Saturday Winter Wonderland


Good morning Lovely readers!

How are you today? I am great! I think I finally got rid of my jet lag or I just don’t feel tired because I just woke up, not sure. Today it’s really cold here and it’s snowing like crazy. If you look out the window you will see a Swedish Winter Wonderland, yikes! It’s ok though we are driving everywhere although the I live smack in the middle of down town. Lazy? No, not at all! Do I want to get my hair wet from all the snow? NO! That is why we are are going to drive LOL.

I am awake drinking my morning coffee preparing to step outside in the cold.

I don’t have any plans for today except to go look around in stores to see what the fashion in Stockholm has to offer this holiday season. I like to look at different designers, brands, stores and try on stuff, compare and of course buy a few things. I’m also going to start looking for X-mas gifts for everyone because my family must be the most difficult family to get gifts for, especially dad.

Now I have to finish getting ready and head out in the snow. I am doing this for the LOVE of fashion hi hi…. : )

I will post my LOOK OF THE DAY a little later but I am excited because I am wearing my new Odd Molly dress and I LOVE it!

Talk to you all a little later, enjoy your day!

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