VIP at Stuart Weitzman Montreal


Tuesday night I was invited to a VIP night at Stuart Weitzman

That is the same day that I was doing a million things and I had my important meeting. Let’s pick it up where I left of, shall we?

So I went to my meeting at 3.00 pm and I think it went well and now I am even more excited and eager to hear back from “X”, that’s what I will call them for now. I don’t want to disclose to much info as nothing is written in stone yet but I promise once everything is sorted I will let you know all the details.

OK, so after the meeting I headed over to my friend Rick’s mom’s house to say a quick hello. It ended up to be a longer visit since Linda always has yummy food and she always wants to “feed” me and who can say no to authentic home cooked italian food? Not me….

After eating two servings of amazing pasta with meatballs I had to rush home to change outfits. I didn’t want to go dressed the same way I had been dressed most of the day. I also wanted to freshen up my make-up a bit, you know how girls are? :)

So this is how I looked, TIRED, lol…. oh well I did my best and although I might have looked tired I still had lots of energy to go especially as I was meeting my friend Mary at the VIP cocktail event and I have not seen her in months.

I wore my new leather aviator jacket from H&M. I must say I don’t usually buy jackets at H&M because I prefer a better quality jacket but this one is great. It is made out of 100% leather, comes in brown or black and costs 199 CAD + tax. I wore a sweater/dress from Diesel and of course my Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots. My damian LV bag which went great with my outfit as I was wearing both black and dark brown.

What do you think of the outfit? I know that I LOVE my new aviator jacket. It is so warm and cozy. It is actually warm enough to wear in winter too….

When Mary and me got to the event we were greeted with Champagne and a 50 dollar gift certificate. Yippi!

Here are some of the my favorite shoes I saw out of all the AMAZING shoes that were there. I am a big fan of Christian Louboutin shoes but I am starting to feel more and more love for Mr Weitzmans shoe as of recent.

It was very nice to receive this GC because I am planning to buy at-least another pair of shoes from Stuart Weitzman, I just I have to decide which ones as I love them all.

In the middle of the picture you can see 2 black boots and a brown one in the middle of the black ones. I love the black one to the left and the brown one. They are the same boot but in two different colors. Gorgeous!!

The boot is called called Dunkirk and costs 625 USD

I fell in LOVE with this bag! I don’t care if I can have it in brown or black, as long as I can have one of them. I was not able to find out the name and the price of it as it is not featured on the Stuart Weitzman website. However, I will call lovely Bianca at the Stuart Weitzman store to find out the details because it is a must have.

Nice boots a la Chanel with a riding boot flare to them.

This boot is called Clute and costs 575 USD

I have a soft spot for “bling” and glitter so these shoes naturally caught my eye. Beautiful!!

Again these are not posted on the Stuart Weitzman website so I can’t tell you the model name or price but I will find out and let you know.

A close up and a different angle of this beautiful piece of art!

I am a BIG fan of wedges and I really liked this shoe. Very simple yet very nice and they look like they would be very comfortable. I would wear these with anything from leggings to dresses, skirts, and jeans or pants. So in other words a perfect shoes that goes with any outfit.

This shoe is called Leisure and costs 375 USD

From the left Flyaway 395 USD very cute and different shoe.

This chic motorcycle inspired boot was one of my favorites, however again I was unable to find the name and the price.

I like that it has the rugged feel to it, yet it is very chic and classy.

Here we have some clog inspired booties and a boot. Clogs are back in fashion as we all know and here are some very nice options if that is what you are looking for.

My favorite of the three are the ones from the left called Plush and they cost 450 USD

For all you boot lovers, like me, this is the ultimate boot. It is thigh high! WOW! Gorgeous! This boot can be worn with anything and you will always look great. “Celebs” such as Kim Kardashian have been spotted strutting around in these boots.

This boot has a very suitable name, it is called Mightyhi and costs 695 USD which I think is a great price for a boot this gorgeous.

These are only a few of the shoes and boots that you can find at the Stuart Weitzman stores around the world and online. However if you do live in Montreal I suggest you go to the S.W store located in Rockland shopping center. It is a fab boutique with great customer service.

A little about Stuart Weitzman foot wear and I few questions I had…

I had the opportunity to ask a few questions to the lovely Bianca who works at Stuart Weitzman and she had all the answers for me.

1. Why do people like Stuart Weitzman shoes so much?

Weitzman is recognized for its creative designs and extensive array of materials, from the finest leathers to painted reptiles, silk, lace and vinyl.  As well as custom designed shoes that are hand-stoned with Swarovski crystals, is another creative outlet for Stuart Weitzman. Customers can choose from existing designs or create their own.

2. What is it that makes the shoes so comfortable?

Stuart Weitzman is known for fit. That is one of the reasons why Stuart Weitzman shoes are so comfortable. It is because they are offered in more than 50 sizes—an almost unheard of four widths and sizes ranging from four to twelve. The quality product that Stuart Weitzman offers has gained it a loyal customer base that purchases approximately 2 million pairs of shoes each year.

3. Which shoes or boots would you say are the most sold/most popular?

Our best sellers this year are our trusted 50/50 boot (as seen in our invitation) (retail $690 CDA) and Elf (retail $690 CDA)

Of course! How can one not LOVE these boots? (pic below)

4. Do a lot of celebrities wear Stuart Weitzman shoes? Any Montreal celebrities?

Bianca said that there are tons of celebrities that LOVE Stuart Weitzman foot wear. Such as Katie Holmes, America Ferrera, Kim Kardashian and many, many more….

5. What happens at one of your VIP events?

Our VIP nights are a great opportunity to view the entire fall/winter collection and find the perfect boot or shoe with our staff in a more intimate environment. Every woman likes to feel spoiled, so we look at these events as a means of spoiling our customers!

I would like to say a big thanks to Bianca and the Stuart Weitzman store in Montreal for inviting me to their VIP event and allowing me to take photos as well as being so helpful in answering my questions. Lots of Love for all of you!

As for my readers I hope you enjoyed a night out with me and this little “reportage”….

Here I am outside the Stuart Weitzman store in Rockland.


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