Ghost’s and Gholie’s are in town


Do you think Halloween is over-rated? Maybe…do I love it TOTALLY!

One of the reasons I love it so much might have to do with that it’s not such a big celebration in Sweden as it is here in North America. I didn’t really have that many Halloween costumes growing up and nobody goes trick or treating. I can’t say that no one decorates there lawn, entrance or front porch but I am sure there is a few people. My mom used to always decorate inside our house, just for us but no because someone was coming trick or treating.

However, now that I live in the Americas I have a chance to dress out and do all the fun Halloween stuff you all do in this part of the world. That is why today I am meeting up with my friend and we are going costume shopping. Yay! I will show you some pics later on today. I am not sure what I am going to be yet. I have a few ideas but I have not decided yet. When I dress out for Halloween I don’t uglify myself instead I try to embrace the character I am going to be in a nice, cute and maybe a little bit of a sexy way, after all it’s Halloween but I don’t want to look ugly. Hi…hi…

Here are some pictures from last year on Halloween.

From the left: Evelyn who was a dead bride, then it’s me. I was suppose to be a Harajuku girl, I think I did pretty well on my costume.

Then Rena, she was a cat or maybe a wild animal from the deepest jungles…ha ha…depends on your imagination.

VQ was a Playboy bunny which she looked really cute in.

I stole the caveman’s bone…lol…

Me and VQ. I am not sure what she is doing but I think that’s a strawberry either way it was a really fun night!

Pre going out pic!

What are you going to be on Halloween this weekend?

Do you prefer to be a scary gholie or something more fancier but some kind of character?

As soon as I pic my costume today I will let you know what I’m going to be. I feel that this year I might go a little crazy!!!!

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