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You reach a point when you are tired of your bad habits and say enough is enough but it’s not always easy to quite a bad habit. However, one of my good qualities and the one that I like the most about my self is that I am able to appreciate little things. For example, how good my mom is on making me feel better when I’m sad and cry a little sometimes although I am a twenty something year old girl. Or how good chicken nuggets taste. How wonderful it is to just spend time with my family and be a little crazy with them. How good “glögg” tastes when we approach Christmas. How nice it feels when a stranger passes you by with a compliment that you look nice all covered in huge snowflake . Wearing high heels in 30 centimeters of snow. How good a fresh cup of coffee tastes in the morning. When someone sends you a text message saying have a lovely day today. To feel sexy in your outfit on a night out. Cooking and baking a feast of food with some of your best friends. To know how many people actually care and love YOU and how soft a down cover feels around your body on an early cold morning.

are probably one of the people out there who makes me a little bit happy every day for one reason or another. I just wanted to say that everything that’s meaningful in life does not have to be big, expensive or extreme. Little things can mean so much more and that I am grateful for and I hope that I can make my family and friends just as happy as they make me.

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