Gap X Valention now available at Colette


I want to be dressed in ruffles with a military touch!

The collection is only available at selected stores in Europe, which is a good or bad thing depending upon how you feel about military-meets-ruffles. There are seven pieces total in this collection: three parkas, a tiered skirt, cargo pants, a gray t-shirt and a hoodie and they are priced from about £70 to £150. However, Elle UK has reported that the collection in the UK Gap stores sold out in 1 hour but on the other hand it is still available at Colette’s online store.

I have picked out my two favorite pieces from the collection.

I LOVE this short little blazer which you can wear with almost anything to spice up your look or outfit. It retails for $171.86 and you can find it here.

This is a more casual look and I am in LOVE with this jumper. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hoodies and I need to get this one which is available here for $118.96.

Do you like this collaboration between Valentino and Gap?

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