ViktoriaLove’s Favorite Christmas Gifts 2010

Hello Sweeties!

I wanted to share my top favorite gifts for Christmas this year. I will post once a week till Christmas. Here is what I liked this week and I think it would make a perfect gift for a girl, sister, mom, girlfriend or even just a friend.

The prices range from very expensive to to very inexpensive that way everyone can find something nice to give their special someone for Christmas.

I hope you enjoy it!

ViktoriaLove's Favorite Christmas Gifts 2010

marc by marc jacobs jewelry

KORS Michael Kors Quinn Suede Platform Booties, $193

UGG Bailey Button Grey – Free Shipping BOTH Ways, $150
kate spade new york “Changing Spots” Bangle – Jewelry & Accessories -…, $98
Logo Band Bangle, $70
Juicy Couture – C-Ltd Ed 10 Gingerbread Charm (Gold) – Jewelry, $42
Chloe Circle Sunglasses in Mahogany, $290
Cole Haan Bow Belt, $68
Toy Watch Company – Fluo Chrono Watch, 165 GBP
Guerlain Engraved Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact Geisha 23…, $46
CHLOE Love Perfume, 72 EUR
Philosophy The Gingerbread Man, $25
O.P.I. – Nail Lacquer – Verry Merry Cherry – Christmas Holidays…, $8.50
Nespresso® Citiz Red Espresso Machine, $280
vittorio candle, $36
Sequin Mini Hand Warmers, $45
Marc by Marc Jacobs Jumble-embossed neoprene iPad case, $40
Outdoor Christmas Decorations – 36″ Red Velvet Bow w/Gold Trim
Chanel Vintage 2.55

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This weeks MOST WANTED is all about VINTAGE fur coats.

I have been wanting a vintage fox fur coat for a while now but it’s kind of hard to find one that’s in good shape, fits well and is the right size. I know that there are new fur coats to buy but I want a vintage one.

Today I went hunting for one. I went from vintage store to vintage store without finding anything. At the end of the they I went to a second hand store on ├ľstermalm and they had one fox fur coat but it was way to big for me but it was very nice. If it would have fit I would have bought it right away!

Here is an example of what kind of fur jacket/coat I am looking for. Then one you see in the picture is PERFECT! I love the shape and I love the color. Where do I find one like this? If you know where or if you want to sell one please let me know.

Here a two more examples of fur coats/jackets that I like. I prefer the brown color but if I can’t get one like that I don’t mind getting one in white/silver/beige color. To all you Stockholm Swedes where do I go to find a jacket like this? I need your help on this one, please.

What do you think of wearing fur? Is vintage ok to wear or do you think that new furs are OK to wear too?

Personally I think that there is nothing wrong buying a vintage fur coat or jacket. I know this kind of discussion can go on for hours and there is lots of people for and against wearing fur. I guess this weeks MOST WANTED as some what of an controversial one but it’s still a MOST WANTED.

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A little bit sick…

Morning Lovelies!

How are you? I’m but I think I am getting a cold, blah! My brother has a really bad one we are actually taking him to the doctors soon. I am going as well since I hurt my finger and it is really hurting me so I am going to check it out at the same time. These are not the most fun things to do on a Tuesday but they got to be done right?

Hopefully a little later I am taking my mom vintage shopping. Stockholm is supposed to have the one of the best vintage shopping places in the world. Pretty cool! My mom is not very convinced about this activity but I told her it’s going to be lots of fun. It’s actually going to be my first time “vintag-ing” as well so I am not sure what to expect. Has any of you every been vintage shopping? Do you have any tips and tricks for me? If you are in Stockholm and you know of any great vintage shops please let me know!!!

Here is a pic of me 10 mins after I woke up, no make-up noting and a little sick on top of if but it’s the only pic I have time for right now. :)

I baked like 100 Lusses katter which are Swedish Christmas buns yesterday so I will post some pictures of them later and the recepie on how to make them. I am so proud of myself since I am not a baker at all and they came out great. My dad came home and asked me where I had bought them because they are really good. Ha ha! Then he got a mini chock when he found out I baked them all. Lol!

I have to go and get ready now because soon I have to head out to the doc’s office and I tend to take my time getting ready in the morning with out even realizing it.

Hope you all have a great day and stay tuned for the next clue and tip to win something from the Christmas Giveaway!

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