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These are my favorite make-up products right now!

I never wear foundations during the day instead I wear a tinted moisturizer since I think that a foundation is more of an evening wear. However, it is important to have a really good foundation, the right shade, the right type because there are far to many girls out there running around with foundations that look like they have a brick wall on their face. Not nice at all! If there is something you should not be cheap on when it comes to buying make-up it is your foundation, the base of your make-up. Some of my favorite ones are Armani, Chanel, MAC, Shiseido or Dior but remember to try it out to see which one is right for you.

Eye shadows, liners, lip glosses and lipstick are things you don’t have to spend a fortune on. The most important thing when buying these products is that the shade in the box is the same on your skin, so please try them on your hand before buying them to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also be aware of that sometimes the cheaper lip glosses tend to be a bit more sticky or too glossy so again try them on your hand before buying them but regardless there are lots of less expensive but nice glosses and lip-sticks out there.

Again there are lots of inexpensive mascaras on the market but I prefer to spend a bit more and buy the vibrating one from Lancome. There are two reasons for this. One of them is because I like when my mascara stays on my eyelashes and does not end up underneath my whole eye after a few hours. The other reason is that it is easy to take off at the end of the day. However, I think that everyone needs to find the mascara that is best for them and their needs.

I LOVE make-up! I like buying it and I like putting it on. I usually buy lots of make-up when i go on trips since it’s tax free on the airports and you get more for your money. My stock is running a little low so I’ll have to make sure to update it while I’m on my Euro trip during Christmas.

Which are you favorite make-up products?

Chanel – Teint Innocence Fluid Makeup SPF12 No. 50 Naturel, $58
Bare Escentuals – Soft Focus Face Brush 1 pc, $38
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick – Bronze Bronze, $38
Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Powermascara, $34
Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Original Foundation SPF 15, $25
Beauty Is Life Volume Lashes, $25
MAC ‘A Tartan Tale’ Eyeshadow, $20
Bare Escentuals ‘Well Rested’ Shadow Base SPF 20, $18
MAC ‘Greasepaint’ Stick, $18
MAC Liquid Liner, $17
MAC Lipstick, $15
MAC Cremestick Liner, $15
MAC Lip Pencil, $13
Marc Jacobs – Lola Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml/3.4oz, $95
Super Restorative Tinted Cream 30ml, 41 GBP
Tweezerman Luxe Edition Crystal Slant Tweezer, Precious Pink, $100 mac eyeshadow: Beauty, $18
Product: MAC Lipstick, $15
Prima – Say It In Crystals Collection – Self Adhesive Jewel Art -…, $2.99
Lipgloss – Chanel Makeup
Lipgloss – Make – CHANEL up
Tarte Jeweled Eyelash Curler – Gift Ideas Under $35 – Holiday Gift…
Elixir des Merveilles Hermes parfem
Gunmetal Eyelet Studs Row

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