on suitcase and i want to sell it but i dont have any idea how much plz help me ?

  • KP

    Anyone knows the current price for jumbo and maxi flap in UK and Singapore?

  • kris

    jumbo its 2750 pounds and medium 2500 pounds

  • Anne

    Just bought a Classic Jumbo in Paris for Euro 3450

  • sam

    Does anyone know the current GST price of classic caviar medium flap in Paris right now?

  • vivian

    medium classic flap was $4650 and now $5290, updated from Chanel boutique in sydney bondi westfield…

  • Jasmin

    Haai guys, could anyone tell me what the current price is in euros for the GST and the PTT?

  • Ilona

    I bought the medallion tote in Belgium yersterday, de price is € 1.660. That is also the price in the Netherlands.

  • Becky

    Hey, does anyone know the price of the classic flaps (medium/large) at heathrow T3?

  • kris

    classic flap on T3 is it 2000 pounds!

  • MARY

    hey vic,

    i just bought my classic flap bag maxi in Barcelona, it was on janurary 2012, and the price was 3400E but i could have 400E back due to the tax free!! okk??
    thank you for the help!!

  • Shay


    Does anybody know the current price of the Chanel Cerf Tote in USD?? Thanks!

  • Hi victorialove,
    I’m thinking of getting Chanel pst or gst.. Will be travel out from Singapore to Dubai in march.. And to Australia in June. Is Dubai a better place to buy my Chanel? Maybe you can do a ranking in order the place to get a Chanel , base on the fact that I’m travel out from Singapore ..

  • Chanel PTT caviar in sydney Australia was $2990 Jan 2012

  • Debbie

    Bought jumbo from Amsterdam last week and its €3440 …. Love the lamb skin

  • pzh

    could someone please help me with the price of the lambskin trimmed messenger bag with interlaced chain anywhere in the EU (,1,11,34) thanks a ton!

  • Fong Shiau Ling

    I called Italy and France to check PST amount last few days, the price increase to euro1,300.00.

  • Jenny

    this website is so helpful, I just love it. So how much is a Chanel Petite Shopping Tote or PST in Caviar now? that is the one I want

  • Anna

    The pst is for $1725 + tax in toronto, canada.

  • Gabriela


  • NNsurve

    You are soooooo cool for posting this!!! I’m on the lookout / researching for my first ever Chabel bag to buy :) yippyyy. This information was super helpful.
    I also like how you have prices from the UAE. I grew up there. Every other girl there has a Chanel. Lol.
    This info was very helpful. Thanks for posting this!!

  • Ish x

    Hii hun

    such an amazing post and site keep up the amazane work :)

    quick q, i wanted the GST, but im flying to new york in the summer and cant work out whether its better to buy it there cause of the exchange rate, or to buy it in may before another price hike damn them!

    help please girls xx

    • Hey Ish,

      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove and I’m so happy you stopped by!

      Personally I would get the bag in Europe because think the price difference is not that big. However, before you buy I would do the math.

      Once you get your bag feel free to email me a photo to share with everyone, that’s always fun!


  • Ish x

    oh sorry, all in british pounds x

  • Catharina

    Hi everyone!

    I want to buy a Chanel E/W (East West) Flap, maybe in the US or in the UK. Does anybody know where is easier to find it? Am I going to have problems to find it since it’s a discontinued model?

    Thank you and congratulations for your amazing website Viktoria!

  • Melody

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know how much Black patent calfskin small Chanel mademoiselle cost in Paris?

  • Paul

    Hi latest price in France updated 1 March 2012

    A34208 900€
    A34210 1240€
    A33814 1150€
    A31509 545€
    A31506 640€
    A50994 1300€
    A50995 1750€
    A58004 1660€
    A37587 3450€


  • Ines Hussain

    First i want to tell you, your blog very infomative especially for bag Chanel lovers. I’m a personal shopper live in Milan. Got this updated prices (29 Feb 2012) for the items below.

    Price List for Chanel Milan, Italy.
    Small Flap – EUR2,950.00
    Medium Flap – EUR3,100.00
    Jumbo Flap – EUR3,450 .00
    Maxi Jumbo Flap – EUR3,750.00

    • Ciao Ines,

      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove and I’m glad you like it : ) Personal shopper, how fun especially in Milano : ) I think it’s like a dream job no?

      Also thank you so much for sharing the latest prices for all these Chanel bag it is very much appreciated! I hope you stop by again at


      • Ines Hussain

        Ciao Viktoria.

        I love love your blog. I actually used this info to give or advise my clients. I hope you don’t mind. ;-) It’s a FUN business anyway.

        Your blog are in my fav list! Time to time i will definitly drop by and read your blog.

        Have a nice weekend.


  • Coco

    Hi..I just bought the pst caviar in france in feb. the price was euro1300

  • venes

    Hi…does anyone know the % of tax refund that we can get from buying chanel bags in paris?

    • Hello Venes!
      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove! : )
      I believe it’s 12% but I’m not 100% sure…


      • limq2005

        I think if you pay by cash, it will be about 10.8% tax refund; if you use credit card, it will be about 12% tax refund.

        But, does anyone know EUR3100 for M/L is the price before tax or after tax?

        If I want to buy a M/L classic flap in Paris, the price will be:

        3100+tax-tax refund or 3100-tax refund?

  • limq2005

    I heard that there was a price risen in France on Jan 26 2012, is that true?

  • may89

    hi, can i know whether the prices of the bags are before VAT or after VAT?

  • kris

    i want buy M/L classic flap from germany,i heard i can buy the bag on company and they give me back the VAT.. is that true?

  • venesia

    thanks a lot ViktoriaLove and limq2005!

    @ViktoriaLove I really love your blog! :)

  • MayB

    Does anyone know the price of Classic Caviar Jumbo, mademoiselle XL and Reissue 226 in the US? i am going to Las Vegas soon. Please let me know the sales tax rate too. thank you

  • ddeibert

    Thanks for this blog ViktoriaLove it has been really helpful! I’m looking into purchasing my first Chanel. I live in Canada and the closest Chanel store is a 12 hour drive. Also there is about a 13% tax in that particular province.

    I am going to Europe in May-June and will be going to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Spain. I have heard that it is better to buy in Paris, so I thought I would get your take. So you pay 20% tax and get back about 12% of it in Paris? Is that correct?

    Where would be the best place for me to purchase my Chanel? I am looking to buy a small or medium flap.

  • Van

    Hi there, Do you think I can get the tax back if i buy from Canada for U.S citizens? I have a business trip coming up and it would be AMAZING if I can take adventage of that.
    thanks Love.

  • Van

    Ohhh Yes… I figured it out! U.S Citizens can sure get the tax back! Yayyy!

  • Jennifer

    Classic jumbo caviar with gold just bought in Feb 2012-$4950 cad in alberta canada

  • Jamie

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a 2.55. I am a small built person, 5’3″.
    What size shud i go for?
    Btw, i will be travelling to Italy n Paris in June. Where shud i buy from?

  • Lily

    Hi I just got the chanel pst tote and woc (lambskin) two days ago. Prices are Pst 1725 cnd and woc 1700 canada. I hope that helps

  • yen

    Hi im currently in paris and i qould like to buy the classic med size caviar skin
    They sell it for 3450 but i think in munich it was only 3350 and the refund there in paris is lesser

    And some says in sgp for maxi is 5800sgp excl tax 7% while in here maxi is 3750 excl tax 12%

    Im very confused
    Is this the right move to buy thia here
    Tomorrow is my last day and i have to make a quick decision

    Please give me any info girls. This is my first bag and been saving up hehe

  • kris

    Yen, are u sure the price 3450Eur is for Chanel Medium Flap aka Medium/Large not for Jumbo size? Im going in frankfurt next week and i wanna buy my first Chanel-Medium Flap aka Medium/Large and i would like to know the price there.

  • Nicky

    Yen, I just went to the Chanel boutique @ Ngee Ann City last week. Medium is going for SGD6510 while Jumbo is SGD7250.

  • Nicky

    By the way, I didn’t enquire about the price of Maxi because it is too big for me. Between Singapore and Europe, please get your Chanel in Europe because it’s much cheaper there. Don’t forget your VAT refund! Hope this piece of info helps.

  • may

    hi all, my husband is going to Italy tomorrow night. he is going to buy the medium flap for me, can anyone tell me the price Europe 3100 is before or after the VAT?

  • christine

    thank you for your detailed info! could you please let us know the price for the spring 2012 Chanel bag style A67047? Im in love! thank you so much =)

  • Confused


    I’m living in Singapore and is considering to buy a 2.55. I’ll be going to US in June 12 and is thinking of buying it in US. Is it worthwhile to buy in US (understand that no tax refund) or should I wait for a chance to go UK/France (tax refundable)?

    What will be the difference in prices like?

  • first chanel researcher

    Hi !!
    I am looking for my first chanel to buy (a birthday present from DH ) but confused as where i live there are no Chanel boutiques so i will have to ask a friend from US or ask DH to get when he’s travelling. Could u tell me the current prices for black caviar PST , Black caviar medium flap and the E/W flap and whether its better to buy from Europe or US i am new to this and i dont want to make the wrong purchase since its so expensive. Also would like some advise on which one to get. I am a mom with two kids so the medium flap seems like i cant fit much the PST makes more sense and if i can dig out some extra cash then i can get PST and EW flap (wishful thinking) so i ll have a day n night time bag.
    Please help me sort this out. you guys seem to know alot about it :) thanks in advance.

  • first chanel researcher

    Can anyone tell me the price of chanel bowling bag and if its nice as i have only seen pictures on the web.

  • Natanisha

    Chanel Petite Shopping Tote or PST in Caviar in Thailand is 69000 bath in Europe is 1300 Euro

    GST in Thailand is 90000 bath in Europe is 1750 Euro

  • garlic

    hi! Can you tell me the prices of Chanel bags in UAE probably in dirhams.. Or maybe you can help me find chanel bag by AED 2,000 – AED 2,800 dirhams because in LV they have hand bags. Thanks


      I live in Dubai, and just purchased a GST for my wife for her birthday for AED 9850 (US$2,682). I don’t think y0u are going to have much luck finding an authentic Chanel bag for AED2,000 – AED2800 (US$545 – US$723).

  • kris


    I just bought from Frankfurt (germany) chanel 2.55 jumbo size.price is 3450Euros and medium-large size is 3100E.

  • JEH

    Hello All,

    Anyone know the current price of the Cerf Tote in Euros?

    I have a co-worker flying to London and it’s cheaper then getting it in the US. Plus the VAT tax makes it even more enticing!

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hot40mama

    I’ve recently bought a Chanel classic flap jumbo caviar at a price from HKD44700 from Hongkong international Airport.

  • Yana

    Hi!! I would to to know exact price for medium aka large and also jumbo for flap bag in Paris?? and what colour available?? anyone there..??

    • Jewels

      Hi, I checked London Heathrow for the LARGE which is Sterling 2,497, the XL it’s Sterling 2,691

      For the XL in Paris it costs Euro 3,750. GST is around 12-13%.

      I assume the large is only slightly cheaper, just like the London price.

      I know it comes in beige and black, not sure about other colors

      Hope this helps

  • odilia

    hi, was wondering whether does anyone knows the chanel classic wallet price?
    as in aus it is selling for AUD1000. thanks.

  • Alex

    I am going to Europe in may and I am looking for the medallion tote? Has anyone seen the bag in stores in Europe? I will be traveling to canne France , Amsterdam, Belgium , Germany , Austria .

  • elwin

    hi all, my friend is going to Italy next May 2012. May i know that current price for Chanel Petit Shopper in Caviar Leather PST and GST at Europe?

    can anyone tell me the price Europe is before or after the VAT?

  • Jewels

    I checked Cannes for the large shopping bag today and it’s Euro 1,750. GST is around 12%. I would guess the the petite one is only slightly cheaper. In London Heathrow Airport, this is Sterling 1,333. The large size is very popular and sold out for the moment, as the price is very affordable. Hope this helps. In HK, this costs HK$1,300.

  • Jewels

    Sorry but I pressed too quickly, in HK this costs $21,300.

  • Marilou

    Hello everyone, just bought 3 classic bags in Paris yesterday 3rd of April 2012, most current updated prices as per below:
    Medium size Classic Flap 3100 euros
    Classic Timeless Clutch 1300 euros
    Classic Medallion Tote 1660 euros
    Love them all!

    • Alex

      Wow I have been looking for the Medallion tote here in the US. I will be in Nice and Cannes in May . Hope they have the Medallion tote in stock. Glad you got the purses you wanted

  • shermaine

    does anyone know the exact price for A0113 in Hong Kong, Bangkok, or Euro?

  • Carrie Carrie

    Just bought a CHANEL WOC in Caviar skin, costs 1200 Euro in Italy. Cheers

  • smallfish

    Hi..may I know the latest pricing for Cambon Tote in Euro?? I’ll be travelling to Europe in May & would like to know is it cheaper to get it in Italy or France? I’ll be in Italy first before I reach France, but not Paris…just Nice & Cannes. Will the price be the same throughout France? Thanks..

  • Nazshaj

    I just bought Chanel Grand Shopping Bag at Harrods London, price is GBP 1,600 (tax included) for foreigners you’ll get GBP 208 refund at the airport. Total price after refund is only GBP 1, 398.00.. Hope this info helps. :)

  • shermaine

    i went to KLCC today to check the price for medium flap, it is rm14410 selling in the store now.

  • Irene Sio

    May I know the price for Large Shopping Bag, A50545, 9.4x13x5.1 in. Thank you

  • Vicky

    Hi Viktoria

    thanks for your blog and updates on prices..really helps and made my heart skipped to see the prices shooting up so much over the time.

    Anyway, any price update on the half moon WOC in Paris?

    Thanks a mil.

  • Nitya

    Had visited the New Delhi Chanel store and was told that they arent doing red GST for the summers this year. ;( Also am planning to pick up my Chanel bag from Berlin this June and am wondering if i will need to order the bag before hand as i have heard that we need to book them before we buy. Is that true? Since there isn’t a red GST this season i will go with the black GST with Gold fittings. Should i book or order it before i reach there?

    • Marilou

      hi Nitya, i just recently bought GST in Paris, they told me they only have the GST in black or Beige cost 1750 Euro, depending on the day if you are lucky whatever they got in stock however they can check the other boutique for stock, good luck!

  • first chanel researcher

    May i know the price for PST in caviar golg h/w in us dollar and euros after deduction tax for foreigners.

  • Viv

    Anybody know the price in eur for Chanel bag
    style code A58004
    Dimension : ?
    Price :?

    style Code: A18004
    Dimensions: 10″ x 7″ x 4.5″
    Price :?

  • Vvn

    My mum bought the Caviar Jumbo Flap with Silver hardware yesterday, it was £2975 x

  • E

    The Cerf tote is currently €1750.
    The Jumbo Flap (caviar/lamb skin) is now €3450.
    Price in Paris.

  • Per


    It seems like UK is the most expansive country to buy Chanel bags?

    Do the shop at Heathrow airport have bags for sale?

  • April

    Chanel medium flap now au$5200 as of this month! Yikes!

  • mei

    i just check the price in ireland,
    they told me jumbo flap is 3450euro,
    and will get 500 euro tax back.
    i just wonder is it real?

    • Marilou

      hi mei, yes the jumbo flap is 3450 and it is correct you get tax back, i just recently bought this month in Paris and i got about 12% VAT refund (tax) before you fly back home in the airport, but ensure you get there early, longer wait and line to get refund

  • Marilou

    Hi to all Chanel fans, from my previous post, bought another bag to add to my collection:
    latest price in Paris April 6, 2012:
    Grand Shopping Tote 1750 Euros
    Happy and looking forward to buy the 2.55….hopefully our next trip to Europe!

  • Hi my friends who just came back from Paris saying that Chanel tote bag that cost euro$1,750 is no more available. How true ? Pls advise.

    • Marilou

      hi jenny, i just recently bought the Grand Shopping Tote black this month in Rue Cambon boutique Paris April 6th, it cost 1750 Euro, they also have it at Rue Royale Madeleine boutique, they do not display this particular bag only if you request it and depending which boutique you go to and available stock that day however they could check other stores for stock. The only colors available either in Black or Beige.

  • Jewels

    Hi to all Chanel fans…the Chanel Tote bag is always unavailable. I tried Cannes and London Heathrow Airport last month. I eventually ended up buying the Medallion one for Pounds 1,191 from Heathrow Airport. The medallion costs HK$20,200 in HK.

  • joanne

    Hi there, what is the VAT rate we can get back if we buy the chanel in London??
    If in London heathrow airport, will we still entitled to the VAT refund??
    pls advise, TQ

  • Jesslyn

    Hi dear, do you know the latest price of the Chanel gst currently and when will the price be increasing again? Can email me @ Thanks!

  • Alan

    Hi, I am going to Sydney in May, and I am planning to buy my wife a Chanel, but it seems like it is not worth while, I believe Australia sells the most expensive Chanel, right?

    • Marilou

      Hi Alan, you are right it is expensive to buy in Sydney, you only get 10% tax refund, if you are going to Europe I suggest you buy over there it worked out to be cheaper than Sydney, way cheaper.

  • M

    So helpful! Thanks.
    I thought i would share the price for the wallet on chain in paris and uk as i just got back from france this weekend.
    Woc Timeless caviar, €1000 or £880
    Woc quilted lamskin and caviar, €1200 or £1065

  • Inayellowbox

    I just bought my Caviar Classic Maxi in Singapore for $7870. Pricey? But, hey, it’s a Chanel Classic & it’s price is forever on the rise.

  • I could’ve cried with happiness when I found your wonderful data on this Chanel bag. I’m writing a feature for a mag that launches in September on the cost of childcare in relation to the cost of a designer bag, using the Chanel 2.55 as THE bag. I thought I had hours of research ahead of me, but you’ve done it all for me. I will make sure to credit your blog! Thank you.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove : )

      That sounds like a very interesting article. Which magazine is it going to be in? I would love to read it….
      Yes, there was a lot of research involved in this post but it was fun at the same time. I would really appreciate if you would credit it the blog since I did spend a bit of time.
      Thanks for your sweet comments and good luck with your article.


  • LindaloveLeo

    hiya I just reserved the classic flap jumbo size at Heathrow. Price is £2479. gonna have one tomorrow yahh

  • S

    I just got my pst n im in loveeeee. Black on gold hardware for aed 8100

  • SJK

    Thanks Viktoria for making such a great page. I read your page over and over again before I finally bought my first Chanel bag after a very long wait.
    I just bought the large classic flap in lavendar patent calfskin – it cost 2670GBP at the Chanel store at Old Bond St in London. For this I will receive a VAT refund of 357.78.
    I also went through Terminal 3 at Heathrow and picked up a WOC in black patent – this cost 887. For anyone traveling through London – I suggest calling ahead and checking if the Terminal 3 store has the bag you want – I waited for 1 hr and 15 mins to get my refund before I checked my bags in.

    • Hey SJK,

      Thanks so much for your sweet comments and thanks for reading ViktoriaLove! : )
      I’m glad that you got the Chanel bags that you wanted and I’m sure you will love them. Also thanks for sharing with all us about your Chanel buying experiences.

      Lots of Love,

  • Chi

    Hi, thankyou for making this wonderful website for us! BTW, do you know which stores in London currently have the Grand Shopping tote in black? I really wanna buy it but i wanna ensure if there is in stock.

    Thanks for your helping!

    • Hey Chi!

      Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments. When buying any Chanel bag and especially when you have your heart set on a specific one it’s always best to call the store that you want to buy it from. Most of the time they will put it aside for you. That way you ensure that they have what you want and you are not wasting your time going from store to store.

      Hope this helps…


  • SLN

    Anyone knows the price selling for Chanel 2012 spring summer collection below?

    shopping bag in supple quilted calfskin, double handles

  • charlotte J

    Hi all!

    This is the most amazing site for info!
    Its great!

    Can i just ask… How do you get the Tax refund?

    Im from the UK and will probably buy a bag in a few months from a store in london,

    how do i go about getting the tax/vat back people are talking about?



    • Hello Charlotte,

      Thanks for stopping by : ) and I’m glad you like the site.

      I’m not quite sure about the tax refund from Ireland if buying in the UK. Usually you can get a tax refund if you are from North America, Asia, Australia etc but not if you live within Europe. I might be wrong about Ireland maybe it does qualify but I’m not quite sure. I wish I could have been of more help.


  • Rosy

    I was in Italy three week, the chanel classic medium size is 3100EUR, and Jumbo is 3450EUR. Tax Refund is 14% in Italy vs 12% in Paris. Love Chanel!!!!

  • Mandy

    planning to get the classic chanel wallet on chain in united states, maybe portland, oregon, just want to know the price, do u guys think WOC ‘s price will go up by the time i got there, which is around like June?

  • neelam

    hi guys just wanted to know if someone could tell me the price for the following chanel bags in pounds for 2012:
    Chanel Cambon Tote pst
    the grande shopping tote in pounds
    the Chanel Petite Shopping Tote or PST in Caviar
    and the chanel Medallion Tote
    thankyou very much xx

  • neelam

    also guys could someone let me know how much are chanel iphone covers for…cheers

    • Hey Neelam,

      I’m not sure of the current price at the moment but I think I paid about 500 USD for mine but like I said I dont remember the exact price sorry….


  • Roy Chin

    Hi all,

    Would like to know the price of a classic quilted long wallet in singapore. any1 have any idea? TIA

  • May

    PST current price in Singapore is S$2,640 SGD

  • Olivia

    If anyone knows could they please tell me the current price of the A50995, the large shopping bag, in USD. I’m getting it as a graduation gift and I want to tell my dad the price so he is prepaired for it before hes at the store haha. Thanks!

    • Ha! Ha! I like you “Chanel” tactics very cute! :)

      I believe the price is 2900 USD hope this helps and congratulations on graduating and get your new Chanel bag!


  • Betty

    I’ve just bought the Classic Chanel Wallet On Chain lambskin in Gernany May 2012. The currently price is 1200 EURO

  • T.C.

    Chanel price for a medium flap at heathrow airport is 2,225 pounds
    and for GST is 1333 pounds and 2,480 pounds for a jumbo flap.

  • suelcy

    My sis-in-law bought a Chanel 2.55 medium flap in Italy at Euro 3100 in January 2012 for me, and till now she told me that she has yet to receive tax rebate of 14%. However, she received her rebate for her Louis Vuitton bags. Is there anything I can do while waiting? The receipt mentioned the rebate will be refunded in 90 days.

    • Hello Suelcy,

      Thanks for reading! :)
      Chanel can take quite some time to give you the tax refund. I remember waiting for quite some time too. However, you can always call the store, of the tax refund company or even just send them an email. They are actually pretty good when it comes to answering their customers. Hope this helps.


  • Moff

    Hi,I’m from Thailand and my friend going to UK around beginning of next month, so I just want to make sure about price for classic jumbo flap in Heathrow airport,have the VAT refund? and if we buy in London ,what is the VAT rate we can get back?

    • Hello Moff,

      All the prices are in the post so please go ahead and refer to that to get the pricing you are interested in. Also you are able to get your VAT refund if you buy the bag in the UK.


  • csiao

    hi i love it that the prices you post are spot on i’ve been to paris just this april and the gst is indeed 1750 euros and ive just been to the USA just this may its 2900 US dollars! Keep it up and i’ll always be posted. =) it would be nice if you’d post other brands as well like hermes or goyard.

    • Hey Lovely! :)

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a positive comment it ´’s very nice to hear.
      Infact I’m working on a similar post for Hermes and Goyard after that. If you have any other suggestions please let me know I would love to hear them.
      Again thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


  • Deema

    OMG you’re AMAZING , rich info with exact prices, but Is the price still maintain the same for now? if it’s not please update it :)

    Thank You ..

    • Deema,

      Thank you :) I’m glad you like it. I will try to update and maintain the prices as best as I can at all times. I’m working on more prices in different currencies as well.


  • Poppy

    Hi All,
    I have heard rumours that there has been another price increase in Europe as of last week. Can anyone advise?
    I’m heading to Germany in June as would like to know the current price for the Jumbo Flap.
    Many thanks.

  • NinaE

    Hi Viktoria! Do you have a preference for lambskin vs. caviar? I’m thinking of getting the jumbo flap from Italy and ideally would like it in beige, but not sure which is a better fabric. Thanks love!x

    • Hello,

      I think that you can’t really say which material is better. It’s a matter of preference however personally I like caviar just because it’s a little more durable than lambskin. Lambskin is more delicate and you have to more careful not to scratch it if you are like me and like everything to look perfect. :) Personally I also prefer a little bit more of a “rougher” look but I mean they are both gorgeous.
      Have a lovely day!


  • B_C

    I’m traveling to London next week and wonder if anyone can tell me how much is the Timeless Clutch in GBP? It’ll be my first Chanel and I’m thinking whether to get it in Hong Kong or London. Please kindly help! Many thanks!!!

  • Yana

    Hi!! Victoria..

    I`m want to bought GST bag in much is current price in Paris now..??? tq

  • Joyce


    Can you advice the price for Chanel 2.55 – (226 & 227) in EU and Pound?


  • Anouk

    Hi! I just purchased a CHANEL purse in black from their Paris-Bombay 2011-12 collection for the price of €3,000 here in Antwerp, Belgium. My purse is the #10. I am petite but the purse doesn’t in any other way swallow me! It’s gorgeous and very unique.
    Viktoria Love, your site is awesome! Keep it up and it’s sooo true….been to UAE twice and each and every local Emirati there has a Chanel purse! =) Go to Dubai Mall and darn! Chanel everywhere. I’m sure as of this writing, UAE Malls are drowning with Hermés from their female locales.

  • smallfish

    Hi..juz wana share indeed there’s price increase in Europe.Bought the PST in Nice, France & the price is €1300 instead of €1150 as previously updated here..but nonetheless still loving it!

  • Betty

    Hello everybody
    I’ve just bought the Chanel Wallet on Chain black lambskin in Germany about 1 month ago. The current price is 1200



  • Gie Johnson

    I called Neiman Marcus in California and the Sales Assistant said that the CLassic Medallion Tote is $2400. Did the price increase since Feb. 2012?

  • Jewels

    Hi Ladies,

    Just bought the Chanel Reissue – Size 224 (Style A37584)
    $4200 tax free at Nordstroms in Portland, OR! Best place to by Chanel! Earned Triple points too! Yay


  • Connie

    Hi, Just bought Chanel Reissue in Paris – size 226 – 3450 Euro & GST shopping Bag – 1750 Euro, classic medium/L – 3100 Euro Tax refund 13%

  • Michelle

    My friend just bought a Chanel GST black caviar with gold chain in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, she paid THB 82,000 (USD 2,603). I also asked her to check for me the Chanel MAXI flap bag in caviar, the current cost is THB 120,000 (USD 3,809). I hope this helps. x

    • Miko

      Hi Michelle,

      I just bought a Chanel GST Beige in Gold hardware somewhere end of May 2012 at BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport. Somehow it cost me THB 86,200(Tax free). Just wondering which price stated here is the right one. :)

  • Gie Johnson

    Hello everybody,

    I just purchased today the Medallion Tote(A01804)from Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island in Long Beach, CA. I paid $2400 plus tax. I am going to London and Paris next week, but couldn’t wait to purchase the bag although I know it’s less expensive there and you get a tax refund. I guess, I badly want to use the bag on my trip. Do you think I’m crazy for doing this?

  • Chloe

    I bought the chanel gst in Dubai for AED 9450.

  • Joanna

    May I know if Chanel is cheaper in Bangkok?

  • Anita Lim

    can u help me to send the catalog of channel handbags include price list, this years 2012

  • Wk

    Hi would like to ask it is to buy Chanel bag the cheapest place is at heathrow airport not even italy?so if I buy at HA I must take off(flight) at thr(no matter to Whr)?thank u for ur help..I had read many pages about it but still not confirm which place is the cheapest..@.@..hope u can give me some idea..^^

  • Anna

    Just called the Bangkok Chanel Boutique at Paragon —

    Chanel MAXI Caviar Flap — THB 203,300

    Chanel Jumbo Caviar Flap — THB 187,000

    Tourists get 7% VAT back.

  • Anna

    Prices at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhum Airport

    Chanel MAXI Caviar Flap — at the airport (without tax) THB 181,200

    Chanel Jumbo Caviar Flap — at the airport (without tax) THB 166,700

  • jojo

    hi, I just bought the Jumbo Classic with Gold hardware from London Heathrow, 2478.xx pounds. And the Medium cost 2225 pounds xx =)

  • Janelle

    Hi ladies, wanna to check if anyone know buying a Chanel bag in Amsterdam is more expensive than Paris or is it the same? I’m looking at GST shopping Bag. Please advise.
    Thank you so much in advance!

  • nina


    I was just wondering how it is with date codes that are stamped inside the Chanel Bags. I’ve heard and seen on the internet many people/bloggers saying that the datecode fades with the time and that doesn’t mean that the bag is “fake”. That if the bag doesn’t have a code it doesn’t mean that it’s not real? Chanel bags are very beautifully hand so is it really so that the date code can fade with the time?

  • Jay

    May I know how much is Chanel Maxi Flap in Europe? VAT in Paris 12%? VAT in Italy???
    Pls advise


  • NinaE

    Ciao lovelies! Just bought a gorgeous new classic flap in beige. EUR3450 for jumbo. EUR 3750 for medium. VAT in Italy is 14%. Hope this is helpful! Thanks again to Viktoria!

  • Poni

    May I know how much the current price is Chanel Grand shopping Tote or GST in us?

  • xx

    Hi, just bought PST last week in Singapore. Price is SGD2640.

  • lili

    hi, Im travelling to Russia soon, have you any idea about chanel PST price??

  • Gie Johnson

    Hello ladies,

    Purchased the PST in Paris for 1300 Euro. Got 169 Euro refund at the airport. Loving my new purchase.

  • Santi

    I plan to go to new york next month. and plan to buy chanel classic jumbo there. are there VAT in USA? for this moment, which cheaper buy chanel in europe or USA?

  • xyz

    hi i just went to a chanel store yesterday in dubai and the prices for chanel bag in the uae are:
    1) small classic flap bag aed 15,000
    2) medium classic flap bag aed 16,000
    3) jumbo classic flap bag aed 18,630

    i will be buying the chanel classic flap bag in jumbo in sept does anyone know where i could get for a cheaper price


    Hi! There is VAT in the US. I’m not quite sure how many percent it is in New York because it varies for every state :) I do suggest to purchase your Chanel at Europe :)

  • Amanda

    Hi ladies! can anyone tell me how much is the Chanel Paris-Bombay large flap bag model A67128 Y07630 81222 in Malaysia & London?

  • Jamie

    Hi! I was just wondering if the US and European prices include tax. If it’s included in the prices, would I be able to remove the VAT cost in Paris to make the comparison to the US cost?
    Thank you!

  • Alice

    Hi ladies! Just wonder if I should buy the medium flap bag at London or in Heathrow airport. Will there be any difference in price after VAT refund? Thanks a lot!!

  • leyla

    hi does anyone know the latest price for chanel belts??

  • Jeannie

    Hi, can anyone tell if it’s true that Chanel jumbo cost abt s$4000 in Europe as compared to Singapore s$7000? My friend just bought 2 weeks ago from her Europe trip. If its true, then I am thnking of getting a medium flap. Any advice?

  • Jeannie

    Is there an outlet store for Chanel in Europe or elsewhere?

  • Jamie

    just bought a jumbo lambskin in rome €3450 and vat is 14%.

  • Saufi

    Chanel medium/large $5,230
    Chanel jumbo $5,930
    Chanel maxi $6,320

  • Shirlynn

    Hi, anyone know how much the summer collection – Sea Hit A67043 selling how much in Paris & London?

  • CT

    Hi, is it worth it to buy a chanel bag in Dubai? I mean in terms of price.

  • Lina

    Could someone simply, in one statement, tell me where is the cheapest place to buy a genuine Chanel medium flap??
    I live in Dubai but will be in Paris, London and USA in the next few weeks – please help!!
    Much appreciated – viktoria please advise…thx

  • mimi chang

    Hi,everyone does anyone know how much price chanel GST XL in paris or milan??thanks

  • Mary Bradcock

    Hi Ladies, does anyone know how much the Wallet on Chain (Red) A33814 Y07557 62111 cost in Malaysia?

  • Linda

    Hi there,

    Are you quoted US prices before tax? Thanks.

  • Linda

    Medium/Large flap is $5030 in Australia at the moment :’(

    I don’t know if I should buy the M/L flap or the GST which is currently $3360

  • Helen


    I was wondering for london heathrow, what is the price for the large classic flap bag? Prices were only listed for medium and jumbo above.


  • Birgit

    Classic flap medium in lambskin is price 149800THB at Bangkok Airport, 22/7-12

  • Lorena

    I just purchased the Chanel M/L in caviar for $4,900.00 plus tax.
    I got it at the Saks in Chevy Chase MD (they had it shipped in from their Beverly Hills store)

  • Hey,

    Considering going to Hong Kong at christmas just to buy a Chanel Large Flap bag, are they still $3931.82 Aus?. So cheap considering in Australia they are 5000+

    Also asked my Hong Kong friend (Who studys in Australia) to go ask their Mother to go to the store to check for me but I am hoping you will get back to me first.

  • Hatley

    Chanel bag in australia has increased
    $5020 small
    $5200 med/large
    $5600 for jumbo

  • Jasmine

    Just purchased a Calfskin Red Classic Jumbo Flap with a silver chain for €3450 at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

  • Stephany

    Hello! I love your page! Can you give me more info on vintage Chanel authentic resellers, please! I purchase a beige jumbo in June from NM in Beverly Hills and the price was $4900.

  • StreetUrchin

    Hi, does anyone has the latest price of classic flap M/L caviar in Paris? Thanks

  • Natalie

    Chanel Classic Flap as of 8/3/2012 in the U.S.

    Medium = $4,400
    Jumbo = $4,900
    Maxi = $5,300

  • Janie

    Hello, does anyone know if its true that the petite timeless tote has been dicontinued?

  • jean

    is chanel ptt beige clair still available?

  • SGlady

    PST in Caviar – Frankfurt, Euros 1300 with tax
    Chanel Medallion Tote – London Heathrow airport, 1191.xx pounds without tax. Cant remember the cents. Chanel is in T3, we can email the Reserve end collect team of London airport to reserve your Chanel bag and they will offer to bring you to T3 to collect your Chanel if your flight is not in that terminal.

  • Cristina

    Visiting Singapore next month. I’m from Portugal. Planning to buy a Medium chanel classic flap. Does anybody know if is cheaper in singapore then in europe?

  • Tiffany

    Hi i bought 2 Chanel classic flap bag for 3 days ago in Barcelona the medium is 3100 and the large oNe is 3450 euro.hops this helt all Chanel lovers

  • Audrey

    Hi, anyone know the price for Zip pocket wallet in quilted patent calfskin in Europe?
    Is it cheap to get it in Paris ?

  • Crystal

    The M/L Classic Flap in Ireland is 3450 euros, anyone know how much this is selling for in Paris or London?

  • Melissa

    Hi in regards to Christina’s question ^,The prices are definately cheaper in europe than singapore I live here and I am planning to buy mine in europe as they are actually a few thousand cheaper there than here. hope this helps :)

  • Jackie


    I am from doha, qatar. I would like to know where I can purchase an original chanel large cambon tote (all black as in your photo above) and how much is its latest price.


  • May

    Hi I am currently in Paris. Prices for the following items as at august 2012: wallet on chain black caviar euro1,200, timeless clutch (lambskin and caviar) euro1,300, medallion tote euro1,660.

  • Huda A.

    Hi, I just bought yesterday a jumbo classic double flap in golden hardware in caviar leather from the Chanel boutique in Hamburg, Germany for €3450 . And also bought the GST in caviar leather and golden hardware for €1750 from the same boutique. Hope I was helpful:)

  • stephy


    Paris VS london heathrow.. which one can is cheaper for chanel?

  • AG

    Hi, Just wanted to know if anyone has an idea on the Chanel Bag – curved metallic clutch minaudiere A65621 Y07685 45002… from the Bombay-Paris collection…. Is it launched and whats the price?

  • fhgj

    if Chanel brand open his launch bar business, it is bound to become one of the world’s most popular bars. But a Korean entrepreneur is very prescient that early make Chanel Business Bar opened in South Korea. The bar is located in the southern outskirts of Seoul recently sued by the Chanel brand court, accusing its use Chanel brand trademark name without permission, the Seoul Central Court for Chanel Online Store Business Bar 8800 dollars in compensation to the Chanel brand .

  • Gie Johnson

    Hi ladies. I just bought the Executive(Cerf Tote)with SHW in burgundy today
    for $3000 plus tax.

  • Yana

    how much WOC currently in Paris..??

  • Pinkswan

    Hi ladies,I’ve been quite disappointed:(been to frankfurt,Milan,Zurich,Munich since early July just to get my PST(gold hardware) but it seems to be out of stock.Some friends are saying they won’t sell it till the price increases again as the euro’s are weak now.boutiques won’t even mention when stocks will be avail.price difference between Singapore and Europe?About $ 900 dollars………vat included.can any one out there tell me which part of Europe I can clinch the bag?it’s suppose to be my birthday gift for myself since July…..sigh,still searching.

    Viktoria,thank you for your site.luv it.

  • ivy

    Hi,everyone! can any one tell me if GST is available in Paris or it is also out of stocks there!!! thanks!!

  • candy

    hi pinkswan, i just bought pst in black ghw at rome . im so exciting they have it, they have beige and black. you can check there.

  • melody

    Hi there, is the price difference for the chanel bags quite large in terms of US v. Europe? It appears Europe would be cheaper but Im not going to be there anytime soon, and will be in the US at the end of the month….

  • Pinkswan

    Hi candy,thanks for the info….wil make a trip there soon…hopefully it’s still the price €1300 now?before vat?lol,my plane tickets amount costing me more than a Chanel!

  • candy

    yes the price is 1300 euro before vat, and the vat in rome is 14%. so big right? hahhaa.if you get the pst let me know :p

    • Pinkswan

      Hello CAndy……YES!I’ve got my PST in ghw.thanks to you,we flew to Rome and that’s where I ended my search with a smile.are you a collector of chanels?Prada bags quality is horrible after the 6th year owning it,that’s one brand I do not shop for anymore:)are you from Europe?

  • Yumi

    Hi, can i ask how much is the Chanel flap bag medium in Paris after VAT?

  • Nor

    Can anyone tell me where to buy the Chanel medallion tote, in beige? Apparently there are no more in Europe ( i checked Amsterdam, Paris, nice, Monaco) and was told they are discontinuing it. Anyone seen any out there in the Chanel shops you have visited? Thanks!

  • JMo

    Cerf Tote bougt yesterday for £1600.00 in the UK.

  • Vanessa

    Hello all,
    I have purchased a beautiful Jumbo Chanel Lambskin in Black with gold hardware from Harrods. It cost me £2,975. However, I changed my mind afterwards and decided I want a different Chanel bag in another range!! So I am currently selling my Chanel on ebay if anyone is interested in getting it a bit cheaper than in the stores? 100% authentice. Please check out my listing:


  • mimi chang

    chanel GST EXTRA LARGE IN PARIS 31,RUE CAMBON PRICE euro 2050 vat 19,6%.

  • Natalya

    Hello ツ
    Is the price for Grand Shopping Tote or GST in Caviar still the same in France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain,Italy?

  • Julia

    I have been looking everywhere for price lists on Chanel bags, and your site is amazing!!

    I am looking to purchase the Chanel Timeless Clutch in Lamb Skin. I will be travelling to Berlin and London (Heathrow airport) next month, and was wondering if you knew which country would be cheaper? Since I am from Canada I am eligible for the VAT refund as well.

    Thank you for your time

  • Hayley

    Hi all,
    Anyone can help me if know how much tax roughly I’d have to pay in America for the Chanel Wallet on Chain?
    And any stores in New York or Las Vegas that may still stock the Chanel Mini Flap (even though it’s Discontinued)
    Your help would be greatly appreciated :))

    • Thuy

      Not sure about the WOC because every state and county in America have a different tax rate. The mini flap – It may have been discontinued at one point but its back in stock. In CA (South Coast Plaza which is 4 hrs from Las Vegas), they just got it in for the Holidays! Currently, its $2400.00 with lots of colors! also, they have something smaller than the mini flap for $2000.00

  • ANDY

    Hello all!
    I am going in Paris in october and I want to buy GST bag.
    can someone tell me can I pay it with Visa credit card or I can only pay with American expess?
    I heard I can only pay with American expess in Paris!
    please help!!!

    • Kath

      No worries my dear, you can pay either by visa or master. IMO do visit their boutique at 31 rue Cambon, the tax refund is 13% & their service there was wonderfully good. Have fun shopping!

  • aprilia


    im interested to get a GST from Paris.. What’s the price now? Can someone help me?

    Anyone knows the price over at bangkok too?

    Thanks :)

  • Dianna

    Hi, I want to know how much is a vintage 10″ lambskin DOUBLE FLAP Chanel shoulder bag worth?

  • Kt

    Im looking into getting a M/L Classic Flap. I can see that people are saying the current price is $4400 U.S., but can anyone tell me in which states? I went to Vegas in February and it cost $4800 U.S. and right now I am in Hawaii for vacation and the lady told me it is $4500 U.S. Can anyone tell me why there are such price differences between states? Thank you!

    • Thuy

      I dont know why there is a difference and i’m not sure about all states, but currently in CA (I checked at South Coast Plaza two weeks ago), it is $4400. Also, I was informed yesterday that this weekend 12/14-12/16 Bloomingdales (chanel is inside the department store), that for luxury handbags (Chanel, LV, Fendi, etc) every $500 you spend, they will give you $125 store gift card as part of their reward program. They are not announcing / advertising this, but I did see the paper yesterday and couldn’t believe it =). Also, if you purchase at bloomingdales, you can open their credit card and they will give you 10% off, which is a great deal!

  • Ahmad

    Hi Aprilla, ive just return fm Paris, and my wife bought a red GST bag, the 31 RUE CAMBON, the price is mow at EURO 1750/-. We bought 2 bags as was told by sales person in Chanel , that now all passport holder are allowed to buy only 1 Bag per passport and applied to whole of Europe for 2 months. the prices Euro 1750 is include the VAT which u can claim back fm custome at the airport abt 11% of the pruchase prices.

  • Miu

    Hi, is anyone know how much is it now (with tax) in Paris for a medium classic cavier silver hardware?

    I will then return to home country from London, how much can i get back from tax refund? Thx

    • Van Anh

      As I just get back from Paris September 17th 2012. The price for medium classic cavier silver hardware is 3100 E. and Jumbo is 3450E. If you pay by Credit card you will get 13% back on credit card or 11% back by cash at the airport. As you wish

  • Fushcia

    Hello All Chanel Lovers,

    I am interested to replace some of my Chanel items and currently selling couple Chanel items. I listed them on e-bay. One is the East West flap bag in lambskin ice cube shape quilted single flap bag in gold hardware and chain and the other one is a medium size classic nylon tote. Both purchased from Chanel boutiques before (Hong Kong and Vancouver). 100% authentic. Perfect for Chanel collectors or beginners. See

  • Van Anh

    Hello everyone and Victoria,
    Love your blog,
    I have one question if some one could answer, I’ll be grateful. I’m Vietnamese and live in Europe- i have one year residence card. Lately I bought Chanel bag and with my Vietnamese passport they gave me Tax refund paper. I will fly back to my country for a visit in October. I don’t know if I could get tax refund in October, or they will make me trouble because I have one year residence card in France??? Do you think If I go to US or Canada to buy Chanel bags, It will be cheaper??? or should I buy in London because I will travel to London soon. How many percent I will get back from VAT refund at the Heathrow Airport??
    Thank you for answering.

  • sharifahsyedzainul

    thanks victoria n all for all these wonderful n informatve postings.i love chanel hbags n cant wait to get a gst n a classc flap for myself when i vst europe nxt month;)))

  • Mvivit

    Update price from London 26-09-12

    Classic flap bag
    -Mini, 7”- £1250
    -Mini, 8”- £1470
    -Jumbo in Caviar- £2970

    Clutch in-trend (Flap Clutch with small+short chain)- £1670

    - Regular size £1600
    - New size, wider £1800

    More info:

  • elisabeth

    Hi Chanel Lovers & Victoria,
    Just bought from Paris for chanel WOC lamb skin Euro 1,200. GST with goldchain no stock in Paris. So sad.:(

  • Jane

    Hi Van Anh, as far as I know, you will receive up to 17% tax refund in heathrow. I would say to avoid those troubles that you worried about your residence card, you can reserve a chanel baby by phone on a day before your departure then drop there and pick it up. Simple! You can easily find out their store location in Terminal 3 and their contact. Good luck!

  • Haneez

    Hi Victoria,
    Thank god I found ur site. I’m going to LA & Las Vegas ths coming December. I would like to know what is the current price for Chanel classic flap bag for medium, jumbo and maxi. And where should I get it, should I get it in LA or Vegas. And can i claim the VAT? Thank You.

  • YUI

    HI Victoria and everybody,

    I wonder if I buy Chanel in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can I claim the VAT? I’m from the UK.

    Thank you.

  • hcw

    Hi, I would like to know the price before VAT in Paris and London for Chanel Classic Flap bag Jumbo in Caviar and GST shopping bag. How much is the VAT in Paris and London? Thank you

    • Van Anh

      Hi hcw,
      Price include VAT in Paris Chanel classic flap ( double flap) Jumbo in Caviar is 3450E, You will get 13% onto credit card back, or 11% by cash. GST I have just bought on September 17th: 1750E.
      You can see above the price in London 2970 livres and 17% VAT refund

  • Lucky

    Hi all ladies, this is such as great website and so helpful! I plan to go to UK and Paris in November and is thinking about getting the Medium Caviar flap bag, which place is cheaper to get the bag? If anyone knows that would be great! Also I’m also concerned about hearing some policy about the boutiques there limiting the quantity of bags you can buy using your passport. Is that true? Two of my friends has already asked me to buy a chanel bag for them and I’m worried if I will disappoint them…anybody know about this?

    • Van Anh

      Hi Lucky,
      As I calculate, is a bout 90E cheaper if you buy in Paris and get the refund. As in London , the price of Chanel bags are in livres so even after the refund, the different still bout 100E different. Hope that helps.

  • raisya

    Hi Victoria, looooooove you blog!!
    I noticed you havent updated the price for maxi flap
    Bought one in Paris last July price 3,750

    • Hey Raisya,

      Thank you for reading and I’m so happy you like it.

      I have not updated the Chanel prices but I will do so shortly. However, thank you so much for sharing the updated price for the maxi flap. :)


  • Van Anh

    see how to calculate. 3100E for medium in France , 13% = 403 or 11% cash= 341E so you pay,. 2697E credit card or 2759E
    in London 2770 ( for example) I don’t know exactly 17%= 471 so you pay 2300Livres
    2300 livres= 2866,24 E so you see, You will pay about 200-250E more expensive in London

  • Anne

    hi! would like to ask if anyone here knows the current price of the cambon large black on black? thanks! =)

  • Elisabeth

    What’s is the price for a Medium 2.55 Classic Flap? (In Paris?)

  • Abigail

    Hi, just bought a Cerf Executive tote in caviar SHW yest (Oct 9 2012) in Paris @ EUR1,790.


  • Yana

    How much for GST , PST and Chanel jumbo price in Paris right now..????

  • Susan


    Can someone tell me how much a Chanel bag ( A 20995 ) is in China, as I have a friend who going there.

  • farida

    Hi Vic,

    I love Chanel Wallet on Chain or WOC, could you inform me if the price is updated? and do you think its possible to have stock in every boutiques around France?

    Thank you very much in advance,

  • suelcy

    Hi can someone let me know the latest price in UK, the GST black in color and whether the stock is readily available. TY

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  • Celine

    hi, thank you for the latest price info and
    would like to know more details for the VAT refund and pricing.

    - have any VAT refund if I bought the Chanel or Celine bag in Paris?
    - how many %?
    - will be cheaper if I bought there instant in singapore?

    thank you for your advice..

  • Napusrapee

    Chanel large shopping bag A 65427
    Chanel shopping bag A 65428
    Pls advise price around the world
    With Thanks,

  • frank

    hey guys, what the cheapest channel handbag/ purse I can buy from channel Australia.??

    • Hey Frank,

      I believe it would be the Petite Shopping tote and it’s 2180 AUD but you should visit a Chanel store and find out your options each city and country have different selection.


  • Tini

    Hi all, I just bought Chanel GST in Milan 2 days ago. The price is EUR 1790.

  • Holly

    Hi, on the Chanel website the large hopping tote code is “A50995″. But the code you have for the GST is “A20995″, are they the same thing (looks the same to me).

    I’m planning to get a relative who is going to Europe to help me buy the GST so would appreciate help with the codes.

    Thanks so much for putting up all these info online, it’s been beyond helpful.

    • Olivia

      Sorry this is late but hopefully you will still see it! I wasnt aware the shopping tote came in two sizes until I went into the store and the sales lady told me the larger of the two continued to sell out. They are completely identical except for the size. In USD the smaller of the two was 2900 and the larger was 3500. For only 600 more I decided to go for the larger!

  • Tina

    Hi,What’s is the price for a Medium 2.55 Classic Flap in New York?

  • Sara

    Hello ladies,

    For how long do you use those bags and purses since you pay a lot for them?

    • Hello Sara,

      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove! :)

      Personally I believe that a Chanel bag is a lifetime investment and a timeless bag. It can be worn forever and passed down to other family members. The classic and are off amazing quality so I know that I will keep and wear my Chanel bags forever.


  • Pim

    I will be traveling to Europe next year and would like to know how many items i can purchase and still get back the tax refund? Thank you

  • jennifer

    hi, does anyone know how much the price for chanel quilted clutch in US before tax? thanks!

  • Laila

    Hi just visited Chanel Milan and one passport can only purchase one bag with tax refund unless you buy without tax refund but the tax refund is 14% in Italy. No limitation for purchasing small leather goods with tax refund.

    Finally got my dream 2.55. However, all those classic ear rings were sold out in Venice n Milan store while I was there last week.

  • sys

    Hi, i am going to Europe in Dec, i am planning to get a classic chanel woc, anyone can let me know the price…..TX

  • jules

    Hi ladies,
    I just bought 2 jumbo classic flaps, one red (12A) with silver hardware and the other is black with gold hardware. Both Caviar and both cost 3450Euros each. Bought it from Rue Cambon, Paris! Bought the classic swarovski encrusted stud logo earrings for 155 Euros. Bought a red cruise collection wallet for 550 pounds and a pair of dangling freshwater pearl earrings for 135 pounds. Its one passport per classic bag. I think there might not be a limit on the non classic range, but I’m not sure. Tax refund from Paris is about 12%, I think. Tax refund from London is about 10-11%. Have fun shopping, ladies!

  • DN

    Hi Laila ,

    May i know how much u bought for the classic 2.55 in Milan? Hw abt the medium classic? €3100 ? Will be going Italy and France next week, so anybody can advice me where to buy chanel medium more cheaper? Italy or france? Since vat refund in Italy is 14% while France is 13%. Thanks.

  • Laila

    I bought the reissue 2.55 (the rectangular buckle, not the double c design) black gold chain, Size 227 at €3750 and took back full 14% tax rebate in cash from Milan malpensa airport. I went Paris twice last yr and can’t get either the 2.55 or classic one from any Chanel store. In Italy, they have plenty of stocks, just ask them as they may not show it on the shelf. The price is so much lower than getting one from Singapore. Unfortunately, can’t get any those classic design ear rings (€150/pair) from any of the stores in italy. As far as I know it, Paris may only get back 11% -12% tax rebate in cash and 13% for credit card.

    Happy shopping

  • Deborah

    Does anyone know if the mini flag is still available? And how much it costs?

    I’m going to Paris next month and I would love to find it!!! <3

    • Thuy

      I just purchased the mini flap. Here in The United States it is $2400 currently. I got it at Bloomingdales and they had alot of colors (black, dark blue, light blue, gold, pink, green) and leather options (patent / lamkskin). I went to both, the Chanel store and Chanel inside Bloomingdales and to my surprise, the one inside of Bloomingdales had more options. Also, if you open a Bloomingdales credit card, they offer 10% off which is great.

      Lastly, I’m not sure if its seasonal, but I also seen something smaller than the mini flap for $2000.00 – that comes in alot of colors as well.

  • Mary

    Wow, I bought my ‘Chanel Petite Shopping Tote or PST in Caviar’ around Mid 2011 and I think the price is like between 1600/$1700USD including the tax. I was planning to sell it for $1500(I just used it like 5-7times) but no one wants to buy. Now, I will definitely not attempt to sell it again with your updated price of 2000USD! Thanks for the update!

  • Heyy! I’ve just talked to a friend recently, and she told me the jumbo was 3,900€. While, here it says 3,100€, so now I’m really confused :S
    Could someone help me out!

  • Frances

    To Maryyy: The likely difference in the price is due to the fact that this posting is nearly 2 years old and Chanel tends to raise their prices by as much as 20% per year. So the price difference makes complete sense.

  • Olivia

    Do you have any prices for any wallets? Also does anyone know if Chanel has anything like the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch? Something that could hold cards as well as keys? Thanks!

  • Thuy

    Hi Vik, Love your blog! Also wanted to share that the mini flap is back in stock here in the US. It is currently $2400.00. Also, there is something slightly smaller than the mini flap for $2000.00.

  • mimi landriany

    Hi every body
    On next week I’ll going to milan,if anybody inform about cc crown medium shopping tote
    Price in milan,and thanx too Vlove for amazing blog

  • nancy golmez

    can you please tell me the price for 2.55 mm chanel bag in UK ?

  • Mary

    Olivia, last week I have bought a Chanel wallet; black patent calfskin for HKD8200 in Hong Kong which is around 820 euros.

  • Jasmine

    Just back from Paris a week ago, I bought the WOC at 1200 euro.

  • NinaE

    Hi lovelies! Does Viktoria or anyone else have an idea as to when the next price hike will be?? Looking to get another classic flap out of Milan or Venice but can’t make it to Europe until April :(

  • Yana

    May I`ve d price of PST Chanel bag in Paris..??

  • Haneez

    Hi all, just to share with guys the price of classic Chanel Jumbo size in US. I just bought mine in Vegas last week, the price is 4900USD. After tax the price will be 5300USD. Hope this will help u . I’m so happy with my 1st Chanel bag tht I bought

  • pomme

    As at December 2012, Maxi flap in Malaysia is MYR18780 and Jumbo flap is MYR16780

  • jan

    Anyone know the price of classic medium flap caviar and classic small flap caviar in paris now? Friend flying over there in few days time.. Also anyone know the model number? Thanks!!!

  • JANE

    Hello, does anyone now if the petite timeless tote is being discontinued? Ive been looking everywhere for it for last 6 months….please help

  • Liz

    I am keen to get a Chanel Grand Shopping Bag in Caviar in Paris. Anyone knows the latest price?

  • Jovin

    GST 1 Oct 2012 – EUR1790 – Italy

  • janet

    hi im from aus and considering buying the gst from the us or canada? i was wondering if the proces listed include tax because here its included in the price tag. would it be cheaper in the long run, with tax refunds and stuff, to get it in the us or canada? would greatly appreciate any help!

  • Lily

    Anyone knows the price of Chanel PST in Hong Kong? Thanks.

  • Ann

    Hi Vic, lov to read ur blog n ur info abt the chanel totally perfectly !

    Anybody knows how much for the chanel model A66925 and does it a new model ?? i couldnt find it in Singapore and other Asia countries. Thanks in advance.

  • I just did a recent post on Chanel’s timeless clutch! :)
    Please take a look if you have time!

  • rafa

    Hello everyone,

    Dilemna – do I purchase from Dubai or London (not heathrow as I need to fly in and give my gift).

    Here are prices I’ve seen:

    Classic WOC – AED6550 (£1125)
    Rita small shoulder bag – AED9430 (£1620)
    Rita small shoulder bag with chanel metal strip on top – AED9680 (£1662)

    Any info would be appreciated as I need something in the next few days.

    Many thanks

  • neelam

    Does anyone know if chanel still do over the knee boots anywhere? and how much are the regular belts(not the chain ones)?? thanks xxx
    p.s love this site!!!

    • Hey Neelam,

      Yes they still make the over the knee boots but it depends on the season and the tend to differ in the models slightly. I’m not quite sure how much they are since i have not seen any in quite some time. As for the belts the classic leather belt with the CC belt buckle is 760 CAD plus taxes of 13%.
      I hope this helps! :)


  • Reene

    Hi, does anyone know how much does a Paris Biarittz cost in Euro? TIA! =)

  • Aysha


    Thanx a lot for your information …

    I need to know how much for the Chanel 2.55 Series Flap Bag Croc Veins Leather ????

  • Yeye

    Hi, Does anyone know the price in Paris n Singapur for Jumbo flap in Lambskin the serie is A58600Y0148081665 and the new model A66157Y0810594305???
    Thanks Gal’s for your information.

  • Michelle

    Just got a classic WOC in Saudi Arabia for 5520Riyal, about $1400 Aus

  • jean

    Can i check what is the latest price of the chanel jumbo classic flap in euro?

  • boo boo

    Hi just check out the price in Australia for large/ jumbo/ and maxi classic flap

    Large: AUD 5490
    Jumbo: AUD 5960
    Maxi jumbo: AUD 6490
    GST: AUD3390

    If you buy in Aus, the tax return is about 10%

  • Fu

    Hi, i’m looking for a chanel bag for my mom. however, i have no much budget (around 2,000 AUD). Any reckon for which hand bag i shall get? looking for a big size hand bag.

  • Alizon jean blüthner

    I need to know how much the price for classic Chanel wallet in caviar silver A15206 for 2013 please give me answer for the price of any country let me to know i want to buy.. Thx a lot

  • Angel

    Does anyone know that latest price of a GST in Milan ? How much is the VAT there ?? Would it be cheaper at the store or in the airport? As compared to London prices ??

  • Lina

    Hi ,

    Does anyone knows the price Chanel twin double lambskin cross body classic floyd bag.Please help.Thanks

  • fashiona2z

    Hello Ladies! I’m currently visiting Berlin, Germany. Just bought a Chanel bag classic medium with flap in caviar leather for 3,100€ at Ka De We Chanel boutique. Also got a sales refund tax for it. Hopefully an easy transaction when we back to the US. Enjoy shopping!

  • Elyse Tan

    Hi, just want to share the price in Singapore.

    medium S$6510
    jumbo S$7250

    GST S$3900

    Tax rebate in singapore is 7%

  • Ann

    hi Elyse Tan,

    May i now how much A66925 which sell in Singaore ? thks a lot :)

  • Sunfluffy

    Hi all,

    Am will be going Germany, intending to get a chanel Classic medium flap. May I know Frankfrut or Munich better? Anybody have SA email @ either Frankfrut/Munich. Tx alot!

  • aura

    Just bought a Cerf tote in Paris 2 days ago price is 1790 Euro less 13% tax free net will be 1557 Euro. GST is 1960 Euro less 13% tax free. Also I bought a 2013 spring summer collection large tote A67627 iridescent grained calfskin in black for 2690 Euro less 13% tax. All bags were bought at their main store in Paris at 31 Rue Cambon.

  • Jenny

    Hi, does anyone what kind of chanel bag I can get with euro around 1700? I am going to Paris between the end of July and the start of July. Will there be any summer sale going on? Thanks! :)

  • En

    Does anyone knows pst is still in production in Paris?

  • Kiki Russell

    Hi All,

    Price updated for chanel jumbo caviar flap in Malaysia ,now is RM 16860. I just got My one lastweek from chanel boutique KLCC shopping mall.


  • ras


    A67742 – can i have the name and price for this bag.

  • Pinksarah

    Hi, viktoria, here’s price update in melbourne Australia,
    GST 3360,and Classic flap medium/ large caviar,5290,
    PST,PTT, and medallion tote are all discontinued.
    Hope it’s helpful.

  • chanellover

    Hi, may i check the latest price of GST (in euro) in Paris? Thanks in advance!

  • Mimi

    love your post so much viktoria!!
    bought a GST in Japan @ 238000yen (without tax), 249000yen (with tax)

  • Shinjani

    Hi Viktoria,

    I was wondering, is the price of the Chanel Jumbo Classic the same for Greece as well as Paris or is it more expensive in Greece? And how much tax refund will I be accustomed to?


  • AliG

    Dear Viktoria,

    do you know the price of small Chanel Camellia Bag – it’s the size of the classic mini flap and has a camellia flower attached to it…
    Sorry, that’s the best I can describe it – don’t know the exact name of it…

    Thank you.

  • Bianca

    Does someone know the price in euro for the chanel aloha sandals??
    Thank you so much!

  • joanna

    hi, my husb will be going to Luxembourg for biz trip. does anyone know whether the chanel there has wide variety or not? have anyone been there b4?

  • joanna

    oops, another qns is that, understand that 1 passport can only buy 1 bag is it? CAN buy 2, and only claim 1 tax rebate for 1 bag??

  • Rita

    1 passport entitle to 1 Chanel bag n 4 accessories e.g wallets or wocs etc
    They r very strict n must be after 2mths then u can purchase another bag under yr name.

  • Katarina

    Could anyone tell me the current price of the Chanel medium boy bag, 255 flap bag medium classic and medium reissue?? In euros?

  • Irene W

    Im gg paris on Aug(next month!), does anyone know if I can reserve the Chanel bags in advance? *coz I heard the classic jumbo is out of stock in some boutiques.

  • question for you – as you seem so knowledgeable about all things chanel….I have a few items that i received as gifts that i really want to sell, but having a hard time getting exact verbage for them (tote vs/ handbag vs. clutch…) so hard to research price for ebay sales w/o knowing “what they are”. I’m NOT a Chanel girl! But my aunt is. I have 2 purses, couple cosmetic bags, wallet and card holder, all brand new, all authentic, tags, boxes etc….just looking for some advice. here’s a link to my picasa page…any thoughts? Thanks!

  • yi

    Could anyone tell me the current price of the Chanel small and medium boy bag cow leather?? In euros? many thx

  • Manuela

    Hi Viktoria! Hi girls!

    Anybody knows what’s the price of the Chanel in the business flap bag in US?


  • siao

    Hi everyone,

    i am a singaporean. i will going to frankfurt next month. Can someone share some information, that what is the price of chanel medium flap A0112 now in frankfurt. How much tax refund i can get?

  • KrisL

    i just bought a chanel purse today from a yard sale for 50 cents :) sooo happy

  • NinaE

    Going to Milan but will only be able to get there in December. :( Does anyone know the prices of the classic flap jumbo and classic flap maxi?? I would greatly appreciate it

    • Hi NinaE
      I was in Milan in April 2013 but they do not have any stock for the Chanel Jumbo Flap bag. The price for the Jumbo flap bag is Euro$3450. I finally bought my Chanel Maxi Flap bag in Munich in Oct 2013 for Euro$3750.

  • Sarah

    Hello NinaE I just bought the classic flap jumpo from Milan in August, 2013 the price was € 3, 450, and for the mini was € 1, 350

  • Hi there,

    I have just returned from Munich in Oct 2013 and I have bought a Chanel Maxi Flap bag for Euro$3750. The Munich store has no stock for the Black Jumbo Flap Bag.

  • Priscilla

    Hello. I will go to Milan in December. Anyone know the prices of (a) large 2.55 (b) 2.55 flap bag (c) boy channel shopping bag? Thanks.

  • Cheryl

    Hi, Can i know the pricing for the Chanel Black Caviar Leather Grand Shopping Tote?

  • Isabella

    I had bought a channel chained bag with the code A66152L Black from a branded handbag shop in Hong Kong, which she declared is brand new Chaanel bag, but I couldn’t find this model in the website. Do you have any idea whether Chanel has this model (2013) or not. The shop declares it only sells authentic Chanel bag.

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