One Night Of Parking


Happy Friday Lovelies!

I am running a little late with everything today because I went out to Party at Parking Nightclub last night so I ended up sleeping in till nine this morning instead of waking up at the usual 7.00 am. I also got an email with great news so I had to reply, run around my house super excited and call my mom to let her know the good news. Yippie! I lost track of time there for a little bit.

Today I am going downtown to do some Xmas shopping because I am going home in a few days and there is always lots of requests that family and friends want from Montreal.

However, here is a picture bomb from last night I hope you enjoy it for now and I will be back a little later with some more fun updates and I show you everything I bought!

Geek Chic!

These are my friends glasses that he bought at H&M

The addition of a chapeau, oui!

Hat from H&M and Scarf from Alexander McQueen

I am super happy here because I love my geek chic look for the night

Wat up?

Jacket Armani and Bag from Juicy Couture

Going into Parking Nightclub

Me and my friend Ricky

Top from Guess Marciano and skirt from H&M

Is he not just ADORABLE? Loves it!

My friend Dj Marc Picard check him out here

It was BoyZ’ Night Out plus ViktoriaLove

XOXO from Parking Nightclub

We were the first ones there but just an hour later this dance floor was jam packed!

All in all great music by Dj Marc Picard and a great night!

Got to run and do my shopping now so I’ll talk to you in a bit!!!

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