Manic Monday


That is what I said to myself when I woke this morning at 7.00 am however, it’s called Manic Monday for a reason right and today is that Monday.

I am doing ten things at the same time, literally, and thinking about the next ten things I have to do! Gaaah! Crazy, but I prefer this any day over being bored and having nothing to do. I love a challenge and today is looking like one.

I am doing laundry, sending emails, writing documents, cleaning, talking on the phone and much more. I have to also make time to do my nails, hands and feet before 4.00 pm, yes I have too because tomorrow is an important day for me and I don’t want to be stressed before my meeting in the afternoon.

Oh yes, how is your Monday going? I always wonder if other people stress a little like I do sometimes? Do you? I don’t think I need to stress, as long as I have time management as my friend and I think she is my friend today anyways, hah yes it’s a she I decided that a long time ago don’t ask…

Ok LOVE-lies it’s time for me to tackley m laundry but I will be back in a bit but till then…


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