Monday Mischeif


How did you start your week? I started it by running from place to place fixing this and fixing that. What this means is that I woke up at 8.00 am and got ready and headed out.

First, I drove my brother to school then I went back down town to pick up my mom but I soon as I got home my brother called me to tell me that he has no more classes for the day because exams are starting. So, me and mom my headed back to pick up my brother. On the way back we stopped at this beauty places called Aysel’s Skönhetsvård where they do threading of eyebrows or anything else you want threaded instead of waxed. This is my preferred method of “doing” my eyebrows because they come out beautiful and last much longer than waxing or plocking. It hurts like hell, but if you want to have nice eyebrows you got to pay the price, right?

After I did my eyebrows me, my brother and our mom headed to run more errands.I had to go pick up my passport, go to the police station to get a paper saying that I am a great Swedish citizen that obeys the law. Lol! Then I went to the back to open a bank account. After I went to my dad’s office on Östermalm to fax some papers. If you ever want a apartment, a house, or any other location in Stockholm my dad is the man to see. He owns one of the  top real-estate agencies in Stockholm called Edelstaden just as an FYI.

After I accomplished a million things we were all starving so we went to eat some Japanese food, very yummy. Now I am home for a few minutes then I am heading out again to go look at a fur coat. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is nice because all the ones I have seen looked like old rags and were uber stinky, YUCK!

When I finally get home I am going to curl up on the coach with my new book Media Babe and one of my favorite magazines, Vecko Revyn. Relaxing!!!

Are you reading any good books right now? Can you recommend something?

I love reading books!

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