Girls Night Out


Girls Night Out was a succes!

I had a lot of fun with all the girls on Saturday and we must do it again!

We started off the night by going for dinner at Santos in Old Montreal where they serve all kinds of different yummy tapas. Later on in the evening Santos turns into a dance floor. Tables are removed and people start to shake it like it’s hot.

Nat and Me on the way to Santos to meet the rest of the girls.

A very happy and excited me on the way to GNO.

Lovely Katja

Nat and Irene

This is a misrepresentation of how much fun we had …. everyone looks really bored in this pic but we were NOT bored at all just to make that clear : ) PS Sophie looks really pretty!!!

Now that’s more like it! Woop! Wopp!

Gorgeous Sophie…

Cheers! Katja and me sipping on our “Bellas” mmm….

Finally the food arrives. We ordered 4 huge plates filled with all kinds of different tapas. I really recommend the food at Santos, it was great.

Irene and Katja

Miss Giggles and Miss Giggles

What a fantastic night GIRLS!!!

Thanks to all for coming out and making it soooo much fun. I can’t wait for the next one which hopefully will be sooner than later!

I actually have more pics that I will post a little later today.

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