Second Winner of ViktoriaLove’s Christmas Giveaway


Hello Lovelies!

First I want to say I am sorry for being late with the announcement of the SECOND WINNER but I have been so busy that I haven’t even had time to look at everyone who participated till now. I want to say thank you to all of YOU LOVELY readers for taking the time to read my blog everyday and participating in this years Christmas Giveaway!

Just a little re-cap for those of you who missed what the first gift was. It was from the amazing and innovative company called Heel Condoms. Check out their website HERE if you want to spice up your shoes and have a pair that matches every outfit in your closet, Heel Condoms is the solution.

However, now it’s time for the second gift I have to give one of YOU readers. The sponsor of this gift is MIRABLING which is a Swedish company that has the most AMAZING and GORGEOUS iPhone and iPad cases for all you iPhone/iPad LOVERS!

Here is a taste of how they look and these are just a few of the ones they offer on their website.

MIRABLING offers anything from animal print to a la Bottega Veneta and of course lots of SPAKLY cases.

Personally I just LOVE the sparkly ones especially now with Christmas and New Years Eve coming up. I also think that if you are dressed in stylish clothing from head to toe, with nice hair and make-up and you have the newest cell phone on the market (iPhone4) don’t you think you need a nice case to go with it? I think that accessories are just as important as the rest of ones outfit, it’s the complete picture that counts. From sunglasses, to shoes to YOUR iPhone or iPad case!

Let me announce WINNER No. 2 because I am pretty sure that everyone is dying to know who won. This time around the winner of a FANTASTIC MIRABLING iPhone case is Alejandra! Woohoo! Congratulations and Merry Christmas Alejandra I hope you will like the case that will arrive in the mail for you. Just email me your address to and your gift will be on it’s way!

Here is a picture of what your MIRABLING case will look like. Are they not stunning? I have one myself and I get so many compliments on how pretty it is. I can’t imagine my iPhone looking any other way than covered with a cover from MIRABLING.

I have one more case like this to give out to one of YOU but I need you to write a comment on this post why YOU are the next winner of a gorgeous MIRABLING iPhone4 case. Hurry up if you want one!

I also want to say  a big THANK YOU & a MERRY CHRISTMAS to


for being a sponsor of the ViktoriaLove Christmas Giveaway 2010.

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