Beauty and Fashion tips I learned from watching Mad Men


For quite some time now I have been watching the TV-show Mad Men. I am sure most of you have heard about it by now since there has been a lot of buzz about the show. I feel that this is the first show since Sex and the City that has once again shaped the fashion zeitgeist with such a big reach and it has “most def” reached me. I must say that by watching Mad Men I have started to wear certain clothing items without even realizing that I have been influenced by watching this show.

This is why I have decided to share a few fashion and beauty tips that you can learn from watching Mad Men. How does that sound?

Here we have “Betty Draper” from Mad Men. She always looks very composed, matching perfectly and just all in all very perfect.

What I have personally taken as a beauty tip from her is her perfect complexion. She is mostly seen in whites, beige’s, grays and light blues which are all really cool and natural colors that go great with a natural skin tone achieved by a good  foundation and matched with very bare make-up to eyes and lips. If you feel that you look to pale with just a light foundation then try adding just a tiny bit of coral/pink rouge high on the cheek bones. Otherwise I think this is a gorgeous make-up look for fall and winter.

As for the fashion tip I have taken from this particular character in Mad Men is wearing pearl earrings. I was never a big fan on pearl earrings but now that’s all I wear. I find that they look clean, sophisticated and match any outfit or style that one has but at the same time they are very suttle and not overwhelming.

Another beauty tip I have learned from Mrs Draper is that blonds look great in red lipstick. For some reason in my mind only brunettes and dark haired women/girls wore red lipstick but after watching Mad Men and seeing how well a blond wears red lips I went out and got myself a red lipstick and I received lots of compliments when wearing it. So all you blonds out there add some ruby lips to your golden locks.

Here we have Mad Men’s sexy and sassy Joan Holloway. A beauty tip that I learned from this character is that a heavier eye make-up can still have a very clean and proper look. Most of the time Joan wears a black eyeliner with big black lashes and it looks gorgeous. I always imagined myself looking to much like a drag with black eyeliner since I have fair skin and hair but on the opposite it made me look more alive when I tired this look out.

fashion tip that I learned from Joan, who is a bombshell and knows her stuff, is let your curves do the talking just like Joan’s do. Her office look in Mad Men is simple, in a figure-hugging dress, a little red lipstick, and jewelry that draws attention to her assets. Genius! Who said curvy women can’t be gorgeous and sexy? Well, whoever said that clearly missed this beauty from Mad Men. I also think that is it nicer when a women looks like a women and not like a girl. What do you think?

One more beauty tip I have discovered is perfect eyebrows and Peggy Olsen from Mad Men is a perfect example. Although every single women on the Mad Men show has clean groomed and perfect eyebrows. The women of the 60′s had a stricter code of style and etiquette compared to today I think that the “perfect brow” style should stay forever. As soon as your eyebrows are plucked and have the perfect shape your face gets a whole new glow to it.

I hope you enjoyed these small beauty and fashion tips I have taken to heart from the beautiful women on Mad Men.

In conclusion I would like to say….

Can I just be transported to Mad Men world, please?

I’d love to get dressed up like this daily, the cinched in dresses, the hair, the make up and all.

So glamorous and proper!

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