Prep Time!


Morning! Morning!

Sorry for the bad updates yesterday but I literally spend the whole day getting stuff for my halloween outfit. I am not telling you what it is yet but it has to do with feathers, that is the hint I will give you.

Tonight I’ve invited some friends over for a Halloween dinner and then we have some parties to go to so it should be really fun. One of the parties is a private party and those are always a blast and the other party we are going to is at an old theatre I think so that should be fun too.

Today I have to go and buy all the food for dinner and of course a little Halloween candy, yummy! I also have to get some pony beads for my outfit, oops I just gave you another hit for my costume…hihi…

I am so excited for tonight! However, I’ve got to run so that I can get all my errands done fast because I need to come home and finish my costume, cook and then get all dressed up which might take a little while.

I will keep you all posted on my Halloween day & night!

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